Wou Go Looa

Wou Go Looa is a Navawaku from the Original UUniverses that was whisked away from his dimension during his race's extinction in the hands of Chernabog during the First Cartoonian War. Living a long time in the OUU before the AUU existed, he was whisked there by infamous Outer God poachers called the Voidic Poachers. Thus he lived during the Teadr 1 Epoch where he got insight in it's ways, and started getting invested in the purest of it's races: humans, who were hyped to an advanced technological for reasons he has yet to understand, as the act of advancing a race through other-worldly means has been a crime in their society. Though when he was threatened by the Voidic Poachers again and he fought his way out, he decided to move away, and create his own dimension. He ends up creating his own version of Human Equestria just like another surviving member of his race, which he calls Human Equaria, which has the purity of Lonies, their home planet of which he lived since he was whisked to the AUU, and the humans that he got to making friends with. The result was AUU Equestrian Humans who, unlike those in Human Equestria, were bold peace-makers, but were as isolated as the humans of Human Equestria. Unlike Coo, he long discovered that fighting is necessary for greater protection, and started getting invested in the alternate customs of the AUU, and brought it as the basis of his dimensional home. He has wiped away any fear he had in his past, and he will soon make a close friend to Coo.


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