Xorbin the Relentless is a Xexaxez that was a very merciless prosecutor for Outer God trials, but was then promoted as the new Xexaxez for the Mewman Dimension. But he is also a merciless traitor who, like any Destroyer-Class Outer God, is capable of manipulating mortals, successfully manipulating Star Butterfly into threatening to kill one with her evolving magic and then accusing Outer Gods of her destruction of The Magic Realms because destroying their original dimension made them reckless enough to drive Queen Solaria, Mina Loveberry, and Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe into doing their nihilistic crimes. But what gets him in the most trouble is that he was the true mastermind of the near-genocide of Mewnian monsters with Mina, even having malitulated Xavian, a Xird from the original Xzar assigned to Mewmanity, into malmitlating the likes of Toffee and tricking the Commission into going along with the conspiracy to even have it go that far, as he feared Star's power allowing her to turn her into a 0-Brave Mortal, who's destined to establish tranquility between mortals and Outer Gods, fearing this will cause dimension-conquering empires to go uncheck because of the whims of such a mortal not favoring certain Outer God Practices, nevermind the Xzars attempts to figure out how to make an Avatar happen, and resorted to manipulating Mewmans into destroying the Realm of Magic and nearly Thaumorpheus in an effort to prove how dangerous Mewmans were. But by endangering even other Outer Gods, he has put himself in trouble.

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