Wusamble Huncus

Wusamble Coker Gorton Huncus

Wusamble C.G. Huncus is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Uridia. He is knownfor being the head of the Huncus Corporation in the Beofynzeny System, as well as the head of the Huncus Rebellion out to free the system from the tyranny of Awesome Jaxtom, especially when he had the gall to corrupt his Gruid-Human hybrid son who was his best friend Walden into being his mind-controlled assistant. He has the Huncus Rebellion fight the Armatage Armed Forces in private sectors of the system, as they were banned from public areas by Jaxtom and especially his corrupted link to the system's police force, the Phaseforce, not only because of Jaxtom's image in public eyes being ruined as he has the Phaseforce lie about the Armatage Corporation still being good and helping protect them and obscuring the truth about their quest for power and revenge, but because they want to not risk making themselves look terrible, especially since the Armatage Corporation labelled them the villains, as they lie about how they aid lawless societies to commit evil terrorist deeds, as such a thing was only a half-truth as they do so as aid for their quest to stop the evil of Jaxtom. As such, Wusamble support antihero criminals including the Vault Seekers once or twice, and even helps guide rogue Phaseforce soldier Aotho and her protégé Lady Aurlia in their quest to save the Vault Seekers from their current mind-control state of being Vault-Seeking pawns for Jaxtom. However, for his safety, he always remains anonymous throughout all the missions of the Huncus Rebellion and their allies, giving them help through a guider in the form of the Huncus Vice-President, Jeffer Blaeke.


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