Z3M0, AKA Zemo, is an Alternate UUniversal being from the Beofynzeny System. It is a ninja of an unknown identity and is excellent and skilled in agility and stealth. Though it's identity is widely unknown even to it's friends in the Vault Seekers, it is hinted to possibly be a robot or android given one hint the Vault Seekers gained during combat, being specified as a gynoid (female android) thanks to not just it's female tone of speech, but also it's female figure, as some people seem to have a newfound crush on it. Wherever it came from, it was made as an assassin for hire, and is mainly noted for the icons on it's helmet that display it's expressions and emotions to irresistible and yet intimidating levels, and thus was named 'Zemo' after the AUU Marbonian god of fear, hate, anger, corruption, murder, and greed. Though people are aroused by it at times, it shows compassion for it's friends as best as it can despite being unknowledgeable of it's origins, it's gender, or anything else. It is a formidable and adaptable fighter with a heightened holo-prosthetic brain and digi-matrixes that allow it to not only adapt, but fight better with every moment spent fighting it. It's main weapons of choice are multi-function vibrokatanas and holographic tricks and light manipulation, and it's emotions are mainly revealed by the emoticons and symbols on it's helmet. It has fought with the Vault Seekers for a long time, and has been wanted for a long time for political assassination. Like it's friends in the VS, it was hacked into mind-control by Awesome Jaxtom through corrupt Phaseforce leader Commandant Steelea. It is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Zer0 (Assassin), and has the same abilities.


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Of an indeterminate species, Zemo used to be a living being until it was turned into a robot assassin. Though it's organic abilities are unknown, it's robot capabilities allow it increased physical strength, agility, reflexes, speed, and stamina. It can avoid gunfire, react quicker than the average person, it has spectacular acrobatic abilities, it can see in literally every spectrum, it can detect anything no matter what stealth technology is used, and it can adapt spontaneously to any situation. It can feel emotions, but it still has yet to express it thoroughly, as people cannot determine which gender it used to be, yet it is hinted to be female more than male, though it shows male-like characteristics which make it hard to pinpoint.

It's armaments are beyond simple as it has the power to analyze anything it sees and spontaneously learn how to use whatever it sees, and it has a built-in Huncus HUD that allows it to see it's health, shields, and anything necessary during combat. It has no preference to any weapon and will gladly use any weapon it chooses, calculating and comparing their power in a fraction of a second, and determine which weapon is adequate for the job. It utilizes a built in Armatage RHES-1099 Recharging & Healing Energy Shield, and an Armatage ISD-10000 Infinite Storage Device to store anything it collects and trades. It's trademark weapons are two vibrokatanas with multiple functions that it utilized when it was still organic, and it wields them like a literal machine.

It has the ability to manipulate solid-light holography, using it to fool it's targets and enemies, including the ability to make holographic duplicates, turn invisible, can create holographic illusions, can deploy holobots to aid in battle, and it can create holo-armor to aid in heavy battles.


  • "I don't ask questions I don't wanna know the answer to."
  • "Just tell me what to shoot."
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