When a mysterious new futuristic amusement park gets established on an island in the Dragon Realms without Tricorn's permission, she attempts to deal with it harshly and personally, only to change her mind when she saw how incredible it was. The new amusement park was a creation of the Alternate UUniversal genius by the name of Dr. Mjorton, who called the amusement park 'Miracle Island', which he promises will be 'the happest place from another UUniverses'. Miracle Island was quick to raise on popularity and fame. Even the Lodgers find themselves enjoying the new amusement park. However, the only one uncertain about it was Qui, who knew that Mjorton was a scientist for the Villains Act that was the only one ever to hide his involvement with them from the public. She confronted Mjorton personally alone and demanded answers why he was interested in becoming an amusement park tycoon. Mjorton nervously explained that he didn't really support the Villains Act's beliefs and needed the money to make his amusement park dream come true, and he begged not to be maimed for 'Yarging out'. Qui insisted she's not like that anymore and promises to keep quiet if Mjorton really is not evil. However, Celisus and Narcotic are proven to not be as understanding and actually plan to expose Mjorton for turning out to be a 'profit leech' and lied to the Villains Act about being evil. They exposed Mjorton's VA history to the Heroes Act, the Lodgers AND to Senator Tricorn, hoping not only a lying traitor gets punished, but Qui knowing about it and not telling anyone would get Qui back on their side and will go back to unite the villain teams. However, they didn't count on the game-breaking Fu-Xi, Icky and Iago to prevent an uncontrollable misunderstanding from happening and to have this resolved with as less confusion as possible.


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