XR, Robot Ranger

XR, AKA Experimental Ranger, is a robotic Space Ranger who was originally created by the LGMs to be Buzz Lightyear's new partner, but wound up becoming a member of Team Lightyear and the first offical robot Ranger in Star Command.

PTE Redux Status: Unworthy due to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command being non-canon in the PTE series.


XR was created by the LGMs as the second robot Space Ranger after XL. On his first mission, he imitated Buzz repeatedly during their attempt to save the LGM homeworld from Zurg's forces. He was destroyed by Warp Darkmatter (now Agent Z) during this mission, and the LGMs attempted to rebuild him without the use of their Uni-Mind. This gave him a human-like personality, and he was temporarily reassigned as a janitor until he eventually joined Buzz's team after helping to save the galaxy from Zurg's mind control machine.

Personality Originally XR was obedient, imitating all Buzz's actions to learn how to act as a ranger. However after his reprogramming he developed a huge ego and sarcastic humour.

Despite having great intelligence typical of any robot, XR's personality is as childish as Booster's via the fact that he tends to crack jokes at the worst times in most episodes. He also gets cocky after a single success, yet fearful after he can't repeat the same success twice.

Despite being created by the LGMs, XR believes that Commander Nebula is his father on account of his signature (and initials) on the paperwork during his project stage is what allowed his creators to give him life, and tends to point that out much to the commander's annoyance, and the confusion/disturbance of his teammates, especially Buzz Lightyear himself.

He possesses deep hatred and anger against the Vulturans, due to their scavenging behavior upon spaceships, space stations and, most disturbingly, robots.


As a robot, XR has many abilities, including flight with a jetpack. He can pull out multiple guns from his back and hands, and also has one big gun in his chest. His chest compartment can hold a wide variety of items, some of them nonsensical. He has many other features such as a built-in stove, a jamming signal, and others. He has the ability to be rebuilt after any damage he receives, either by the LGMs that built him or via self-repair systems, depending on severity.


Role in the series

XR and his teammates, as well as Star Command, are all members of the Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters because Zurg has pledged himself as one of their members.

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