Wolholm Exorse Caven Serrus

Wolholm E.C. Serrus is an Alternate UUniversal Sozaboon from Planet Cquirion. He is a cyborg-eyed ape soldier that serves as the second-in-command for Awesome Jaxtom in his corporate tyranny in the Beofynzeny System, being the supreme commander of his forces, primarily the leader of the Armatage Armed Forces (AAF) which consist of mind-controlled soldiers and Jaxtom's Loader-like A-Sentries and A-Sentinels. As a child, Wolholm had a mild case of Osteowaste that required him to get cybernetic implants at an early age, which would develop into a full-out addiction to cybernetics and a desire to become a full-on robot later in his life. He became a mercenary due to the fact that, in his own words: "As a kid/teenager, I was good at fights". He would go on to become the system's most famous mercenary, having fought for every corporation in the system throughout the system's history, being over 600 years old as his cybernetics gave him a heightened longevity and gained a kill count equivalent to the population of a small country though his failure to protect either a president or an orphanage made it harder to get jobs in the outside world. At some point, he was hired by Jaxtom, his best payer, as a renegade Vault Seeker on Epho for a few million dollars as his first mission following his first few days as a corporate tyrant, helping him in his rise to power and eventually becoming his chief minion when he further sustained more injuries from the Vault Seekers, thus making him more powerful, and after several enhancements, battles in Old and New Haven have lead to him beating them into bloody pulps and getting resurrected digitally multiple times. He now serves as his deadliest main minion who fights in private territory while Commandant Steelea would fight in public areas, and when he fights the Shell Lodge Squad and gets seemingly killed, he is resurrected by Steelea in a new mech form. But it would turn out to be an extreme but clever ploy to remove an over-zealotious Ethicst Group by Helertia Porsche, where he, Steelea, and the other Phaseforce members were not truely loyal to Jaxtom, only for that to have turned out that even Helertia was not in true control as the Huncus and Armtamage bosses and a mysterious sage were the ones in control to find the heroes and/or to clean out the corruption. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Wilhelm, and initionally before the big surprise, is just as skilled and ruthless.


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Wolholm is a cybernetic ape/baboon-like creature that still retains his primate-like agility. He has brute strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, and is intelligent. Wolholm is capable of leading the Armatage Armed Forces with impressive tactical brilliance, as his time as a 600-year-old cybernetic bounty hunter has made him a force to be reckoned with, and with the aid of the best Armatage/Huncus technology in the market, these skills are increased 10 fold. His common equipment is an Armatage ISD-10900 Infinite Storage Device, an Armatage HEU-590 Healing Unit within his internal chest wiring port, as well as an Armatage ADAS-5000 Adaptive Shield, with is by far his best defense. This shield allows him to adapt to any firepower used on the shield, and the longer the firepower is used, the more the shield can adapt. However, if the firepower is fast enough, it can penetrate the shield and leave Wolholm vulnerable before it recharges again. But the required power to break through usually takes a while, giving him plenty of time to kill his opponents a hundred times over.

His cybernetics are also very effective against his enemies. Though the most apparent cybernetic feature on Wolholm is his right prosthetic eye that grants him enhanced vision, he also has a synthetic right cybernetic arm that has the A-Sentries and A-Sentinels' ability to digitally morph and fuse with any Armatage weapon within his ISD port. He can use these guns by handling them, but this ability serves as a handy surprise attack in battle. He has a solar-powered jet-pack that can allow him to fly, as this stays charged when in direct sunlight, but when at night, the solar cells only allow for an hour's worth of flight. He also has a digital port within his chest port that allows him digital manipulation, allowing him to regenerate any damaged body part with the right resources, he can digitally teleport, resurrect himself digitally, which is free due to Armatage employment, and he can digitally manifest or summon anything at his backing call.

Mega-Robot Form

Wolholm 2

Wolholm In Mega-Robot Form

After nearly dying in his second battle against the Lodgers, Steelea used Armatage technology to revive him as a powerful 15ft cyborg which has shoulder pads that also serve as solar panels that fuel him through solar energy, and when there is no solar energy around, the energy is stored within solar cells that last 14 hours, allowing time for the Sun to come back. In this form, Wolholm is super strong, strong enough to lift a train cart and throw it at opponents. His arms are fit with AAF Engineer exo-suit arms that allow for stronger punches that deliver deadly blows. Also, like the A-Sentries, he can morph his arms and fuse them with the Armatage weaponry he contains within his internally-wired ISD. Like in his previous form, his chest has an internal port that allows him to store his adaptive shield, which is far more powerful, and has healing and digital-healing capabilities, and he can use a rocket-propelled jump to get through treacherous terrain. The armor itself is of the same metal as General Roxxon's life-support Destroyer suit, and thus is as durable. Also, both of his eyes have been replaced as his right eye has been replaced again with a more advanced omnic eye that literally sees everything as it is an AI eye that adapts to anything within sight, and his left eye is replaced with the same cybernetic eye implant that used to be in his right eye. Other weaponry include two hidden adapting cannons deep within his thighs that come out as a surprise attack and shoot anything through hard-light Uridium technology. He also has a cannon on his back that fires AI rockets and smart grenades that adapt in their environments.


  • "((Jaxtom): Hey, Wolholm! Wanna hunt a Vault on the moon for me?) No! I've been a little tight and a wanted man with a lot left to lose. I'm not the same bounty hunter you once knew, so- ((Jaxtom:) I'll pay you a couple million rarium) I'M YOUR GUY! (Jaxtom: And THAT'S how he started coming to be my best minion.)"
  • (About Bilge) "Ha! Didn't know the trashcan HAD a mind."
  • (After being punched in the face by Matt)... Insolent boy! He's in for SUCH A SPANKING- (Deadpool kicked his gun away) (Deadpool: Not so tough without your gun, huh, monkey boy?)... Hmmph! (He reveals his right arm to be a disguised synathetic arm that morphs like the A-Sentries into an arm cannon) (Deadpool: OH, SNAP!!) (He fired as he dodged)
  • "I don't get paid for doing what morons like you say!"
  • "Ready to chew ass and spit gum! And I'm all outta ass."
  • "Aw, DAMMIT, my gun's broke! Oh, wait, it's outta goddamn ammo!"
  • "Time to run, assholes!"
  • "This place didn't get this far in success for things NOT to get shot up."
  • "I will rip out your spine and defecate on it!"
  • "Your pain is as delicious as C&C's!"
  • "Feel the might of Armatage!"
  • "Eat the dirt! EAT IT!!!!"
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