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The Wolves

The Wolves are minor villains in Disney's 1991 film Beauty and the Beast.


predatory and visious at best.


Beauty and the Beast

These meat-eating predators are shown to be inhabitants of the Black Forest surrounding Beast's Castle, presumably as a part of the Enchantress's spell. Given this, it is likely that they are immortal, but they do not seem to know this.

After Maurice gets lost in the forest following his separation from his horse, Philippe, the wolves spot Maurice and immediately chase him all the way to the castle. Even when Maurice manages to get inside past the gate and close it, they still try to get him and manage to bite his foot, but he gets away safely. Later on, when Belle runs away from the castle after the Beast frightens her, she is ambushed by the wolves and attacked. The wolves almost kill her, but the Beast turns up, possibly tipped off by Lumiere and Cogsworth (who saw Belle leave and alarmed the Beast to save her from the wolves), and fights an entire pack of the wolves. Although they manage to bite him several times, the Beast knocks one out cold and the rest run off in fright, unaware that they cannot be killed. This is the last they are seen in the film.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

The wolves make a cameo in the midquel. When Belle, Chip, and Philippe go into the Black Forest to look for a Christmas Tree, the wolves are seen watching them but this time they don't attack them. This may possibly be due to the memory of their past experience with Belle and the Beast, and they know not to mess with them without getting hurt again.

Role in the series

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Voort, Boosha, and Bump riding the Wolves.

The wolves reprise their role at first, but later end up as steeds to Maleficent's Goons, similar in construct to the Wargs and Orc relationship in Lord of the Rings. they were origenally planned to appear as villain leage members to serve as the super battle droid eqivlient to the much more stupider Fossas in SpongeBob, Simba, and Friends Meet Bambi, but were scrapped to shorten the villain number. but it's not to be assumed they won't take part in the leage, at least untill Scroopfan finds good footage of Beauty and the beast.
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