The first wirewolf

The Wirewolf is a Heartless drone created by Nos-4-A2 to provide Team Nefarious with a monstrous bodyguard. The original Wirewolf was formed after NOS-4-A2 bites Space Ranger Ty Parsec, and the later is exposed to the glow of the radioactive green more of Canis Lunis. In a later episode, Revenge of the Monsters, NOS-4-A2 uses him to harness the curse of the wirewolf, and turn the whole galaxy, including Mira and Booster, unto Wirewolves by imprisoning him inside a giant weapon. When the weapon is destroyed, the wirewolf turns on NOS-4-A2, killing him. Buzz then destroyed the final piece of Canis Lunis moonrock, breaking the curse of the wirewolf. Like NOS-4-A2, Wirewolf 'eats' electrical energy that is produced by robots and other objects run by electrical energy.


As a Wirewolf, Ty has displayed superhuman strength and durability, on par with those of the Incredible Hulk. It is not stated what the Wirewolf is constructed of, but it is a strong metallic alloy - possibly armorillium or terillium carbonic alloy (fictional metals that only exist in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command universe).

The creature by itself seems to possess the intelligence of a living wolf and acts primarily on predatory instinct. With the later influences from Ty, it appears to have more capability of human-like thought and emotion.

Wirewolf has only spoken once (incoherently); it mostly vocalizes in growls, howls, and other lupine methods. It has the ability to walk on twos, but can run faster on all fours.

It can also break down very thick, metal doors and its claws can puncture straight through them without much effort. Retractable wings have also been at its disposal, allowing Wirewolf the ability of flight. It may also shoot out wires from its hands. These wires can grab onto people or objects, and have been used to capture or drain its targets of electrical energy.

Other abilities may be present, but have not been fully explored.

Role in the Series

WireWolf heartless

The second Wirewolf

After the Wirewolf was freed from its curse, Dr. Nefarious decided to take a surviving DNA sample from Parsec, combine it with an unwilling Shadow heartless, then use his scientific dark powers to mutate the shadow into a new Wirewolf, one far more powerful and intelligent. This new Wirewolf is a diabolical mastermind with a craving for both hearts and metal to consume, and who wishes to ensalve the united universes under the clutches of Team Nefarious. The Wirewolf has not appeared yet to challenge Spongebob and his friends.
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