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Xerxes Larrink XX (Overlord)

Xerxes Larrink XX is an AUU Metavincemander from Planet Carbungia. He is a fearsome tyrant who's dynasty had lasted 20 generations, and he was a greedy, cruel totalitarian tyrant who wanted nothing but power and conquest in the Villains Act, as well as the extinction of the Hydrocabiais species for wronging him, declaring a genocide and building concentration camps all over Carbungia where they ruin captured Hydrocabiais through torture and execution. He also takes other nation's technology, and uses them for his own nefarious purposes. He constantly faced a Hydrocabiais hero named Xandy after he kills her parents, and he constantly searched for her. He was eventually killed during the final moments of the Villains Act as the result of abusing a supernatural power he tried to use to kill the Hydrocabiais.


The Xerxes dynasty lasted over 20 generations, and was an honorable and worthy kingdom. Xerxes XX was in line to follow in his father, Xerxes IX's footsteps and rule his swamp kingdom. But he wanted more than that. He wanted to control the world around him. So he decided to search the swamps for inspiration. He searched, swam, and climbed through the entire swamp for any inspiration he could use. This caused his parents to worry. They decided to let him have a talk with his grandmother, who was a good therapist. Xerxes explained his personal thoughts to his grandmother, and she told him that he just needed to be himself. That, however, didn't make him feel any better. He spent the next year wondering and wondering.

Xerxes' favorite animals were Hydrocabiais, which were semi-aquatic water squirrels that lived in peace and harmony. When his parents learned this, which he kept a secret, they decided to take him on a trip to the Hydrocabiais inhabited town called Buckling City, which was his past-future enemy, Xandy's hometown. He loved the Hydrocabiais species like pets, and loved to play with them. He always enjoyed being with them, and this happened to boost his confidence.

Xerxes in Current Outfit

But then, the swamp kingdom was invaded by Hydrocabiais. They destroyed many homes in the swamps, killed innocent swamp inhabitants, and eventually tried to burn down the swamp's kingdom. It turns out, Xerxes XX's parents had pulled a harmless prank that had actually caused Buckling City's Water Tower to collapse, and they owed them thousands of dollars worth of property damage. But they were unable to pay the funds due to their money being spent on providing their community with food, shelter, and water. So as punishment, Xerxes XX's parents were executed.

Since this tragic invasion, Xerxes XX had begun hating the Hydrocabiais and had planned to retaliate on them, and eventually kill them off into extinction. He was immediately made new king of his swamp kingdom, and had the power to strike back on his former favorite animals. He also thought that they never gave a damn about his homeland, and thought the execution of his parents were humorous. So once he got enough technology to plan a full-scale assault on Buckling City, he unleashed it.

Xerxes XX wanted to kill every single Hydrocabiais in Buckling City, and even in other Hydrocabiais city in his UUniverses. There were mass murders, and one of them were the murders of Xandy's parents. Xandy, on the other hand, fought her way to Xerxes XX, and brutally attacked him. The two fought for half an hour, and she eventually defeated Xerxes XX. She attempted to kill him, but Xerxes managed to elude her deadly golden sword. The Hydrocabiais worshipped Xandy for standing up to Xerxes XX, and saving their city.

Xerxes XX knew that with Xandy around, he won't be able to extinct Hydrocabiais so easily. So he had to kill her first. He stole other nation's technology, including the humans that use to live in his UUniverses. However, Xandy had used the same thing, and they both fought fire with fire. Xandy had proven to be too good for Xerxes XX, and tried hard to find a good weapon to kill her. But Xandy had the same weapon every time, and was like she was one step ahead of Xerxes. Xerxes never had the chance to kill Xandy, and neither her species. But will he?...


Xerxes is amphibious, able to survive on land or underwater. He is a quick and cunning swimmer, able to swim faster than Xandy. Xerxes is also immune to many natural poisons such as the venom of a Serpentinoid. But he's not immune to all poisons. Xerxes is skilled in weapon combat, and hand-to-hand combat. He is swift and reflexive, able to react to his surroundings quickly.