XD Comix is a comic company from Kratos that is one of it's best-selling companies. This comic company has been known for a few things, and is only rivaled, more or less overshadowed, by Generation Comics. Differences between the two companies is that while Generation Comics had a balance of maturity, XD Comix is more, child focused, meaning their comics are proned to comical humor, forth-wall jokes, Cheesy Puns, things typical to a saterday morning cartoon with the sort of humor sytile akin to the likes of Darkwing Duck, not to mention having a legacy of controversy from it's many villains, the most infamous being Red Talon, which gained a horrible reputation as originally being a violent killer immediately recalled and turned into a more child-friendly villain. Ever since the "Red Taloned Villain Boom" incident, which was borned from XD Comix over-reacting to critics of the comics about their stories being predictability childish, tried to add more "edge" into them, only to backfire badly when those same critics complained about the comics now being "Immapprobeate" for children. But this controversey allowed them to create a system where they can sell adult and kid versons of comics that is a benifit to even Generation Comics, and has helped made XD Comix become as rekindiseable as Generation Comics as a result, albeit with the added infamy of ending up trying too hard to please everybody, of which they long learned not to try that anymore.


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