A very charasmatic griffin... And strangely, Iago-like.

Yogo is a traveling salesmen griffin that adopted but unknowingly kidnapped a pony-sized Alicorn named Healthy Life with his Non-Multiheaded Chimera Wife South Winds, and sought to make a fortune cause of HL's incredable ability to heal, restore, even reserect. He's not an evil griffin, but coming from a poor family, he's insanely desperate for money and to be on top that if anything threatens that, he'll use his charisma and Gilbert Gothfree voice to charm people to go against it. Cause of his misuse of Healthy's Alicorn of Life powers, litterally the forces of nature are after him in the form of angry gnomes and ents. Interestingly, he has very Iago-like characteristics. It's like it's Iago, as a Griffin.
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