Worm McSinep

Worm McSinep and his son and daughter, Gutter and Zluta.

Worm McSinep is a Rabodan and a known ringleader of illegal colony attempts of isolated systems in UIS reach from the Rabodan homeworld. Worm is someone behind on why El Groy was able to get to Gorsert and often a main contributer why alot of UIS-hating groups exist, even being a benufactor to President Imba Cille's planet and rotinely a recruter of even the likes of Rippy And Offy, and even possable ties to The United Usurpation Force and most other UIS enemies but the too extreme ones or UIS' more domestic desenders. Being a Rabodan that suffers from a genetic defect that renders him scrawny and drawfed by his own son and daughter, even when they were children, Worm was from a once proud line of Rabodan colony establishers that were the most prodominant figures of the Rabodan colonies that were established over the ages. However, they began to go out of sytile thanks to UIS cutting off the isolated universes, of which pretty much ended the "Golden Age" of Rabodan Colonyisum when most other terratories either belong to other USRA races, UIS, unnallied others, or were not suitable one way or the other. Worm did not believe that this was the time for that age to end, and he refused to allow UIS interfearence to really count as a legit reason to end that age. So with his bodyguard son and daughter in tow, Worm McSinep became a netourious name in Anti-UIS nuts and Pro-USRA "Fanboys". But fortunately, Worm is more balenced, stable, and also more honorable then what people expect from typical UIS haters, as he is not ignorent to the flaws of the USRA, thus does reckindneses UIS' point of existence. However, what drives Worm to even be on UIS' bad side is merely the fact he aims to do the equilly agriveious-to-UIS sin of trying to get the systems to WANT to be with the USRA, even WITH acknowledgement of mistakes. Even when not as rediculiously UIS-hating as his usual assusiates, he is still commiting acts of assusiating with them and helping them at all, along with doing typical crimes like aiming to establish contact with isolated worlds and afforemention illegal colony attempts. McSinep has commited so much anti-UIS affairs that, even without the attatude to match, such actions are worthy of being thrown into a Skorner-owned Prison, or even straight up exicution if he really goes too far. Hence why his children are being his bodyguards, to protect him from such a would be ineditable fate. But Worm's greatest gambit against UIS athority would come in the form of Remena when it was given the VERY rare treatment of being un-isolated due to tecnecally not being of usual Isolated System nature cause of being a Zyauar-based colony, but only under the condition that it stays CLEAR of USRA assusiation, showing that UIS still jealiously wants to keep Remena independent. And when McSinep hears of loyalists of a removed member of Remena's Council forming togather with a disgruntled lover of that council member, Lady Cun'Tzon, He and a collection of followers made up of other USRA races aim to get involve with Cuntzon to encourage Remena's aim to become USRA bound, even with the personally distasteful to him price of enabling an anti-Grim and Empirid uprising and the ultamate moral challnage of Cuntzon's ultamate plan involving a particually powerful future new-age Grim, being respectful to Cuntzon's wishes because he earnestly wants to help Remena out of UIS' strict ways, but when it would prove too much, would Worm's better judgement ultamately make him realise his mistake?
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