Lord Xehón Gon-Daoken is an Alternate UUniversal Jellifer from Planet Xzama. Being a jellyfish-humanoid version of Xehanort, Xehon was the original master of the AUU Heartless reincarnated a thousand times over and has power beyond even his own comprehension. Like his OUU counterpart, he believes that light and dark cannot be uneven after being disgusted by events such as the wars and crime throughout the AUU's history and went on an elaborate crusade of murder, manipulation, and ruin with the aim to destroy the AUU by merging them all into the Boundary Cluster and unveil the heart of the AUU connected to the interdimensional branches of Kingdom Hearts, hoping that doing so would find the secret to balancing the light and dark of the AUU. This lead to him finding the Beammon-Luxor System, the capital of light and dark themselves in the form of the Beamflies and Opiqians where he raised and taught dark students including the shunned Murdock to become true masterminds and assistant, eventually ending up with 17 which he named the 17 Harbingers of Grayarea, while others like Murdock, his considerable favorite for his plans to destroy both light and dark to bring balance, would go rogue and begin his plans his way, and while most failed because of history's many Astral Princesses, it would only increase the infamy and fear of Xehon and thus make him potentially stronger. He eventually came to be a deity and to the Opiqians and eventual leader of their AUU Heartless superweapons, at which point he would encounter Kofern, the present Astral Princess Siri, The Villain Legion, and the Clam Lounge Squadron.


Born during the days of the reign of the 52nd Astral Princess during the late Kraan Ages, Xehon started originally as the apprentice of his father Arnamesan the Noble, whose split personality problem with his other half Arnemesan the Ignoble presented Xehon with a problem of taking care of him as his two personalities went around from being a noble teacher and sage to a renegade conqueror obsessed with the balance of light and dark since witnessing dark being the dominant force made him obsessive to it. This protection eventually came to an end as his father was sent to eternal imprisonment, leaving Xehon alone at age 14 to live on an isolated mysterious island wondering what to do next.

At age 22, Xehon's exposure to hardship, virtue, friends, frenemies, and loss have resulted in him agreeing with his father that the AUU needed balance or it would be chaos. Spending the next few months missing, Xehon began to learn forbidden arts and the story behind the Astral Princess, the Beamflies and Opiqians. This results in his accidental destruction of the island to AUU Heartless which traumatized him to becoming a renegade dark sage intent to continue his father's goal.

This resulted in his first defeat and death in the hands of the Astral Princess. He was then reincarnated as another Jellifer and slain her. Thus generations of reincarnation and fighting the next Astral Princesses and their friends and allies began. As he fought each one, he got stronger whether through surviving or reincarnation. He eventually sought the secret power of the Astral Blade that can unlock the way to the key to the Black Circle. But even after eons of fighting the Astral Princesses, he never successfully stole it, but got stronger with every fight.



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