Mr. Happy and the Crow Brothers have offitcally fallen as business men. Now neither universe will be lolled by their charasmatic charms, espiecally Equestia finally learning their lesson with these jokers and the Alternate Universe quickly learning that they are dischiving tricksters and now banned from the alternate universe with the banning of adding magic into food and drinks. Mr. Happy is desperate to get back to business again! He doesn't want to go back being a muck farmer in his old days. He drags the relucent Crow brothers to find a reality changing rum bottle once belonged to a legendary pirate named Chuck Le Power. Mr. Happy plans to use it to make it that he's the undesputed master of all foods and drinks, in fact the only business man in that matter, planning to use the bottle to litterally erase other businesses using food out of exsitence. Joe and Bill are starting to realise that Mr. Happy is losing it mentally, and are concern he may go too far into complete monster terratory. The Bottle is certainly powerful in alternating, and if possable if the user wants to, destroy reality. and in the hands of a Business Griffin desperate to avoid going back to a simple muck farmer, that's trouble for everyone involved. The Crow Brothers desided to betray Happy for his own good by warning the lougers of Happy in the procession of the bottle in hopes to stop Happy. Can the lougers surpass a reality warping bottle?

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