Yaga Kitt Hagfish
Yaga Hagfish
Vital statistics
Title The Two-Faced Hag
Gender Female
Race/Species Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii)
Faction Mother of Madam Hagfish
Description Split Personality, One Evil One Good, Helpful Antihero, Grudge-Holding, Sadistic
Skills and Abilities Unstoppable Curses and Magic Powers, Natural Animal Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob World
Alignment Antihero

Yaga K. Hagfish is a hagfish who lives in SpongeBob's world. She is the sadistic and cruel mother of Madam Hagfish, the witch who seemingly cursed the Krusty Krab. However, upon hearing of her daughter's incident, she decides to give the Krusty Krab itself 'a test'. She goes to the Krusty Krab and, upon Mr. Krabs going as far as he could with his greed and cheapness, she decides to place an actual and unstoppable curse that will only be stopped if Mr. Krabs repents. Nothing else proves to help, and all they do is make the curse worse. With Yaga making clear that Mr. Krabs needs to learn common courtesy for his customers, Mr. Krabs, as much as he hates to do it, must repent his actions, because 'if he can't, then he doesn't deserve the Krusty Krab, NOR the Krabby Patty'. Despite being sadistic and cruel, she is the unfortunate victim of a split-personality disorder, one being kind and doing neutrally-evil things for the greater good, and the other being an evil and sadistic punisher who punishes those who treats her or her family wrong, albeit the other personality knowing of this evil personality, gives her a moral balance, and thus if not, she would've brought no cure to the curse and have the Krusty Krab and everyone in it die for good. Her good side is played by Bette Midler, while her bad side has a similar voice to Eartha Kitt.


Yaga Hagfish 2

Yaga Hagfish (Good Personality)

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