Yellow Revenant Logo

Yellow Revenant Logo

The Oaxan Yellow Revenant was an Alternate UUniversal military Communist government force that was founded some time after the Villains Act was founded. It was controlled and commanded by an evil insectoid warlord from the Interuniversal War named General Hextrus, who was close to trying to turn his homeworld into a Communist society until he was ultimately stopped. He fled to Oaxa, and upon hearing about the Villains Act, was able to join, and gather up his own army of cybernetic clone organisms (Similar to the Terminator) called 'CCOs', coming in multiple variations and forms, and got the best pure fusion weaponry the Villains Act had to offer. Due to the yellow aura their weapons produced, their forces were called 'The Yellow Revenant'. The far-more experienced CCOs were able to allow Hextrus to control over 7 parts of Oaxa. It had multiple tie-ins with several VA villains such as Doctor Ogel, who provided better weaponry for them. Their reign lasted for over 13 years until Hextrus was defeated by Ace the Alpha, being sent to Oranos, and crumbling the Revenant forever.


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