Zach B. Dodgers is an Alternate UUniverses Boldan from Planet Oyphus. He is the cousin of Shiv Lecon, and basically a too-perfect hero like him, but is a blend between Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. He works as a high commanding savior for the Union of Independent Systems after he was raised in the isolated areas of the Theta Universe which was dominated primarily by the infamous Theta Exodius and the Spae Laetus Nebula, which created anomalies that made the isolated sectors too much for the UIS to establish a proper isolated division, so he was asked to enforce that isolation for them to keep out USRA Advancement. Zach was given untold powers after being raised here after a crisis on his home planet, and thus has the ability to resist and control energy and add it to his power, fly, breath in space, and travel in hyperspace, but only in space. This earned him jealousy from his rival in The United Usurpation Force, Captain Charge, whom was humiliated by his accomplishments, to where Shiv was almost fired and he lost his chance to ask out his new girlfriend Lexys. Zach does care for Shiv, he's just not into his attatude against, of which even while not ignorent to UIS' issues, believes that the UUF method will only force UIS to be even stricter, if not get worse then implied to be. Zach thinks like this cause he saw the behind the scenes good UIS does beyond the rough exterior of UIS' rough absolution isolationist temperment and is more then aware of the USRA's grivious flaws and how such things would've forever ruined the Isolated Systems as they are now.


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