Zalman Seeker

Private Zalman Pan Seeker

Private Zalman P. Seeker is a Superior Troodon from Kratos. Living in the underground dinosaur world of Hades, Zalman is a rookie soldier for Jem's royal guard, and is part of the Agile Division that consists of raptors, and other agile and light-weight dinosaurs. Zalman is a close friend of Jem's advisor, Advisor Talona, and he is one of the many people she can trust with keeping Jem's secret of accidentally murdering Grotch Prometheus from anyone who is not worthy of trusting. But while he promises this, he is a soldier training under Colonel Kyne, who is definitely not a trustworthy person with this secret. Even Zalman doesn't know that Kyne is attempting to betray Jem, and take her place as President of Hades. Zalman is a vicious adversary, even on his own. 3 of his siblings also work in the Agile Division, and work together with him. Though he is not the commander-in-chief of the Agile Division, he does have a job in looking out for his brothers in the cause. His powers include super-agility, x-ray vision, sublimation, fire manipulation, and an undocumented ability called multitasking, which allows Zalman to focus on an infinite number of jobs at the same time.
  • MCode: FM???SaSulXrv


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