The Yargers have desided to go after the former VA General Beacher. Beacher in the alternate timeline, went rouge because the Kortos Millaterry, espeically the superiors, were known assholes, and they cruelty made it hard for Beacher to see his dying mother, so when he desied to act his own accord, he was punished harshly and made a disgrace, turning Beacher into a monster. But thanks to the altering of this reality, Beacher got more "legal" revenge on the jerk Superiors, one of them Brass General Rockass, by reporting their abusiveness to the Grand Council, who Warson in particular convinced his good friends in the Korthos senate to had them FIRED! Beacher was allowed to retire and see his dying mother uninterupted, and then eventally, desided to come out of retirement when he and his brothers were offered new positions in the Korthos Millaterry who has since lost his imfamous jerk reputation. Beacher is now a brass General and has made restrictions against being insensitive to the personal lives of soldiers and forbidden superiors to keep them from retiring even if it's for an invadion prevention. This gave Korthos a much nicer reputation. While many of the former brass and other abusive superiors have willingly mended on their ways or because of moral worms, Rockass was not! Rockass wanted revenge on Beacher for ruining his life, and Yarge and Blacker offered this. Rockass, now a Yarger, has declaired a war against the Korthos millaterry and threatens to destroy even civilians unless Beacher either quits the brass or even return the Korthos Millaterry to it's abusive roots. The Heroes Act and the Lougers ain't having THAT bullshit, and plan to really give the Yargers something to cry about soon. But they must act quickly because the Yargers plan to hurt Beacher's brothers as well to further encouraged Beacher being forced to surrender and give in.

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