Xelix Haller Normand

Xelix H. Normand is an Alternate UUniversal Berther from Planet Uridia. He is a panther-like feline con artist who is the adopted father of Laura and Oaosha, raising them since their parents weren't always around, and while Oaosha was not a good con artist, Laura more than exceeded his expectations. Being a good friend and partner-in-crime to Laura's father, he continued his legacy by taking care of his daughter, and is very overprotective on Oaosha yet not so with Laura, even though he is the only one who secretly knows about Oaosha's Censen abilities, fearing that she is inexperienced in the phasepowers. He has an Omninet eye that allows him to see and analyze things in maxed-out information, as the model is far more advanced and efficient than that of Rhybe, whom he finds very good at protecting his friend's daughter to where they get married and become a team with other friends. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Felix.


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