Xoriago, AKA Xogo or Ao, is an Alternate UUniversal Grarrot from Planet Chronicus. He was once an evil parrot-like assistant to Jaragat, an evil sorcerer who wanted to use a Reljim, or AUU genie, for evil. But once he got his hands on one, he threw it away after using his second wish when he used the first one to become a powerful sorcerer, as the second wish was beyond his power, instead wishing to go back into the lamp, as it ended up in Alagen Tomes' hands, and because Reljims must recharge their power annually, he only had one wish, but he made good on it by proving he didn't need a Reljim to get a good life, defeating Jaragat with the help of Princess Falma, and instead used the last wish to free the Reljim from eternal servitude. Jaragat and Xoriago had since become part of Lord Gothaxort's band of fantasy villains. However, when being fed up and having an argument, Xoriago leaves Jaragat, and tries to convince the Fantasy Council that he's changed for good, even though he just wanted power and luxury, and stayed with them for a while until the arrival of the Clam Lounge Squadron, whom he helped save the Fantasy Council from a terrible threat, and has since become a valuable member. He is the AUU version of Iago.


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