Yannis 'John' E. Euthrayne, AKA Youthenasia is a fictional Superior aardwolf published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was a child abuser who was known for being sentenced to death for child slavery until he escaped before the sentence could be carried out. He aimed to get revenge on the child who ratted on him, and that child was the mother of Turbo Child and Dura Child, the leaders of the Challenger Children and The Stand-Lone Kidz. He set a trap for the Stand-Lone Kidz and threatened to blow Dura Child's mother up with an exploding slavery collar if they didn't cooperate. They were forbidden to tell anyone, including the Challenger Children. He forced them to rob banks and even steal machinery from Sanitary Techs, which he would use to mind-control all the children on Kratos so he can have an army to take over Kratos. While he hoped that their forced actions would ruin their reputations as heroes, the Challenger Children had already been in on it after hearing it on the news. Unfortunately, when they tried to remove the collar from Turbo Child's mother, the collar alarm went off and they were caught. Youthenasia has them all captured and tortured with baby memes and other forms of torture such as tickling and putting their diapers on the outside of their suits. But they manage to escape and fight Youthenasia, only for him to try and kill the mother. Unfortunately, when the Challenger Children removed the collar from the mother, they had it sabotaged, rendering the collar unable to be detonated. Angry, he tries to kill her himself, only for him to get a heart attack and die. While they thought he was dead, he does get resurrected by Dr. Insantino as a robotic cyborg, whereas he owed him a favor that would be revealed in later issues. Youthenasia hated children because of their 'annoying' and 'retarded' behaviors, but knew they were mostly weak and defenseless. He has abused children for most of his life, and his child slavery crime was so complex, not even the children could revolt against him. His reasons and history for this are mostly unknown, though fan theories speculate that he had a terrible childhood, either with bad parents or lack of their sympathy, or just orphaned, bad experiences from bullies, or possibly he has a rare mental illness that mysteriously makes him hate anything small and innocent, or just straight up anti-social disorder. It makes him a surprisingly dark and controversial villain in the Challenger series and The Stand-Lone Series, and the first of many surprisingly-dark villains in the series. This was mainly due to the fact that it was XD's response to critics that were insulting the comic series to be 'Too childish and babyish' and that it would never impress an older audience. But doing this is a double-edge sword, as now those same critics are hypocritically ripping the series apart for 'inappropriateness' and 'use of a sadistic villain'. His later appearences as a robotic cyborg have him become more of a complete idiot than what he was before due to Insantino's claims that the surgery left his brain "minimally" damaged, with his fanbase declaring it 'character assassination'. His powers included super-strength, super-longevity, super-endurance, super-flight, X-ray vision, and heat vision.

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