An Unfed Xenosite and a Fed Xenosite.

For as much as Fearbenders are zealotious about fear, they at least have an acknowledgement for using it in balence. Xenosites, do not. Xenosites are creatures that feed on the energies of fear and that of hatered, even having been known to try and encourage inrealmers, primarly mortal beings for how easy their flaws and imperfections make them to control, and push them beyond merely being cowerdly and cautious to turn them xenophobic, to make fear in hate then basic fear, or as lightly as to make mortals bitter and hateful about their lives. But making Beings xenophobic is an energenic buffet for them, along side doing that to mortals that have severe issues with imperfections, I.E., law absolutists, those with superiority complexes, those haunted by tragity and want absolute control to prevent possable future cases, realijustus nuts that fear the wrath of inrealm gods over things they deemed sinful, those that suffer paranoida, any that suffer mental illnesses, those that fear insignifigence and being unimpourent in the grand sceame of things, even those ruled by guilt of the past and became self-louthers. These shadowy bird-eqsed eldtrich horrors malmitulate those souls into doing terrorable things into themselves and others, turning those broken beings into unwitting shorces of hate energy that the Xenosites feed off of, turning them into feeders filled with negitive, hateful or fear dominated energy. Fortunately, these creatures can be fended off, often by simply rising above the things that attract them and be better from them. For some, this is possable, though not without challnages, but others are often not as capable or lucky.
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