Zackcrapron, also "Zarkcraptron", is a Zarphall that is litterally the biggest exsample of their race being at their absolute worse. Zackcrap is a netourious war criminal that non-discriminatively torment any race and planet that neightered the Zarphalls. Hell, he even attacks his own people. It's a strong controverseal debate on his motivations, even today, and on why he does it, though it is commenly agreed that he does it out of sadistic pleasure worthy of a million madmen. Another comman one is that Zackcrap was bred to fight by the Zarphall millaterry a long time ago during a national war, that fighting is all he knows and that he's basicly a sentient biological weapon. Without war and violence since the national war, he was never given a greater purpose, being viewed as being outlived of his usefulness. While not an enhanced soldier, he was the end result of organised "Millaterry Breeding" that resulted in those like Zackcrap. Natrolly durable, nearly unkillable soldiers. Zackcrap even survived being stabbed by a gaint lazer sword to the gut and still maintains perfect perfitual vision with only one eye, an exsample of Zarphall masterful breeding. However, due to the Millaterry declairing the breeding project done after a truce was delcaired, the likes of Zackcrap are unable to be re-fitted into normal lives due to fighting being all they know, where plans are made to have the breeded Zarphalls youthenised for public safety. However, these plans triggered the survival instinct of Zackcrap and many other of the breeded soldiers and resulted in an organised escape the millaterry failed to stop. Zackcrap became leader of a war criminal group that has since commited war crimes against Zarphall and those that were within the home system. However, in due to USRA intervention, many of the breeded soldiers were placed out of their misery and that of the universe's in every attack Zackcrap or fellow higher-ups did. All that was left was Zackcrap and a female breeded soldier. It would look as if eventually it was only a matter of time before the two follow suit, but thanks to the Zarphalls' being envious of the Fugbas being elagable for the USRA, Zackcrap took this as a chance to malmitulate the folks into staging an accsident that would make the Fugbas look monsterious. However, it only worked because it was actselly a self-sacrivice designed to protect the universe from a war criminal's wrath, knowing what he was capable of. While Zackcrap was glad his plan work, he was cautious to not just leave it at that, as he was expecting the Fugbas to be much more rational, figuring that it was part of a ploy the Fugbas were going for, he made sure they further lose credability by using stolen Fugba ships and framed them for attacks, unwittingly helping them to protect a planet-restoring device that had he known about sooner, he certainly would've destroyed or stole it as a creation of the Zarphalls. Eventually, the Fugbas were banished from the AUU, and Zackcrap was mostly declaired a war hero as time prior he mated with the female and made the Zee Viall bloodline. And his quiet exicution by Zarphalls who still acknowledge his prior crimes came too late as the genes are already living on to the established bloodline that would create Arpaca Zee Viall, and it's yet to be known if the truth behind the obvious crimes of Zackcrap would finally go down along with him.
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