Zealord Queez Zontron the Zealot

Zealord Q. Zontron the Zealot is an Alternate UUniversal Crabbler from Planet Jomos. He is the tyrannical zealot ruler of Jomos and managed to stay like that thanks to the AUU Grand Council's over-favering of realigen and failure to understand that like pololical and magical powers, can be misused and abused to subugate a planet through many form of means. Zealord's ansisters have long made it taboo for the Jomos aquatics to share their tecknowagey to outsiders. The reason claimed that it is the will of the "Jomos Lords of Creation", but really, it's because Zealord and his ansistery are paraniod idiots, cause they feared that had they shared the tec, it would put the universe in evilising danger, when really all they had to do was make the tec uncorruptable and they would be good to go! In doing so, Xena's family was prosicuted for suggesting that they share the tec to stop the VA uprising, leading to a war in three way battles between atheiests, blinded loyalists, and the VA themselves. Zealord is the current ruler and continuer of this unjustly tradition, and is just as ignorent and blind to the truth as his ansisters. Zealord would be willing to end a life if tec stays exclusive to Jomos, even at the cost of spilled blood clouds. He is very charasmatic, easily able to trick even Headmaster Warson to faver him and the realigen of Jomos over Xena and the Union. However, he fears he would not keep up the ruse forever, espeically if the Heroes Act and the Lougers actselly took the time to talk to Xena and dsicover many inventions that would've been a big help against the VA long ago, and soon, the AUU will realise that Realigen, like Polotics and Magic, shouldn't be entrusted to tyrants like him, and when that does happen, well, here's hoping he likes the cold of Oranos.


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