Youth Lagoon is an Equestria kelpie (Similar to Cassie in the MLP comics, but with a more cutesy tone), who is from the Eastern Chinese sectors of Equestria, and is the guardian of their legendary Fountain of Youth, which gives anyone who swims or bathes in it eternal or rejuvenated youth. She was raised here since it was stolen by a descendant of Sable Spirit, Seraphim Spirit, who used to be a student of Celestia until she was denied a chance to go into forbidden spells of youth and was expelled for defying her orders to forsake these studies until she was ready, and thus took it out on everyone in her homeland along with her assistant Chinese dragon Long, by stealing the Fountain of Youth from it's original Kelpie guardians, killing them and raising their daughter, Youth, who grew up believing her parents abandoned her with her only friends being adorable water sprites, as Seraphim tried to keep this secret so she can keep the fountain and live forever and prove Celestia that she can do what she said she couldn't. But by doing so, Youth learns that Seraphim killed her parents after being expelled of her studies by Celestia, and threatens that she'd never let her use the fountain again. Believing she was threatening murder after how long she's done this, Seraphim murders Youth as well, this time by turning her into water. This renders her unable to leave the Fountain and remain under Seraphim's loyalty, as her studies continue to tear the Eastern Lands apart, as Seraphim doesn't care as she felt that if she couldn't have youth, nopony else could, thus letting the lands die, including the hometown of Mistmane, whose descendant Fogmane and her Qilin mentor Jiao Sage protect the jungle where the Fountain is found, yet is so isolated it's believed to be a folk tale, yet Jiao believes it's real and searches for it. Youth wishes to be rid of this fate so she can be free once more, and with help from Mistmane herself, along with unlikely heroes, she may get that chance. She has the same free-spirits as Rapunzel.


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