X-Fate Xlanturn

An X-Fate and a Xlanturn

X-Fates are creations of The Xexaxez and serve both as the only early warning a dimention getting too powerful would get, and also as a judge to surviving dimentionals. They do this with the Xlanturn, an Xexaxez artifact that brings judgement and fate onto any of those who are from the offending universe. They are often the superiors to Xirds but still answer to the Xexaxez. X-Fates are often the result of any member of an Xexaxez cult that came to be TRUELY devoted of their cause and not out to persue a personal desire out of it, thus often this proper dedication and respect is rewarded by assendion to X-Fate and be of true service to the Xexaxez, and are given the honor of weilding an Xlanturn, an object capable to enbue the holder to know everything about the dimentional being judged. Like the Xirds, they can utilised the power of cosmic forces to protect against adversaries, and that being able to defeat one will only send it back to the Xexaxez it came to serve. The Xlanturns are indestructable, and any attempt to destroy such and/or to keep for self-serving desires will only doom you to the Xexaxez wrath, and for an X-Fate to automaticly deem you worthy of such punishment. Hence why X-Fates and the Xlanturns need to be treated with ABSOLUTE respect.
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