With Grinch-Para defeated, everything has finally been fixed as they should be. However, with Wraith, who had helped defeat Grinch-Para to prove that he serves nobody only to realize that he lose everything including his hideout, his power, and even his memories of it, it's another story. It turns out, changing Wraith's fate didn't get him out of the supervillain career entirely. He now owns a similar hideout in the Tartarus Valley which he gained from an abandoned underground quantonium research facility (abandoned possibly due to Nike's terraformation), and he was still able to keep Foulcheeserson, Kyne and his Iguanodon henchmen with him since it didn't stop him from obtaining them in the first place. Now he is plotting evil acts once again in the form of the other abandoned underground facilities in the Tartarus Valley serving as areas for him to build 5 duplicate devices that have not yet been announced a purpose. How will this play out for our heroes?

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