The Yakotaur is an Equestrian Yakotaur from Yakyakistan. He is an impure Yakotaur, or one born in miscegenation of a Minotaur and Yak, as opposed to the pure ones in Minotauria. Born from a union between two powerful Yak and Minotaur warlords meant to be the ultimate warrior in a bid to control Equestria, he revolted against his parents and entrapped them into the dark magical dimension of Prince Woeus after being bonded with a powerful evil spirit of his origin called Breckenridge, a Pony-of-Shadows-like bovine demon called a Mahishasura and former yak of ancient times who died in hate and now could shapeshift into any bovine and possess others and awaken the host's aggressive side. The Yakotaur then began to corrupt Yaks into becoming his mindless warrior army to conquer Equestria in his own terms with the use of a staff filled with dark magic of supposed Magic Minotaur origin. However, Rutherford's ancestral clan stood up to the Yakotaur and defeated him in a Viking-style battle, the leader punching him straight into Tartarus as another resident, hiding the staff deep in the Midgard Mountain in the Bone Dry Desert where the great battle took place. Soon, when the staff is recovered by a future member of the clan, Prince Yakbrain, who is an intelligent but under-utilized trade dealer and once rightful heir to the yak throne until he was replaced by his brother Prince Rutherford because he offered too many changes not comfortable to the yaks, tainting him into being a secret pawn of the freed Yakotaur after he escasped from Tartarus thanks to the Bug Animals. But eventually, the Yakotaur made his move, but was thankfully prevented by the Shell Lougers and the Main 7, which had the Yakotaur cured back into his true self, Yakhalla, who now weilds purifived magic and teaches in the School of Friendship as a magic teacher, but his past as the Yakotaur still lingers on him to the point of having panic fits with PTSD-like reactions.


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