"(Darkspawnic Languish): Nothing personal. Just business."

is a Darkspawn warrior created by Architect to be one of his greatest and most successful warriors. He is a Darkspawn ogre who stands much taller than other common Darkspawn Ogres and he has certain abilities that make him more frightening. Recently he was sent by Architect to reestablish the Mythos Black Market so he can capture it's powerful crystals, and find a way to safely transport them off-planet without having them violently react with radioactive magic bursts. His powers even got him that far without even being caught once. He only speaks in Darkspawn language, and only people like Master Aonos and The High Council can understand it. But he carries around a sqrimmy little darkspawn adviser named Yes-Ghoul capable to speak perfect english that translate the languise.


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Zarfmir is an oversized Darkspawn ogre who was created to be the ultimate warrior. He has the natural super-strength and brutality of a Darkspawn ogre, but has much more abilities. He has an imperviousness to pain, and his hide is as strong as armor. He can use his large horns to charge into his opponents, he can climb on walls, and he has grand experience with melee combat. He has also channeled so much energy from Mythos' crystals that he can manipulate it in concentrated energy blasts, electrical attacks, and various other methods.

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