Yan Hu is unable to be ringmaster anymore due to finanicil troubles, and lack of staff. His freaks that worked for him betrayed him to help the lougers in Equestia goes Carnival, and the Qilin escaped thanks to General Tsin's madness in The Qilin: Captured for all to see!. Yan Hu is now a homeless bird. On request of Crane's Mother, Oily Joe and Kevin (Qu Dan) invited Yan Hu to live with them. Yan Hu is now without a life passion, and is mostly sluking alot. Crane comes in and offers to help. the plan is simple: find Yan Hu a new job. A slight problem: A brutish Ox thug named Qu Su Mu Wong is seeking Yan Hu due to a long over-due dept Yan Hu owes him, and soughts to LITTERALY take away an arm and a leg from Yan Hu! Crane, Po, the other furious 5, and the lougers have no intentions to let Qu Su harm Yan Hu (Even if he was a jerk.).

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