You Just Can't Win is a song sung by Discord and Mayhem in the final battle for Canterlot in Mayhem's Wrath. They sing it during combat where Mayhem scolds Discord enough for his squirrely games with hero-villain battles, and he decides to finish this brother to brother.


  • You're way out of your league, You've more then met your match
  • I guess you're slowing down, old man, can't hit what you can't catch
  • Soon Equestria will suffer under my chaotic plan.
  • I will find a way to stop you, anyway I can!

  • You're such a teacher's pet, it's more fun being bad.
  • Nopony is gonna bow to you, your stark raving mad!
  • Oh yeah? Just ask your parents!
  • That's all in the past!
  • Listen to me, brother o' mine, Nice guys finish last!

  • Oh no!
  • You just cant win!
  • Your not that strong!
  • Time to pay for your sins!
  • You got it all wrong! You just can't win!
  • We're gonna take you down!
  • Your chances are slim!
  • No more fooling around!
  • Let the battle begin! You just can't win!
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