Xena the Lost Warrioress

Xena Tubble Seamoon

Xena T. Seamoon is an Alternate UUniversal Hipposce from Planet Jomos. She is the famed leader of the Union Against Religious Abuse, and rescued several lives from being ruined due to religious abuse. She fails to believe in higher powers because she believes it's an excuse to justify gay-bashing, religious fear-mongering, and stunted growth of science, technology, and advancement. Ever since her family was charged countless times with heresy and other religious crimes, she grew angrier and angrier. Then when the Villains Act was founded, Xena tried to introduce Jomosian technology to the USRA, but was arrested for going against her religion and was placed under house arrest. She's not truely 100% against religion like true atheists, but she just hates it because it has been abused by obviously evil, cruel, and unjustly tyrants and power-abusers to have an excuse to mistreat their followers. What bothered her more is that the Heroes Act and The AUU Grand Council support religions to avoid intergalactic incidents, and abolish atheism out of respect. Because no one would support her beliefs, she founded the UARA to have atheists dedicate themselves to combat religious mistreatment. Contary on what people think, she's more of a hero than they think. She rescued people who were rudely charged with false heresy, false blasphemy, and other false religious crimes. When establishing a base on Planet Sonomorn, she heard that a zealot mayor pope named Father Jer Kan planned to execute a young autistic orphan Hydrocabiais named Vorlanna because of her skull-shaped birthmark (In the Sonomorn religion, it's the Mark of the Beast). Accusing her to be a hell spawn thanks to his religion, Jer Kan attempted to execute her until Xena executed Jer Kan and informed the people of Solomorn of Vorlanna's skin condition, and that their religion was wrong. The people were surprised that Jer Kan was lying to them, but they praised their unconventional savior, and Sonomorn became an atheist planet. Solomorn soon became the prime base of the UARA where she and other members battle against religious crime. Her current and biggest battle is with her own home-planet of Jomos. Xena is one of the many AUU sea creatures that, like in the OUU with SpongeBob etc., she can venture outside her world without hydration thanks to cartoon logic.


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  • "You think just because I doubt higher powers that makes me evil? And you think Gay-bashing, fearmongering through realigen, and obstruction of tec is good? Yeah, I thought that would make you think otherwise."
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