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Yonder Town (Image by imagecomics)

Yonder is a Space-Western world under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Federation just like Futurasia. On the surface, it looks like an actual planet, but in reality, it is a giant space statuion designed to be an artificial world created by Futurasia. The planet, or semi-planet, has a mind of it's own, and has a large AI and data matrix fueled and operated at it's core. The AI has virtually-limitless reality-bending powers as the planet has modules spread out across it that allow it to construct and manifest anything, but it can only do this upon orders. It is actually one of the many worlds outside of Ratchet and Clank's worlds that are rich in raritanium. This world formed a unique community, yet it's AI, named Mister Crux, got corrupted by a western fanactic named Gold-Shot and his Wrummel gang and build his own global criminal syndicate, turned the world into a mix of futureistic socity with wild-west like tendingcies, which also has made the greatest criminal influence across Yonder, doing this for decades, hiring minions in the form of all outlaws, fugitives, and gunslingers. A law-enforcement system exists to combat this, having an entire academy of sheriffs to deal with the unplanned nature of Yonder being made far from what the Futurasians had in mind in thanks to it's AI being corrupted into imitating an old move alien western viullain, including the most famous, the Sheriff of Rarewood, Sheriff Crosser, who was among the academy's greatest students and valedictorians as she has lightning-fast planning an tactical skills, as well as lightning-fast reflexes and equipment, easily comparable to Nausicaa. However, it soon brings with it a new species in the form of the AUU Hydrocabiais, or 'Sea Squirrels', after their dimension nearly drove them to extinction due to rotten Minor Grand Councilors manipulated by Jling Sling chased them out, and left them with tragedy and PTSD in their lives after several innocent sea squirrels were killed by their temporary pawn, Deathslaughter. They would move onto having their own territory on Yonder, with a few gifts from sympathizers given to them to build and make it better including AUU crops, plants, and anything else with permission from Councilwoman Bayo, yet when their vanguard hero Xandy overcomes her own PTSD and weaknesses, she defeats Jling Sling and restores peace for her species, thus resulting in the spieces and the introdused stuff all returning to the AUU, due to a conflict of land with some of the locals being too legit of an issue to let any left behinders stay, even reguardless of evidented trust issues.


Yonder Globe Map

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Beings List

  1. Humans- Descended from space-faring worlds, they are a common race.
  2. Eulmans- A human-like race and one of the prime founders of Yonder.
  3. Wrummels- A warlike race and the top manufacturers of weapons across the Galactic Federation.
  4. Golyans- A gold-colored alien and one of the prime founders of Yonder that is renowned for being a wealthy race.
  5. Keakyls- Lion-tailed thylacine/dog-like beings noted for physical and beauty prowess, and a large amount of gambling and dealing tendencies.
  6. Qangeans- A human-like race with a variety of skin and hair coloration, have antennae, three eyes, and are best known for their carefree lives of gambling, fighting, trading, inventing, and doing anything people say they can't do.
  7. Mybids- A semi-sentient 6-eyed race commonly used for manual labor in mines, labs, and so on by the Galactic Federation.
  8. Iepeans- Chocolate-brown-skinned human-like beings with 4 arms and a habit of bounty hunting and trading.
  9. Rezzards- Lizard-like beings that were renowned as hissing mercenaries and aggressive beings.
  10. Pyhxes- Small fuzzy subterranean beings noted for their curiosity, their friendliness, and for their crazy knack of learning how to do things properly on their own.
  11. Ocannans- An elephant-skinned horned race that are very renowned for their lives of gambling, trading, tinkering, and gaming.
  12. Curseans- 4-eyed and 4-armed beings that are renowned as a race of crime, but a home planet of honor and justice.
  13. Buzzassers- A Vulture-Eqsed birdmen race with a tradition of consuming the dead as cremation that are commently under-takers and graveyard owners. This is because since Yonder doesn't have native worm creatures due to it's artifical nature, well hey, someone has to take care of the dead bodies, as the tomestones and holo-coffins are mainly for show. Grosume, yes, but hey, at least grave robbing isn't a problem in Yonder.

Fauna and Flora

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  • Hepathian Mountains
  • Australan Mountains
  • Octagon Valley
  • Starker Valley
  • Hellwood Jungle
  • Hephaestus Jungle
  • The Wetwastes
  • The Hexadecagon (Metropolitan Artificial World Construct)
  • The Icosagon (Metropolitan Artificial World Construct)
  • The Octagon (Metropolitan Artificial World Construct)
  • Rarewood (Capital City)
  • Wetwaste Town
  • Starker City
  • Starker Town
  • Hellville
  • Rarity City
  • Rivertown North
  • Rivertown South
  • Hepathia
  • Coppertown
  • Gold Edge City
  • Stump Town
  • Redwood
  • Circle River City
  • Deadheaven


  • Appallate Mountains
  • Lockscheed Valley
  • El Valva Valley
  • Box Valley
  • O'Ciarri Jungle
  • The Tetragon (Metropolitan Artificial World Construct)
  • Pandora Valley (AKA Hydrocabiais Haven)
  • Lockgem City (Capital City)
  • Panderstone (Haven Prime) (HH Capital City)
  • Ghostway (New Buckling City)
  • Cinder City (New Zaono City)
  • Ivy City (Ivyburn Town)
  • Steamdeep (Soaker City)
  • San Have Town (Sol Tono)
  • Burnthrough (Chimerum City)
  • Sharkway (Junja Bay City)
  • Olcer City (Lagoo)
  • Verge Falls (Jumping Falls)
  • Sand Island Town (Sandstream)
  • Cacter Island (Name Unchanged)
  • O'Ciarri City
  • East Coast City
  • West Coast City
  • Betweenriver City
  • Triangle City West
  • Triangle City East
  • Valve Capital
  • El Tolcha
  • Loco Diablo
  • Mort Town
  • New El Paso
  • New Austin
  • New Houston
  • Harmony
  • El Hyper


  • Borealian Mountains
  • Lavalund Wastes
  • Edge Jungle
  • The Decagon (Metropolitan Artificial World Construct)
  • Advantage City (Capital City)
  • Teardrop Falls
  • Edgetown
  • Granite Town
  • Cross West
  • Cross East
  • Fridge City
  • Gemstone City


  • Centagon Borealis (Polar Artificial World Construct)
  • Arctican Belt


  • Centagon Australia (Polar Artificial World Construct)
  • Antarctican Belt