Zeta Universe Map

Zeta Universe Map

The Zeta Universe was considered to be an undesireable place back in the earlier days of the USRA races, due to having a never ending shorce of conflict and strife, from the ever terratorial and sometimes world-controling Galaxans, the disterbing nature of the entire Ueben system, an Anti-Tec Sharing Water Planet, along side sharing the same system as the Ziseryins, the universe's own verson of the Alpha universe's most frightening world, a planet of giant worms wronged by victims of being booted out by a hostile race of bug haters, A known Anti-Human Radodan extremeist base was found here, along with a slew of other problems..... However, what eventually brought them more closer to the Zeta is that it has an equil amount of redeeming quilities then faults.


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Zeta Universe Timetable

Zeta Core







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1. Zeta Core Sector

The Zeta Core is the very heart of the Zeta Universe. Includes yet another isloated god zone, the infamed Xirya system, the even more infamous Ueben system, and alchourse the redeeming quility of the mysterious Zootan race.

Zeta God Zone

  • Zeta Prime- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iiger Mipeus- A semi-temperate lava planet (Hierarchs, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Centrum- A temperate planet (Godly Centre World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Krypius Nex- A 75%-ecumenopolis planet (Framers, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eco Sarix- A humid jungle planet (Crafters, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Starion- A stormy toxic planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Exaten Ro- An orange gas giant (Prodigies, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Icatarus- A tartaric black gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Oncrossum- A barren temperate moon belonging to Icatarus. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Kurrus System.

  • Kurr- (Kree-like race)
  • Skudd- (Skrull-like race)

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Kacirum System

  • Succube- A barren desert planet where the only known life is bacteria, plants, fungus, and small insects. However, in legend, this planet actually houses a secret demonic underworld filled with an advanced race of Teadr 2 demons of unknown origin, possibly from the AUU First Cartoonian War and possibly of the Ehaexons, that aims to take over the AUU with their sadistic leader, Lord Mephizyge, who was said in AUU culture to make Faustian bargains and turn people into his own demonic soldiers by tricking them out of their souls or anything else. He controls through life force and a silver tongue, and is extremely powerful, said to possess powers that no mortal can fight against. Luckily, it is just that, a legend, but there was a left behind culture of a Teadr 2 race called the Sucubans (Whose original breed looks like this: top second face) that considered themselves demons but were eventually destroyed by the reckless actions Emperor Mepholis, who based himself on the Mephizyge of legend, in trying to harness the power of a Teadr 0 weapon, where it ended up going Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark on them all. This Teadr 0 weapon was never seen again since. The planet has no oceans and is covered entirely by arid desert wastelands and lava formations. (BFG-Like Doominator Weapon, TBC...) Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Iurse- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qacimer- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Gol System

  • Gol Prime- A mountainous semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cirus- A semi-temperate plateau lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zurkury- A temperate planet (AUU Firefall, Asteroid strike, fragment, space storm coating, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gol Major- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Izzard- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oucury- A barren uninhabitable desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Erroy- A mountainous taiga planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Pustion- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Carpan System

  • Gaoetis- A humid subtropical vacation planet where the air is clean, the soil is organic, and the water is relaxing to the skin due to being full of mineral substances. This gives it the name Aqua Sooth World. These minerals have allowed the planet to have one of the best spas in the AUU, creating a soothing lotion that relaxes the muscles and makes the body stronger. The minerals also make up the planet's soil and is a good fertilizer for plants. The planet has 8 small continents, and 5 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:277d
  • Borgon- A temperate planet populated by sentient and unsentient lizards. They come in many sizes and they live in a strange fungal and herbal environment. Some sentient creatures live in modernized Teadr 6 villages and others live in large Teadr 3 cities. The villagers are called Eramish, which are similar to Amish people, disliking technology and enjoying the non-industrial life. The city people are referred to by the Eramish as 'Tackies'. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:302d
  • Incodus- An ocean planet which is populated mostly by fish. The planet has been nicknamed 'Pulchritudia' due to the fish having the most regal and attractive appearances of any other creatures in the AUU. The fish live in Teadr 4 cities that can sometimes be accessible through caves or just be on the sea floor. There are no air pockets in the seas due to the Incodians being distrustful and scared of air-breathing creatures. The reason is unknown. The planet has no moon. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:430d
  • Aaethon- A tundrous planet populated by sentient and unsentient Ice Age-like mammals. The oceans are far too cold for swimming, but some creatures on the planet have adapted to surviving the cold waters. The Teadr 2 cities, which have black-colored houses and buildings with blue and white lighting, a 40% abundance of plants, screen displays and propaganda, and ground vehicles can only be found underground or in domes due to the cold temperatures that have been known to kill people. This is the location of several Globex fortresses which research nanotechnology and medicine. This is the birthplace of several nanotechnological achievements. The planet has an icy planetary ring, one massive supercontinent, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:610d; Capital City: Tinöra City

Xirya System

  • Xirya Prime- A semi-desert mountainous planet which has been known to be a world with a balanced amount of plant life. This world is filled with rock formations, geothermal valleys, lava formations, plateaus, valleys of mesas, monoliths, and buttes, grasslands, and even a few rainforests and jungles. The wildlife is often massive and mostly predatory, and the plant life is colorful, coming in colors such as green, orange, purple, and yellow. This is the adopted homeworld of a race of Teadr 2 human-like beings called the Galaxuns, who are a race of often-aggressive warriors who have waged several wars in their time, and their ability to use their own life force as a weapon called Gex, and they have massive strength due to their training on a planet with a stronger gravity. They have been known to create the Gex Warrior Core, which consists of either them and other beings who can use Gex, and they often fight against opposing forces such as the Villains Act, or even another rogue Gex force called the Gex Oppressor Core, which some of them were formerly members of the GWC before going "rogue" as the reports offitally stated. Both these forces have been battling ever since the GOC had been formed, and are both headquartered on different planets in the Xirya System. This planet is controlled 90% by the GWC and the other 10% is the GOC. The planet has a massive supercontinent that covers most of the planet, and a rocky, icy, and crystalline planetary ring which goes inverted across the planet. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:302d ; Capital City: Royalty City
  • Eor- A semi-desert planet which has a similar climate to Xirya Prime, except the rock formations are much bigger and taller, consisting of mesas, monoliths, balancing rocks, massive canyons and cliffs, and the plant life can grow on just about any surface. The grasses can grow on the walls, and there is a massive amount of wildlife, some being introduced from Xirya Prime. This is a colony for the Galaxuns which has massive megalopolises that are often in AFTs. This world's cities are controlled 70% by the GWC, and 30% by the GOC, and several battles and wars have been fought. The planet has 4 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:321d
  • Veemil- A humid savanna planet which is known for having vast miles of grasslands and prairies, and a yellow sky due to it's small amount of sodium. The world used to be a rainforest planet until the world suffered an Ice Age where the lower and upper latitudes of the planet became covered in ice, and without enough rain to support it, the rainforests died out and became grasslands and prairies where life adapted to a non-arboreal lifestyle. Birds became flightless or mostly terrestrial, mammals became quick runners, reptiles began to search for warmer climates in the grasslands and have since been more efficient hunters, and some of the wildlife started growing bigger for defense against these newly-evolved animals. This is a world colonized by the Galaxuns, and following the battles between the GWC and GOC, this world is dominated 80% by the GOC, and the GWC is putting up a hard fight against their enemies. Supplying resources for the war effort started to become scarcely difficult, and some Galaxuns had to go into increased agriculture and big business. Some of the citizens that have been taken over by the GOC have been forced into slave labor, though it isn't a problem since the GWC is good at rescuing slaves. Though this isn't the greatest of the GOC's empire, this world still has balanced trouble putting up with it. The planet has 7 continents, 4 oceans, and 2 large glaciers covering the poles. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:344d
  • Iephasy- A temperate semi-desert planet which has been known to have a similar terrain to Xirya Prime, having vast rock formations including mesas, monoliths, buttes, plateaus, geothermal valleys, and even a small amount of grasslands and valleys. There are also several stormy areas where rainforests flourish. The wildlife is also similar to Xirya Prime, and though some life from that planet has been introduced there, it doesn't affect the ecosystem in any way because the Galaxuns that colonized it were careful with what specific animals they introduced. This world is known to be the location of the GWC Headquarters, and it has the most defenses of any other territory in the GWC's disposal. Though the GOC rarely conquers, it can still do some damage here due to it's equally-powerful forces. The megalopolis cities are given powerful defenses, and the biggest of them, the capital city called Gex Command City, seen even in space, is what holds the GWC Palace in the center, where the high leader of the GWC, the Stellar General, commands the GWC. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:368d
  • Cimm- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which is 25% covered with cities, while the rest is natural terrain consisting of rainforests, rock formations, wetlands, and flourishing colorful plants and wildlife. This is a Galaxun world which was the economic capital for it's rich amounts of valuable gems which could be sold to the AUU Currency Troupe. Though when the GOC started to control over 26% of this planet, slave labor was established in several mines where the people would work for them for free, though the GWC, having a stronger grip on this planet, is able to rescue a few of these slaves. However, when the GOC loses slaves on this world, they are forced to resort to kidnappings to replenish their slave supply, and then the whole thing would start again. Slaves would be rescued and it would result in people being kidnapped, and even the GWC had trouble preventing that from happening. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:383d
  • Gisik- A temperate planet which has massive flying islands and mountains levitated by magnetanium, and several massive rock formations exist. This world has several rainforests, wetlands, and prairies, and wildlife consists of megafauna, predatory animals, and flying behemoths. This is a world colonized by the Galaxuns, and is dominated 60% by the GOC, and 40% is dominated by the GWC. It has a few abandoned megalopolis cities which are scavenged for resources. Though some ghost towns are owned by the GOC and are restricted, but it doesn't stop GWC resistance members from scavenging them anyway. There are also vehicle graveyards where some GWC forces can hide in. This is where the GOC develops it's technology including torture devices, neuroshock devices, drugs, weapons, and so on. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:406d
  • Scarmus- A desolate moon which is known for it's grassy wastelands consisting of nothing but small animals and monsters. This was a prosperous world where the Galaxuns planned to improve the GWC with superior weaponry with magical capabilities that match the powerful defenses of the Auguran planet of Maragon. However, when the GOC rose to power, they started several nuclear strikes and devastating invasions that left all hope for this plan destroyed. Ever since, this world has been dominated by 55% with the GOC, and the rest is dominated by the GWC that are trying to rescue civilians who were devastated by the attacks while the GOC would kidnap them and brainwash them into being one of their ranks. This world's surviving megalopolis cities are controlled by whatever force conquers them, and some city ruins are too dangerous because of the radiation left by the nuclear strikes. The radiation has also made the planet barely breathable, and people who go outside are advised to carry oxygen masks at all times. The planet has 4 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 30hr:442d
  • Oucosk- A temperate planet which has a red sky as the result of the small concentration of neon, has a massive amount of city ruins, has lava fields and geothermal valleys, jungles, massive rock formations, and the wildlife is massive and no introduced life exists. This is a Galaxun planet which is 90% dominated by the GOC, and 10% dominated by the GWC. This is the world with the greatest GOC control over any world in the Xirya System. It is a world where Galaxuns have a difficult time putting up to the oppressive rule of the GOC, yet the surviving GWC countries can often call for backup from other GWC worlds. Though this world lives under a dystopia where people are either made into slaves, turned into superweapons, and have to go through tax problems. Though the GWC does regulate the cruelty through their perseverance in this planet. The planet has 5 large continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:477d
  • Thild- A taiga planet which is noted for it's mountainous and canyon terrain, as well as it's lava fields, it's glaciers, and it's massive forms of plant and animal life. This Galaxun world has been known to be the first world the GOC struck during the beginning of their reign. They were able to dominate the capital city and began to slowly take over the rest until the GWC took back the capital city, and battle to free the other cities that the GOC had taken over, with ranged success. The planet had become 40% occupied with the GOC, and the other 60% is occupied and protected by the GWC. This world fights well against the GOC and still does today. The planet has 9 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 35hr:494d
  • Strolig- A semi-snowy taiga planet which is a world that had little civilization and sentience. It has a massive amount of wildlife from either Xirya Prime, or are even indigenous. This is a world which was formerly a banishment site for the Galaxuns, where they exiled criminals and left them with little technology. But then when a powerful former member of the GWC was banished there for trying to help a loved one, this world had started getting more civilized. Cities were built, and this world has since become the birthplace and headquarters of the GOC. Ever since, both it and the GWC have been battling for territories in their planetary system. This world soon got enough power to defend itself against even the GWC, and any who has ever invaded this place rarely came back alive. The GOC is headquartered in the GOC Palace in the massive megalopolis city of Oppressor City, and lead by their leader and founder, Overlord Ae Poex. The GOC has since became a dominating power that seems to rival even the Villains Act, which they themselves hate and rarely, if at all, assisted. The planet has a large supercontinent covering most of the planet. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 43hr:554d

Ujimata System

  • Oujina- A Japanese desert world which is noted for being the first in a system filled with magic activity and founded by the Zyaūar Masters. This system would be the first system that they have ever made a complete government. However, following their disappearance, their legacy lived on in future inhabitants as they founded an empire that uses and researches the Zyaūar Masters' legacy. This desert valley world has been at war over 20 times, not just from other worlds in it's system occasionally, but from outside invasion forces. The plant life in the desert looks tropical, there can be several oases found, and there are also flying islands levitated by loadstone which could house large castles for the Zyaūar Masters and the later empire. This world has a significant amount of enchanter masters who are somewhat descended from the Zyaūar Masters, and have crafted the land to fit their legacy and power, creating an array of supernatural creatures, beings, and so on. The planet has 8 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:318d
  • Nux Agima- A Japanese mountainous semi-temperate planet that has almost no magical activity as most of the worlds in this system, has a purple sky due to it's moderately-larger concentration of nitrogen, colorful jungles, and is mainly dominated by large reptiles and mammals. This world was formerly an Ehswan colony until the Yatorans colonized it, and later came into contact with the Zyaūar Masters. After a 1-year war that arose from conflicting views, the Yatorans agreed to give the planet to them since they owned almost every world in the system, and would leave them alone as minor allies. Though when the Zyaūar Masters vanished, what they left behind would be under research by later Yatoran generations and sentient animals. The artifacts and technology they bestowed was being placed in large museums, and this world grew into having large megalopolis cities that are often linked together to form larger cities. The inhabitants have learned to use the Zyaūar Masters' accommodations to their fullest, though have made a limit to this system to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, especially their weaponry, which is kept on the heavily-guarded Xushu XI. The planet has 9 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:346d
  • Goshi- A Japanese jungle wetland planet which has large megalopolis cities, a green sky as the result of a small amount of radon, colorful and beautiful jungles with land corals and plants, and is populated by 68% invertebrates since the other 32% is all that's left of the vertebrates since a mass extinction event. This world was founded by the Zyaūar Masters, and was made the capital for science and technology, which they developed their own weaponry and other technology including mobile devices and computers. Though this technology has mostly been wiped away when the Zyaūar Masters vanished long ago, and is still under research by later inhabitants. Though other activity the Zyaūar Masters made on this world is for enchanting many jungles on this planet, creating supernatural beings and animals, as well as some corrupt Zyaūar Masters experimenting with augmentation spells, mutation spells, and dark curses. This world had suffered over 5 catastrophes with these corrupt powers, though they recovered from it in later years. Though later inhabitants have learned to use these spells for good, and create powerful police forces out of it, though regulations have been made because of the fact that these spells can be highly dangerous. The planet has 10 continents, 7 oceans, and a large rocky, icy, and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:376d
  • Tildox- A Japanese ecumenopolis planet which has alien-like plants and animals, a deep-blue sky as the result of it's small concentration of actinium, and for it's great amounts of weather. The planet's world-spanning ecumenopolis was built by the Zyaūar Masters as the system's capital for economics, whereas they helped provide for repairs to damage done to any of their other colonies, and established trade routes with other worlds. Though when they vanished, this was still an economic capital for later inhabitants, who traded with the AUU Currency Troupe in exchange for goods. The cities are preserved completely to this very day, and impresses people with how beautiful and advanced the architecture is. There exists some parks and jungles where wildlife and plants can be preserved, and there are also flying islands which support minor megalopolis cities. The planet has 6 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:405d
  • Krajucina- A Japanese semi-ecumenopolis planet which has been known to be the capital of the system, where it's government, originally founded by the Zyaūar Masters who brought great enchantment to this world, is run by the Emperor and his princess in the Munx Zee Castle that stands hundreds of feet on a flying island above the large cities. This world has a balanced level of enchantment in the form of magical civilizations run by mages and wizards, magical tribes and communities, and enchanted wildlife and forests. There have also been a small blend of technology with magic on this world, and it has been a world which spawned several heroes that have been helpful in battles against the many ancient evils that spawned in this system. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:445d
  • Saljiro Winx- A Japanese semi-tropical rainforest planet which has a colorful sky due to it's incredibly strong magnetosphere, and has a massive amount of colorful fauna and flora. This world was once colonized by the Zyaūar Masters because it's magnetic poles were said to contain unbelievable powers that repel and attract each other called Opposiyar, whereas the positive power was powered by the good will of others, peace and harmony, while the negative power was fueled by evil and darkness. This world had went into two empires that separated from each other and had feuds. However, when two of it's leaders had a child, a war destroyed all except the child, which was raised to be an immortal warrior who has actually never been seen for eons since the war destroyed the two kingdoms. Later generations would fear that this warrior would return and do whatever it wanted with them, but some believe it is just a myth. Regardless, this power is being researched by the later generations and as of now, it has not yet been utilized. The planet has 2 large continents on either side of it, and it has a large rocky and icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:497d
  • Xushu XI- A Japanese jungle moon belonging to the gray-purple gas giant called Xushu. It was formerly a world that the Zyaūar Masters inhabited for training of all kinds against the forces of evil, but when they vanished, later generations used this world as a place where several museums can be on display for ancient Zyaūar Master artifacts. But it is also a militant security planet which keeps all ancient Zyaūar weaponry discovered in this system out of the wrong hands, including that of the Villains Act. This moon has only a few cities, and 9 oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 322d
  • Xushu XV- A Japanese lava moon which has a red sky as the result of the small amount of helium, and the terrain is almost inhabitable. The Zyaūar Masters have mined this planet for it's rich amounts of rarium which they use for their currency, as well as lava refineries for metals that they use to forge their weapons. When they vanished, later generations restored these mines and refineries, and gained access to all the rarium vaults there. This world was then named an economic world that supplies money for the entire system. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 364d

Balayxy System

  • Branus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glife- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Orea- (Mountainous Moon, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Stonga- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Galanica- (Ecumenopolis Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Balact- (Balactan Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Balae- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gellie Rire- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vople Ieth- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vufliri- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vurycea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Vury X- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vury XII- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Odisea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Onna Rone- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Wertyu System

  • Asnao- An Egyptian desert planet with a complex Teadr 3 society and amazing architectural momuments. This is one of the many planets that use magic, which have originated from a lost intergalactic book that crash-landed on the planet in 506 BC, and since then, the ancient inhabitants have used it to build magically-primitive structures and historical monuments. These monuments still remain standing even to this day, and have cultural significance even to the Legion. The planet has no moon, and 67 small lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:238d
  • Narjor- A dinosaur planet with tropical jungles and bizarre dinosaur species. The planet has been visited by the USRA many times, and mobile bases have been built there. Cities are not allowed to be built here because of a hostile primitive species of tall reptilian humanoids called Narjoids. But they have been known to have a prehistoric intelligence, and have even learned how to feel emotions. The mobile bases are there to study this species, and see how to make peace with them. The progress so far is 58%. Researchers are learning their language, behavior, hunting tactics, and intelligence. The planet has 3 large continents, and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:265d
  • Kamodus- A Western desert planet with Teadr 6 country-based towns and Teadr 3 cities. The planet has a vast variety of sentient and unsentient animals. The planet is best known for it's large mines that collect a fluorescent green crystal called astronium, which has been one of the rarest precious stones in the AUU, and was commonly found in asteroid belts. In the AUU community, these stones are used in jewelry, embedded display on buildings, and laser-lenses. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:289d
  • Claritera- A swampy marshland planet where sentient and unsentient creatures thrive in a vacation community. Teadr 2 cities are among the most complex and luxurious, the beaches are cool, the oceans and swamps are warm, and the atmosphere is clean. This is where Globex facilities research aquagens, or substances that have aquatic effects, making them temporarily semi-aquatic, giving them fins or flippers, or perhaps even granting marine mammal-like qualities. Though this technology was successful, some have been known to be allergic to these substances. The planet has 7 small continents and 5 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:349d
  • Jurus- A Haitian wetland planet where almost every terrain is covered in water. There are Teadr 3 cities that are Haitian-themed, standard and sometimes modern-day. This planet is known for it's wide array of thousand-year-old Voodoo spells that have been illegalized in 20% of it's countries. This planet has had only 3 wars in the past, and none of them have been as destructive as the wars in the Villains Act. The planet has 14 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:426d; Capital City: Harrinxi

Meege System

  • Scoepra- (Scoeprion Home Planet, Teadr 1 Scorpion-Men Beings, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Piu- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thige- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Tustrion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Maegantu- (AUU Shadowrun Returns, The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry. You are a shadowrunner - a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone. When the powerful or the desperate need a job done, you get it done... by any means necessary, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Maera- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vepluanope- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aener- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ueben System

  • Ueben Prime- A semi-temperate desert planet that has war-torn graveyards including spaceship and hovercraft graveyards swept up and/or buried by sandstorms, strong weather, active criminal activity, Teadr 5 civilizations and Teadr 7 ruins and monuments, large oases and jungles, large rock and lava formations, and a red sky due to it's small amounts of neon and helium. This world is the result of a terrible war in pre-USRA times where, according to offictal history, an evil warlord used the power of an uncovered Reljim to wish for the ruler of the world, and then to become the most powerful sorcerer in the AUU. With the people of the system and beyond fearing what he would do with his final wish, a rebellion was formed to try and defeat the corrupt sorcerer, yet this nearly resulted in a terrible system-kingdom-destroying civil war, the sorcerer was finally defeated through exile to the Boundary Cluster through another one-wish-bound Reljim, defeating him once and for all, and leaving the rest of the system to be under a recovering period of poverty that resulted in infamous worlds like Zeether. Even the sorcerer is banned from being named in the system as it caused so much fear during his reign, even fearing that the sorcerer swore to return again and exact his revenge, though the last wish of his Reljim was used to undo his other two wishes. This world has since recovered and obscured the sorcerer's existence forever, and even his name was utterly forgotten for the greater good. The planet has 16 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:263d
  • Rhex- An Egyptian semi-temperate lava planet which has large lava/geothermal valleys, an orange sky due to it's small amounts of neon and sodium, large rock/lava formations, ancient ruins, active weather, and small traces of plants and zooplantae. This was a world which was a colony for the Zyaūar Masters as they co-existed with Egyptian-like civilizations that worship the Reljims (AUU Genies), and was supposedly the birthplace of a long-deemed-mythical Supireljim, which is unbound by the limitations of average Reljims and was created by high god-like mages, but legend says that they locked it away in an secluded area when ancient evil demons attempted to use it for evil. Thus, the Zyaūar Masters, after discovering that the myth was real, dedicated their last moments on this world to protecting the Supireljim from warrior enemies and factions. The planet has 98 small lava lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:287d
  • Surboce- An Arabian red desert planet which has large palaces and villages spread across large red dunes, has little traces of water and zooplantae, less-active weather, a yellow sky due to it's small amounts of sodium, large rock formations, and it's long history of magical war. In the past, this world was a home for many magical artisans that created Reljims, or wish-granting beings that had limits to their power depending upon the individual. Corrupt individuals launched an invasion on these artisans and stole their creations, using them in an unstoppable conquest that lasted for 400 years until the Zyaūar Masters came and put a stop to them by ultimately wishing that the forces have never and never will find the Reljim, as well as punishing them by regressing them to a nomadic society forever. What was left of these former tyrants now exist in the form of raider tribes that rob, plunder, and pillage local villages while the Reljim were returned to their rightful owners. While the Zyaūar Masters are gone, what they did cannot be undone as the tyrants that caused years of literally unstoppable conquest have been reduced to forever be tribal marauders. The planet has 7 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:344d
  • Muldae- A temperate planet that has ancient Teadr 7 ruins, a yellow sky due to it's small amounts of sodium, large mountains, rock formations, toxic valleys, active weather, and crystal-clear waters. It is a world that is infamous for having been the capital of a long and corrupt campaign brought upon by an extremist leader who, after his ancestors underwent the terrible pain of the sorcerer tyrant of Ueben Prime, wished to find and exterminate all Reljim in the system and beyond to ensure that their power was never used for evil ever again. But he was later executed for threatening to desecrate them through genocide, best intentions aside, as they have helped do more good than harm. Though there are rumors that his descendants have formed a secret underground cult out to complete his plans, no evidence of their existence has ever come up, and thus the world lived in peace and all of the campaign leader's influence and monuments were destroyed. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:368d
  • Zeether- An ecumenopolis planet which, despite having an architecture that is like a blend between modern-day architecture, sci-fi architecture, and ancient Arabian architecture, is known to be a literal nightmare to many. Despite it's clean economy and atmosphere, it's advanced Teadr 2 technology, it's colorful plant décor and animals, and it's calm cultures and religion, it also had a population of tough and often violent individuals, there was mass overpopulation, and the planet itself, before becoming an ecumenopolis, had a history of magical activity in the form of wish-granting mages. Thought to have been wiped out long ago, they were actually turned into Reljim, or genie-like beings that had different levels and limitations of their wishes. One such Reljim, Rhyz'jirek, was used to later quell the overpopulation problem in the form of an annual competition where all crime will be legal for 12 hours, and the prize of being granted a single wish to the one who is the most effective motivates people who are even the most moral to go along with this. Thus, the Killwish Tournament was born, where those who were the most efficient in the artificial population control would be allowed to meet Rhyz and make any wish they ever want, provided the Reljim's limitations can provide such a thing. The Killwish Tournament doesn't just help with population control, but it also helps with economic problems, and many others. Though not withstanding is the obvious moral bankruption of these practices that forever made this world unpopular in all of the AUU. The planet has 7 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:390d
  • Xagg- A rainforest planet that has strong active weather and storms, colorful flora consisting of plants and land reefs, introduced/native wildlife, large amounts of wetlands, large mountains, flying islands and mountains levitated by loadstone, ancient Teadr 7 and Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, and large rock formations and massive heights. It is a world infamous for it's criminal gambling empire involving offering Reljim wishes to the highest bidders, often through games and other competitions. Regardless of that, the rest of the world is lawful and tries to avoid Reljim activity because of how much they have grown since their origins, including the sorcerer's reign of terror, the criminal empire, and Zeether. There are also remnants of Zyaūar Master activity who have used the Reljims to the best of their potential in an attempt to improve their reputation in this system since it's power was constantly abused, and even swore to guard them. But since they went extinct, a descendant of an unknown temple dedicated his life to collecting all the Reljim and keeping them safe from misuse. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 33hr:413d

Tossab System

  • Hucror Sco- A terrestrial jungle planet which is covered with massive forms of wildlife including abundant plants and megafauna. This is a world where the Ehswans cataloged the AUU in a large massive map called the Unigram. This map was how the Ehswans kept track of their planets and other planets across the AUU, how they discovered planets and what life was on it, and how far it was and how to get there. The Yatorans eventually claimed the Unigram, and it helped them keep track of all races, even before they became a part of the USRA. When they joined, the planet became a USRA Planet where the USRA would hide this Unigram from any villains who want to use it for evil. The planet has 5 large continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:356d
  • Libertus- An ecumenopolis planet which is a national treasure to the Yatorans because it was the place where several historical moments in the Yatorans' history took place, including the ascension of Arbasus Kraan. This used to be a semi-ecumenopolis planet for the Ehswans until their extinction lead to the Yatorans turning it into a complete ecumenopolis. The designs of the cities are the biggest the Yatorans have come up with, and several national monuments are found here. The planet has 5 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:488d

Uisawa System

  • Holon- A temperate planet that has Teadr 2 cities that glow in colorful light. The main inhabitants, a species of Teadr 2 bioluminescent human-like mustelids called Holozans, have been known to the USRA for their hard-light technology. They have introduced the USRA with highly-advanced holography, accurate lightspeed, laser technology, hard-light weaponry, and have even helped the USRA to invent the incredibly rare holographic bridge, which had only took a day to invent. They have even discovered hard-light bullets, holographic disguises, and holo-armor. The planet has 5 continents, 3 oceans, and large icy, rock, crystalline, and dust rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:397d; Capital City: Lumosity
  • Noliton- A tropical humid jungle planet populated by sentient and unsentient animals. The Teadr 3 cities are modern-day, and the temperature is seasonal. This planet is 89% covered in water, and used to have large polar ice caps until climate change melted them, making the sea levels rise, and make the planet more tropical and humid. This made the planet a great vacation spot, filled with hundreds of resort towns and Teadr 4 resort cities. The planet has 7 continents and 6 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:456d; Capital City: Gorgle Ua Rai
  • Frolthos- A tropical savanna planet with African cultures and societies. The planet is populated by sentient and unsentient dinosaurs and reptiles. The USRA has learned from the Frolthosians how to ride certain dinosaurs, and create saddles at any size for any USRA being. Some people on this planet have kept small dinosaurs as pets, including raptors and ceratopsians. The planet has a large supercontinent, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:611d
  • Allar- An ocean planet which is noted for it's vast coral reefs that can reach the size of a city. These 'cities' serve as the homes of the planet's main race, a species of Teadr 3 octopus-like beings called Allarses, which have built cities not just underwater, but their amphibious nature allows them to slither onto the surface and make Teadr 3 cities on land, all of them being composed of silver buildings with an aquatic system and durable glass windows, large bodies of water, screen displays and propaganda, a 67% abundance of plants and land corals, and ground vehicles. The planet has several large islands. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:652d

Zoota System.

  • Zoota Prime- The home of a highly advanced yet still preferent to live in more naterol evioments as suppose to any metrotroplis cities and beyond enlighten race of extremely thin and lanky gazelle-horned okapi-like creatures called The Zootans. A predominantely matriarchical socity, the zootans live under the belief that that this and any united universe is but part of an infinient wave of star-like specks and that all accomplishments, good or bad, are ultamately meaningless in the grand sceame of things and that life is just life and that the idea of a higher purpose means little in the "Infinity", the name of a plain of existence greater then any higher exsistence, and that any persuits, whether good or evil, decent or indecent, moderate or absolute, are all but consisent patterns that exist within the united universes and it's many alternate timelines, realities, even otherworldly dimentions. The Zootans are considered be Teadr 1, but the tec they process seems to be beyond even Teadr 0, implying that the Zootan might not even be actual natives of the AUU and that they're apart of something bigger then any united universes. Because of these beliefs, the creatures don't believe in ruining the planet's naterol reshroces in faver of something "That will only be undone with time", so with their amazing tec, they are able to have cities within the naterol lands by having the tec litterally be one with nature, so the evioment still looks as naterol as if it was never colonised. Zootans are strictly non-aggressive, not just because the lanky beings wouldn't be able to put up a good fight, but because their enlighten beliefs forbid violence, not just because it's bad, but because "it is not our place to be part of any patterns of life, benvolently or malevolently", implying that the Zootans don't wish to pick any side. Because of this, the Zootans earned the admiration of every single race and spieces in existence, even the likes of controverseal and/or dangerious ones, to the point that neither such race, from the provokable Bullarns, The Mercenary-Minded Pharcums, the Viking-abiding Vickerons, The Zealotical Phends, even the World Harvesting Zargons have all left this race be out of either universeal respect or even reckindising how their tec pales in comparision to the Zootans, where even without weapons, the Zootans are no slouches in self defence, as they have zappers and disablers and destableisers that can reduse any ship and weapon useless, even an Astro-Lazer or the Zargon's World Harvester are not protected from this. This alone, discouraged even the VA to leave this race well enough alone, knowing that the tec will discourage any attempt and foil even the mose well-prepared of weapons. Because of the Zootans are neither interest to be a problem nor an aide, their tec is never shared beyond the Zoota system. It hasn't stop people, wether idealistic polotisions or less desireables, from trying to get that tec in one faston or another. This race is even a sought after canidate to have join the USRA and it's successor(s) by the USRA races many times over, but the Zootans insist on not getting involved, keeping true to their desires to not pick sides. The percised origins of the Zootan are largely sought after by scienctific communities and the many incredable secrets they hold.
  • Zoorus- A former deslotue moon until it became a Zootan coloney and was given a stable life and ecosystem for them to live in. While Zoota prime was more of a Zootan only place, Zoorus is a colony made to accomindate visitors abit more since the main planet "Wouldn't be able to properly accomindate convience-enjoying visitors" as this was the place that takes abit more of a conventional look (in some reguards) compaired to the more naterol Zoota Prime. This is where outsiders and Zootan can exchange non-prohibited goods and basicly is more of a market place planet. Although the Zootan don't believe in money or ecomimies since they are a more naterol minded race, they do only do this to maintain good relations if any and all visitors to ensure trust and avoid suspitions on why they are so private yet have great tec. Cause of this, the money is mainly spend on restocking and upgrading business quility since they're not so attached to profit compaired to outsiders.
  • Securus- While the Zootans don't believe in millaterry, they DO believe in self-defence, as Securus, a giant artifically created planet, is home of fighter-ship sized defence bots armed with every disabler imaginable to render any would-be threat harmless so they can't do anything harmful to neither guests or Zootans, as well as using more harmless methods to subdue persistent problems like sleep gas and darts, and take said troubler-maker to Securus, where the said persistent persuer will be held in what the Zootans had named, the passify dimention, until they are truely done being a problem. This in part is why everyone respects the crud out of the Zootans. Even without violence and phsyical confrontation, they don't mess around.

Skky System

  • Skkyis- A strange and empty place that is actselly nothing but sky in shape of a planet's asmosspere, there no ground exists, there is litterally only sky, as it is the home of the sky station living Skyers, a spieces that managed to thrive and involve in this strange plane of existence. Skky is being a contested system by UIS and the USRA because the Skyers are actselly old friends of the Skeps, yet were admirent to the USRA, as now both groups try to lean this group torwords their side 

Ocus System

  • Qeatis- A semi-ocean planet that has very low tides and depths, land and underwater reefs, invetebrate fauna of Oceon origin, a white-blue sky filled with small amounts of krypton, active weather and storms, rock/lava/water/geothermal valleys and formations, cloudy and foggy environments, algae acting as the grass of this world, wetlands, and Teadr 1 monuments and ruins of Oceon origin. Illumnated bright blue by the system's blue star, this world is 86% covered with water, has the same civilizations as the rest of the planets in the system, has large casinos, hotels, funfairs and water parks, resort cities, and many other attractions that take advantage of the flooded world, all being saved by the Futuredawn Corporation. The planet has 8 small continents, 611 islands, and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:249d
  • Buddara- A superhabitable ocean world that has very massive, beautiful, and colorful coral reefs, has water still rich in life-giving molecules, small underground pockets of primordial soup, underwater volcanoes, rocky/geothermal/lava/toxic valleys and formations, complex and elaborate underwater terrain, has remained in an Ordovician-like period for eons and thus has little oxygen and plants in the surface, massive amounts of a hydrate called 'goo' that act as alien-like underwater seas that are commonly found on waterworlds with fathomless pits, the trenches are so deep the water in the deepest pressures turn into Ice VII, and the planet has several Teadr 1 monuments and ruins of Oceon origin. This was where the Oceons established a wildlife sanctuary during their battle against the Physheges in the case they should be wiped out, and they have been guarding it even when they remained hidden for eons. The world has other-worldly tourist colonies to explore the beautiful superhabitable underwater environment, and have adequate defenses against sea predators. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 24hr:302d
  • Hethoria- A massively-flooded former temperate planet with high weather activity and storms, a cloudy deep-blue sky of actinium, massive and beautiful coral reefs on land and sea, flooded cities, some of which are still used, aquacities, global anti-flood measures, floating cities, cruise ships, global kelp forests, fauna and flora of Oceonousan origin, large rock/water formations and valleys, high activity of pirates, and AFTs. This is a world that, as a result of the global warning event causing a massive flooding and a large superstorm hurricane called Hurricane Hethoria, responded to the heightening sea levels by creating massive levies to defend coastlines, floating towns and cities, vast superdams connecting continents, and so on, as the event created flooded cities that were refitted with air and sea levels, all nearly suffering 2007 Flood levels of devastation had it not been for the efforts of the sea inhabitants and the Futuredawn Corporation. The people, with a dwindled population, continue to thrive in this new waterworld in their own technological way, all while studying the underwater Teadr 1 monuments and ruins of Oceon origin. The planet has 25 small continents, 9,669 islands, and three global oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:354d
  • Oceonous- A large waterworld that has multi-colored hive-minded algae that form flower-shapes on the water's surface, has maximum depth so deep, the pressure turns the water into VII, the ocean has a gravity of it's own as a result of the core's heavy amounts of superheavy elements, is rich in a hydrate called 'goo' which forms ocean-like climates, has fauna mostly consisting of cnidarians an ctenophores, has modern-day citizens of common AUU sea life which have existed since the Teadr 1 Ages, giant coral reefs and parks, large hidden Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, multiple cores and mantles, surface storms of high activity, rare sightings of life on land, and very beautiful underwater monuments, landscapes, and scenes. This is a world that has been isolated from the AUU for years, even by the other planets in the system, as the storms and space storms made it hard to enter. This is the home planet of a still-living Teadr 1 race of telepathic ctenophores called the Oceons, which had the ability to use technology to control water and weather itself, besides the common technology apparent to other beings, including those of Teadr 1 beings. They were allies to the Physheges until a tyrannical regime overthrew the race because of the true ruling family being too incompetent in their position, and accidentally had the Physheges sent away from their dimension to prevent this from causing an uproar. Since the race disappeared to cope with the disappearance of the Physheges following the end of the Teadr 1 Ages, modern inhabitants were introduced with no knowledge of the true origins of their homeworld, forming a society similar to Bikini Bottom and effectively making it the AUU version of SpongeBob's world. Though this period gave it the gifts to make it of a similar society common to AUU worlds, they are still unknowing of their origin and their planet's ancient past. This world's current Teadr 2 cities and megalopolises are built around mainly the global coral reefs of the world, which is swarming with their jellyfish-like relatives, and is commonly home to many species of Jellers, or Jellens, as well as many other kinds of cnidarians and ctenophores, and 96% of the wildlife is telepathic, or often and rarely semi-sentient. The planet has large icy planetary rings larger than those of Saturn. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:395d; Capital City: Trunk Bottom
  • Trance- A tropical resort world that has been crafted for other Teadr 1 beings by the Oceons, having a sky of mercury and xenon and visible stars, large clouds, active storms and weather, beautiful fauna and flora in both land and sea, Teadr 1 and 7 ruins and monuments, modern Teadr 2 civilizations in the form of resorts all sponsoring and supporting many corporations all in a cheap economy, has large attractions that take advantage of the large amounts of water, several aquacities and two-level cities of land and water, flooded areas that take advantage or disadvantage of the excess water, floating cities and cruise ships, a society like that of the other worlds, activity from other worlds like Harbanisan, Miambi, Vermithrax, Tikini, and Hoihoi. This world helped to ease the stress of the Second Cartoonian War to races like the Yatorans and others during the Teadr 1 Ages, and succeeded wildly, and does the same for modern inhabitants, whatever the evil period they hail from. The underwater seas are home to many immigrated sea beings from all over the AUU, and they help make the world welcome to many others. The planet has 60,810 islands, and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:420d
  • Neucury- A large ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Guga- A stormy ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oomba- An icy ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Alagachoria- A frozen temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Sydetem System

  • Drivia- A technopunk quarter-ecumenopolis planet that was ruined by CrimeTech into an illegal racing world, and since it was disbanded and criminals sought to cause chaos by keeping their society alive through killer unmanned car robots, the orderly underground aim to create a public start-up organization called the DRIVE (Drivian Recovery Infantry for Vindicative Expeditions) that seeks to reestablish peace, half of which are government officials, to go to the surface in tough manned vehicles and collect info for their goals. Some of these car robots, called CARs (Combat Autonomous Recons), went rogue and became marauding machines, and some even formed a resistance. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC: Cuse Wheele


  • Xystem Core- A planet of the mysterious system that is ceptable only to the natives that can thrive within it without sufficating from horrendus mutantion. The Xystemians are a large headed, cyclopsical, tenticled, hovering mollisk-insectiod race that leave in a planet only thrivable to them. They are incapable to survive outside of Xystem without speicalised suits that make them look like something out of War of the Worlds. The Xystemians are basicly old foes of the Oceons and the Phys because, while Xystemian tec is relitively impressive, it pales in compairison to their two rivals. The Xystemians once raged war with the two but ultamately lost due to limitations on the Xystemians' part. As such, the intelligent Teadr 2 race joined UIS as members to be able to better outshine the Oceons and the Phys. They were smart enough to reckindse that the Phys and the Oceons didn't went extinct and deemed this as an oppertunity to enjoy yheir stagnation and start making tec to outshine them before the ineditable discovery happens. They pretty much resemble the aliens from "War of the Monsters" Game. The Xystemians' inpassable system alone discorages direct travel to isolated systems, but UIS forces in speicalised ships and suits are stationed there to be prepared of an event where the USRA can find a way around this.

Isolated Systems-1

Fomeblex System

  • Forom Fome- A temperate planet that was one of the old colonies of Weaponsky Industries during the Interuniversal War, and was one of their military private testing grounds until their disbanding left the planet's virtual matrix to be one of the UIS' most famous gaming colonies as the inhabitants from both inside and outside UIS territory that made their homes on the planet have a 'virtual purge' every month through the virtual matrix which was connected to the VirtNet as well as verses matches and challenges, making virtual reality the top democracy of the world. This is basically the AUU version of Fortnite. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Astrellox System

  • Astell Felx- (Astelisk Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Chonox System

  • Edna- Once the planet of the UUF Zeta-1 Headquarters, but the bases litterally ended up destroying themselves exspearimenting with stolen Weaponsky Industries weaponry found left behind in Forom Fome, messing around with Interuniverseal War era wepaonry, of which the bases are now giant craters on the face of the planet. UIS investigated the planet and didn't took long to be able to discover prior evidence of UUF presence, and Grandmind was able to envision that it happened cause of dangerious wepaonry falling to UUF hands, and particularly incompident ones. The planet Edna faced a restoration project ever since. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Verillion System

  • Maxos Fhus- This isolated world is under a termoil inter-nation conflict. All because of the bastard son of a recently deceased emperor. While arguing over succession rights, the emperor's children make a deal with an Exhaeon which allows them to introduce new, steampunk-styled technology to the world. Maexos, a powerful wizard and the founder of the world, comes to the illegit son as the only pure heir remaining, and asks him to enter the fight and win the war so that the demonic technology can be destroyed. Thus, the natives of the world all turned to the only honest heir left, with political and personal issues from their ambassadors and generals. The ambassadors represent namely the Skelekons, the Delves, the Dwarfes, the Zkizards and the Blumps. Each roughly represents a political viewpoint, and many of the political decisions are taken from modern politics. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Jakness System

Kamoous System

Qiiu System

  • Qio- A heavenly cloudy temperate planet once littered with demons which were remnants of the AUU First Cartoonian War, and massive pools of Gex, or life force left over from the war. Gex warriors from the Xirya System decided to harness this for conquest until the vast amounts of it were too much to control. They thus instead decided to safeguard this sacred well and became Qi-Warriors, Jedi-like knights with plasma swords called plasmords, and use the Gex as a powerful weapon, which resulted in the Qioian Demon Cleansing. Though apawn UIS isolation, apart from the Galaxuns due to prior bad blood with the Xystemians, made unhelpful to them that some figures had USRA-friendly stances, the practice of gex using and the inhapitence adopting Qi Warrior ways was allowed to be left be cause of how the practice proved benefital in wiping out the demon infestation, though under strict conditions that they stayed on a neutrol stance with any big name allience like UIS and the USRA, made easier that the Qi-Warrior socity is against getting into politics anyway. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:355d

HAGafsg System

Blabos System

Geodesio System

  • Geo- A cracked rocky planet similar to Homeworld in Steven Universe. The planet is shattered and yet has a very compatible omnic atmosphere, advanced ecumenopolis cities built even within the shattered planetary fragments, crystalline fields, various geological formations, and signs of a former organic racial presence. This is the home planet of the Teadr 1.5 Geons, which are beings of light and organic material inside gemstones that can take on any form and adjust to any environment that isn't normally compatible to organic beings, do not require natural sustenance, and are semi-immortal, never aging but can be killed by shattering their gems. These beings live in a strict caste system based on the Geon's gemstone, thus predetermining every Geon's role within their society, as deviation from the given social norms is harshly punished, lead by an oligarchy of the strongest Geons, the 8 Crystals of the Great Crystal Government. These beings are among the oldest beings in the AUU, almost as old as it's own matter, and thus are a billion years advanced in technology, but still very close to a Teadr 1 status by modern day. These beings were defeated by the UIS with the help of defecting Geons called the Live Geons, who disagreed with their race's methods of colonizing which required destroying organic life on each colony, which they grew fond of. They now reside in an exile shield while the Live Geons live in normal UIS society. The planet has 8 shard continents and two large diagonal different-sized crystalline and rocky planetary rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 100hr:10000d

2. Brugus Sector

A system founded by the famous Cunone philosifer, Brugus Philostitus, he aimed to try and show more redeeming quilities for the Zeta system, and in a realitive sense, it did as well as it did. It also holds the Insect section of the Animal Square Provinence, and a great deal of useful reshorces.

Animi System

  • Animolity- (AUU Lion King) A wildlife terrestrial planet and global semi-sentient wildlife sanctuary founded by the Zoobrainians which developed it's own hegemonic society in a united supercontinent of multiple kingdoms, and one kingdom rules them all: Cauter Rock. Ruled by the venerable Pride family of cauters (AUU lions), the planet remained undisturbed by sentient life for eons.

Thiri System

  • Thiri Prime- A semi-temperate humid planet which is noted for it's silvery sky as the result of the metallic gases that make up a small percentage of the atmosphere, as well as the sky being filled with water vapor and intense storms. This is a military colony for the Cunones which was the closest the Villains Act got to destroying the Cunone Rebellion. The planet's massive military bases and AFT cities were barely ravaged by the Villains Act, yet the Cunones were successful at hiding their rebellion base from them. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:297d
  • Geimi- A mountainous temperate planet which is a Cunone planet known to have been the capital of the Cunone Rebellion. This was also the origin world of a trans-being species of Cunones known as the Geimans, taller lion-like beings who provided muscle for the fight against the Villains Act. Despite a few attacks, this world was never known to the Villains Act to be the capital of the Cunone Rebellion. By the time they figured it out, they were destroyed. The planet has since become a major commanding world for the Cunone Praetorium. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:349d
  • Jos- A mountainous rainforest canyon planet where the Cunones have built massive megalopolises. This planet suffered several attacks by the Villains Act, yet like all the other planets in the system, the Cunone Rebellion kept the secret that their base was right in this system. This world has a similar architecture to a Teadr 1 society because the Cunones that built the cities sampled Teadr 1 building to make their own, even though it didn't match the details. The planet has 11 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:400d
  • Aveger- A semi-lava planet which the Cunones have built mining colonies for energetic crystals which they often used in their weaponry. This world's mining colonies were briefly taken over by the Villains Act until the Cunones were able to drive them off the planet with help of the Alpha Federation, mainly because their Cunone Rebellion Base was in danger of being discovered. This lava planet has massive AFT cities and mining colonies mainly operated by Thabes, which the Villains Act enslaved on this planet following their brief control over it. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:485d

Glorbem System

  • Globrem Minor- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Loaton III- A desert moon belonging to the Jupiter-like gas giant Loatosha. This world is infamously inbound by death because of respawn technology and thus anyone here is immortal. Formerly a colony for the long-decommissioned Weaponsky Industries, which scavenged and manufactured it's own weapons, and rich in a weapon-augmenting substance called loadonium, this world is now run by Directorate Weaponsky and his family, as they enjoy there kratocratic society where weapons are pretty much the currency and superpower as people shoot up each other for prizes and goals. (AUU Loadout(Crazier TF2), TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glorbem Major- A mostly-abandoned semi-ecumenopolis planet that was ravaged and taken over by 20 Androids that were engineered by Weaponsky Industries. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Bombos- (AUU Ballistic Overkill, A bombastic, brutal, and bullet-filled multiplayer shooter. It blends classic arena shooter action with modern FPS gunplay giving you a fast paced class based shooter that'll leave your opponents bloody on the battlefield. With a progression system that means your wins actually matter and a huge map pool with 4 varied game modes, there's something for every shooter. Whether you prefer chasing team objectives or the thrill of classic deathmatch, Ballistic Overkill has the gun and the mode for you. Pick a class, choose your gun, and dive right in, Ballistic Overkill has no barrier between you and immediate run and gun action. Designed from the outset to be 'pick up and play', Ballistic Overkill is for you regardless of your level of FPS experience. Select one of 7 classes, each with their own style, weapons, and visuals. You get to play Ballistic Overkill the way YOU want to play it. Select from multiple loadouts with each class to tailor each character exactly the way you want to play. And remember there are no support classes, in Ballistic Overkill everyone is a killer, Berserker - deadly close combat rushdown expert, Vanguard - master of field survival and assault specialist, Wraith - infiltrator and ranged assassin, Shadow - master of speed and stealth assassinations, Grenadier - bane of the campers and explosions maniac, Tank - towering machine-gun toting survival expert, Marksman - perceptive and adaptable intelligence specialist, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ginbu System

  • Snagutis- A semi-temperate desert planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vobrauvis- A semi-temperate planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oyturn- A temperate planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ienua- A temperate jungle planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Blejustea- A wetland rainforest planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Hatune- A mountainous temperate planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Musco XX- An icy moon belonging to a dark-blue gas giant called Muscoba. (Gruid, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Musco XXI- A temperate moon also belonging to Muscoba. (Gruid, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Othichi- A jungle planet (Gruid, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zust IV- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet belonging to a dark-orange gas giant called Zustrew. (Gruid, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Zust XXV- A lava moon also belonging to Zustrew. (Gruid, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Zust XXXI- A lava moon also belonging to Zustrew. (Gruid, TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Symmeon System

  • Uelloy- A semi-temperate desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Symmolty- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which has large white cities filled with blue and cyan lighting, metro stations, holographic display and propaganda, large underground holographic catacombs, large AFT platforms, flying islands and mountains, junkyards, land reefs, crystal-clear waters, alien-like flora, introduced wildlife, large rock and lava formations, and a deep-blue sky due to it's small concentration of actinium. This is a colony of the Holozans where they discovered an old Yatoran facility which specialized in an unheard of technology that allows the user to bend reality through hard-light constructs. Claiming this technology, the Holozans have adapted to using it, and have since formed an oligarchic government ruled by the Symmetrans, a fresh new genetic/cybernetic breed which uses cybernetic arms that craft anything they please. This technology, dubbed SymCraft and manufactured by the SymCraft Corporation, is only reserved for people who are skilled, have an intelligent mind, and have even formed a police force that uses this technology called the Symmetry Core. However, the technology used has been constantly raided by the Villains Act in an attempt to steal the technology, but has constantly been thwarted by the Symmetry Core which also acts as a rebellion. Though there are rumors that one prototype was stolen and used by an independent supervillain named Hologra, which has however been long disproven when the prototype was reveiled to have been misplaced, the planet still stands strong in defending it's precious powers from evil. The planet has 6 continents, 4 oceans, and a crystalline and icy planetary ring. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC: ; Capital City: Utopaeus
  • Holohedron- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tha Gorhta- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Syspmeus- A terrestrial jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Opassap System

  • Orxargon- A lava planet populated by insects which is inhospitable because of his environment, lack of atmosphere, and distance from the Sun, yet it's inhabited by the Insect Branch of the Animal Square Province because of it's large amount of valuable ores and spices. The Teadr 2 cities are mobile, having large silver buildings and red lighting, as well as a 60% abundance of plants and land corals, and the insects here use the minerals in the lava to create machines and weapons. This planet is also used for training bases for military forces. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type IV; DC: 15hr:248d; Capital City: Exo Xoe City
  • Oglor- A desert planet with less water and lots of plants. The planet's cities are found only underground where the most water can be found inside large aquifers and underground caverns. The Teadr 3 cities can range in size and architecture depending upon the main species, and the insects that live here use any garbage they can find to build their cities. The tunnels go down at a maximum of 50ft, and the deeper it goes, the more dangerous it is because of the carnivorous worms that inhabit the deeper ground. The planet has 70 small lakes. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:310d; Capital City: Exinithar
  • Ovor- A desert oasis planet with insects that have adapted to hot climates. Like on any other planet in the Opassap System, as well as the fact that they make their cities underground inside tunnels, hills, and hives, out of the garbage that they are donated from the Legion, the Grand Council, or a few others. The insects work in a complex social system and the many valuable crystals found in the tunnels of the planet make this planet the economic capital of the system, establishing trade routes to Inorbon for the AUU Currency Troupe. This unfortunately means that criminal syndicates can be found in the deepest recesses of the underground cities which profit through these crystals. The planet has 3 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:388d; Capital City: Pharinxx
  • Orgarion- A soiled planet which has the biggest population of any planet in the Opassap System. This planet has a large abundance of plant life, yet Opassap System customs require that underground or in hives is where cities shall exist. This planet is the most noted not just for having the most architectural and creative cities that leftover garbage can provide, but it is the capital planet of the Opassap System, which contains the system's Council and ruler. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:491d; Capital City: Exon City
  • Ogdaror- A jungle planet which is noted for being the 'playground world' for the Opassap System. Not only do these jungles provide a good adventuring place for the insects that thrive in the underground cities, but it also serves as their agricultural capital for it's vast amounts of food-baring plants which are transported through hidden chutes scattered across the planet. The plants are huge and bizarre, and the organic soil that it grows in is so organic, the plants can grow huge. But though it is an agricultural world, the insects only pick them for themselves. The planet has 2 large oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:424d; Capital City: Kreend Karsa
  • Orger VI- A desert junkyard moon belonging to a yellow-and-orange gas giant called Orger. This is where several garbage donations are made by the Legion, the AUU Grand Council, or the Heroes Act. While there, insect scientists scavenge through them to find useful scraps that can used for Opassap System society. They take these scraps to underground conversion facilities where they try finding what the garbage can do in their society, and engineer it to do so. After that, they transport them through a teleportation grid to all the planet's junkyard sanctuaries for use. The moon is covered entirely by land, and no water exists except for underground. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 402d

Cirous System

  • Wostunt- A temperate planet which has a small amount of wetlands, and has large rock formations, small deserts, forests, and a large amount of wildlife. This is a colony for the Cirions which has been attacked massively during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, and was thankfully repaired thanks to the finances they gained at the end of their wars against the USRA races. Some of the rebuilt cities are still in dilapidation, and have yet to be completely fixed. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:292d
  • Ciri- A tropical rainforest planet which has ground covered mostly in water, and has a setting similar to that of the Carboniferous Period, with more oxygen in the air, which means insects can grow bigger, humid air and beautiful plants, but also land corals and alien-like amphibians. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 3 humanoid amphibians called Cirions, which have been a nuisance to the former USRA during the Interuniversal War because they failed their promise in giving them the finances they needed to repair their world from the AUU Third Cartoonian War. Thus, they started a war against the humans, Ohrugans, and Rabodans until it ended with the races finally giving them the finances. Ever since, the Cirions have agreed to avoid the USRA races until further notice. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:325d
  • Ianthok- A tropical island planet noted for it's many islands that are almost the size of continents. It has a large amount of tropical biomes, land reefs, and has several volcanic mountains that only erupt about 400 thousand years. This is a resort planet for the Cirions, and very little with other races, being a world which supports a fair amount of sentient beings with no home planets. There are several massive resort cities and beaches, the underwater environments and beautiful and enormous, and there is a massive amount of wildlife that is often introduced from Ciri. The planet has over 687 islands, and has a medium-sized icy and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:368d
  • Berron- A swampy planet which is known to contain massive coral wetlands, rock formations, a few geothermal valleys, and a massive amount of wildlife. This is a colony for the Cirions where they have built several science facilities, a few megalopolis cities, and the planet itself is rich in valuable gemstones which are used in currency or are traded through the AUU Currency Troupe. The air is very moist, and the sky is full of massive amounts of water vapor, causing several intense storms across the planet. The planet has a hundred bodies of water of various sizes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:354d

Fasumox System

  • Fasum- A barren semi-temperate lava moon belonging to the uninhabitable fiery Hot-Jupiter/Oerum of Gorcex. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Qewhypso- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cloolia- A semi-temperate lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Snejepra- A semiarid desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iale- A semi-temperate desert moon belonging to the toxic uninhabitable planet of Zarzone. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Votrion- A stormy wasteland planet that has a very thick smoggy atmosphere that causes the world to look purple from space. The particles in the atmosphere are caused by numerous volcanoes and lava pits, which covered a majority of the barren land masses and islands present on the planet. These volcanoes also assisted in creating huge spiraling cloud formations and other weather systems that could be seen from space. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Kespuayama- A large humid stormy jungle swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Opleshot- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Hasneorilia- A large stormy wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Hasner I- A quarter-ecumenopolis moon belonging to Hasneorilia. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Hasner III- A terrestrial jungle moon also belonging to Hasneorilia. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Teolara- A coniferous forest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cawhoth- A stormy mountainous canyon planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Flovugantu- A frozen planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Thuma System

  • Guanam- A desert planet which is so close to it's sun, it has a temperature that is almost uninhabitable, having a few lava pits and geothermal valleys. This is a Seron colony and one that they shared with the Cunones like all their other worlds before their separation. The world is known for it's massive megalopolises and large floating soil platforms levitated by magnetanium. The planet has 3 large continents, 1 small ocean and a large global ocean, with large soil platforms found globally. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:300d
  • Aesther- A mountainous steppe planet which is another world with floating soil platforms as the result of magnetanium. The Serons who colonized this made it a world which they made a minor colony for the Seron Rebellion to battle agains the Villains Act. This world sadly suffered great casualties to the Villains Act, yet they persevered to hide the secret of the location of the Seron Rebellion, and when the VA was over, this world became a colony for the Seron Praetorium. The planet has 7 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:328d
  • Thiemn- An ecumenopolis planet which is noted for it's deep-blue sky as the result of it's high concentration of actinium. This is a Seron world which the Serons actually based on common Teadr 1 technology, and as the result, this world looked much like a Yatoran colony except for apparent differences. The Serons made this world a national treasure which they cherished greatly because the monuments displayed and reminded them of their relationship with the Cunones, and while some missed them, others tried to forget about them. The planet has 5 small oceans surrounded by land, and the planet has a metallic and dusty planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:387d
  • Isah- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which has a red sky as the result of the small concentration of neon in the atmosphere. This is another Seron colony and it is also where the Cunones made first contact with the Serons. Thus this became a prominent world, and is also famous for the Statue of Uniting, which actually depicts the Cunones' friendship with the Serons, and even after their separation, it was popularly demanded to keep the statue alive because some of the Serons still missed their feline friends. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:455d

Jitami System

  • Niratoy- A mountainous gray semi-desert planet which has a ruffled-up society consisting of large wastelands with dangerous predators and outlaws, cities that have washed-up communities like slums, criminal underworlds, and have been in a few wars with each other, but they have good military-based law enforcement. While the cities and megalopolises are for the most part prosperous, the wastelands are dangerous. There are also aerial communities found on flying islands levitated by magnetanium, as well as mines for rarium and other volcanic gems, and there is a decent amount of magical activity. This world also wants to understand the Yatorans since their monuments and artifacts can be found in certain areas across the planet. The planet has 5 large continents, 3 oceans, and a large crystalline, rocky, dusty, and icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:344d
  • Ocox- A mountainous semi-desert planet which is a world that was previously colonized by the Yatorans for it's rich amounts of rarium, but when the planet was exhausted of it, the mines were shut down and turned into an underground community for sentient animals which used the rarium as currency. Though this means that criminal syndicates smuggle these gems for profit, this world's community, which consists of megalopolis cities and subterranean levels of Teadr 1 origin, are still able to prosper and have a good law enforcement. The planet has 8 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:385d
  • Titam- A temperate planet which lives in a semi-technological tribal society, where several people and sentient animals have started studying and excavating the ancient ruins that belonged to the Yatorans when they colonized this world long ago. The ruins they built here include underground subway systems which the people have restored perfectly, a teleportation grid for city ruins, advanced monuments and machines, and even several sights during the AUU Second Cartoonian War. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:412d
  • Serger- A jungle planet which has an entire totalitarian community of megalopolis cities that are often joined together in many points in this world's history, being originally founded by the Yatorans before they left this world since a battle during the AUU Second Cartoonian War was one they couldn't win, leaving it to be run by sentient animals. This is also where the Omninet, or a social network with more data capacity and an infinite number of commands, was invented in 1329 AD. As such, this was quickly turned into a Globex colony years later to research the Omninet and other computer technologies. The planet has 7 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:450d
  • Mafacur- A lava planet which the Yatorans colonized to establish lava refineries for the many metals that are contained within the lava. The terrain and the atmosphere is inhospitable to most people, and as a result, refineries and other colonies have to be air-locked. Besides the metals, other things can be found within the lava including gemstones and valuable minerals. The Yatorans decommissioned these refineries years ago until it was reestablished by sentient animals. The planet has a small rocky and dusty planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 35hr:486d

Croy System

  • Torodan- A dinosaur-populated planet where incredibly undiscovered dinosaur species thrive. This planet is a sanctuary for the dinosaurs and that no sentient creatures should ever try to hunt them, and has a penalty of either $10,000 or 2 years of jailtime. Cities are not present due to this law, but people are allowed to visit this planet as long as none of the dinosaurs are killed. The plant life on the planet is smooth, wet, and colorful, and grow large due to the high concentration on oxygen in the atmosphere, and humidity. The planet has 10 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:281d
  • Eramunios- A Spanish hot humid planet with Spanish communities and cultures. The Teadr 2 cities have gold buildings with Spanish architecture, ground vehicles guided by light roads, a 70% abundance of plants, and screen display and propaganda. This planet is known to be the home planet of most space-faring pioneers and conquistadors who lead many expeditions across the AUU and established several other cities, establishing mainly Western and Spanish colonies. It's language is one of the most common and famous in the AUU for being the most easiest language to learn. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:301d; Capital City: Spinksae
  • Gonexia- A barren desert planet where oceans cover only 30% of the planet. This is one of the many planets that have been terraformed and colonized by the Teadr 2 Atonts, which have built many small Teadr 2 cities underground or on the surface. Some of the Atonts here have joined the Eramunios space pioneers in their expeditions just for a sense of adventure. The USRA had allowed the Atonts to have their own Globex facilities here, and are being taught by the Yuruns how to create inventions at a certain scale. The Atonts here have used this to try to aim their way into the USRA for years, but still haven't been successful. The planet has 1 massive supercontinent that covers 70% of the planet. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:391d
  • Torzestro- An Italian humid steppe planet with Italian cultures, communities, and advanced technology. Despite being a steppe planet, plant life can flourish and create large humid forests. The planet has Teadr 3 cities with Italian architecture, large golden casinos and buildings, cheap restaurants, durable glass windows, flying vehicles, screen displays and propaganda, and a 38% abundance of plant life. It's language is one of the less-challenging language to learn of any of the other AUU common languages. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:458d; Capital City: Ieon Ie City
  • Moodios- A cold mountainous military planet with several Asian cultures, architecture, and religion. This is a USRA planet which is populated by the many dominant races. The Teadr 3 cities here are made of chrome buildings with red and yellow lighting, holographic rooms, display, and propaganda, and a 42% abundance of plants. Being part of the USRA also means that it has dozens of Globex facilities which research display technologies. This is the birthplace of the famous HMP (Head-Mounted Portable Computer), as well as Holographic Visors. Most of the sentient creatures here know good martial art skills, and can be trained into masters in just 1 year through virtual training. The planet has a large supercontinent and 1 large ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:496d; Capital City: Zneke
  • Oblara- A frozen snowy planet with underground Globex research facilities which also research display technologies. This planet's climate is as cold as Antarctica's, and therefore, Teadr 3 cities, which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Moodios, need to be inside domes or underground. This planet was the original choice for the USRA to build the ultimate prison world, but due to the planet's terrain, it was denied, and replaced with Oranos. But they decided that Oblara would be perfect for building domed cities and underground tunnel ways. While the planet may be cold, unsentient animals are capable of living here while some sentient animals that live here are capable of handling the cold. The planet has 3 continents and 1 global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:577d

Pofess System

  • Kismet- A temperate planet which was an abandoned world of the Yatorans as the result of an intense solar flare from the system's red supergiant. But luckily, the humans had terraformed it back the way it was, and the Yatorans decided that they should have it as their own. The humans here have adapted surprisingly well with this technology, though still remained in a Teadr 2 society. It was eventually colonized by animals as soon as the humans evacuated. The planet has 4 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:411d
  • Exalt- A temperate planet which is far enough from it's red supergiant to support life and has a colorful sky as the result of it's small concentration of noble gases. It is an old human colony which is famous for being the first transhuman colony. After the trans-being experiments of several other races, the humans wanted their shot at it. So they created several new genetic human-based species such as the Leaper, a lemur-like primate with the intelligence of an Australopithecus and can leap through trees with ease, the Desertfoot, a small human-like primate which can live in deserts and survive without food or water for weeks, the Snatcher, a semi-aquatic human-like primate which hunts for fish, the Treeman, an arboreal human-like primate which can only be found in the trees and has flexible movement, the Tinkerer, a semi-sentient chimp/human-like primate which has the greatest tool use, the Wildfoot, a human-like gorilla with muscular build and stature, the Snowbeast, a vicious human-like gorilla carnivore that lives in tundras and snowy arctics, and the Gargantuans, the biggest of the transhumans which have been known to kill humans and many other sentient beings. When the humans left, these are all that were left of their genetic work. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:642d

Odiese System

  • Orsidi- A snowy planet which is the only planet in it's system orbiting a super-condense neutron star. This planet was formed by debris during the star's supernova that completely formed into a new planet with new life. This eventually became the home planet of a Teadr 2 race of horned gray mammalian gorilla-like beings known as Orsidians. These beings are renowned as valiant fighters who took on any race that oppressed them, and have a legacy of warriors that fought during wars not long after the AUU Second Cartoonian War. The planet is covered entirely with snow. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:826d

Tyrunos System

  • Ty'Run- The war-torn and dystopic homeworld of Odiese' ever unpleasent neightbers, the reptilian dino beings The Tyrunnos, the Orsidians' first oppressors and ever looming threat. The System is contested between UIS and the USRA, but not for membership, but because UIS wanted to protect the Tyrunnos people from the USRA's exile sheild while the USRA aimed to subugate the Tyrunnos in such a thing in the Orsidians personal request. 

Brunacov System

  • Zocrova- A semi-temperate planet with alternately-colored flora, introduced wildlife from Brutara, large rock and lava formations, large mountains and canyons, toxic geothermal valleys, and is a government-protected planet where the Brutans protect valuable information, technology, weaponry, and other information. There are no cities, though there are science facilities, underground vaults which protect technology and weaponry, military colonies, and colossal space defense turbolaser turrets which can go far into space and protect any unuthorized entry, being able to take out even the biggest of warships in a single shot. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 6 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:278d
  • Lazza- A semi-temperate planet with alternately-colored flora, introduced wildlife from Brutara, land reef wetlands, and a large chain of extinct volcanoes which are the only areas that Brutan civilizations situate, the whole chain forming a Ring-of-Fire-like circle, and inside the ring is what's called the War Zone, a restricted government zone where testing facilities, military fortresses and strongholds, war-torn robot and being graveyards are found. Outside the ring is fauna either from Brutan or are indigenous, and it too is a prohibited area where people can easily get killed. Some of the volcanoes are rarely active, yet contain gem-filled caverns where mining colonies are established as the gems make up part of the Brutans' currency. The War Zone is protected by an invisible field triggered by motion sensors and protected by advanced turbolaser turrets. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:303d
  • Brutura- A humid jungle planet which has humid jungles, savannahs, plains, wetlands, prehistoric fauna and flora, has an entire collection of extinct volcanoes where crater lakes and megalopolis cities are built. Most megalopolis cities and normal cities are built inside of these craters because most terrestrial life outside are hostile to even other-worldly visitors, while the aerial wildlife can hardly find themselves harming people. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 dinosaur-like warlike beings called the Brutans, which have fought minor wars during the distant AUU Second Cartoonian War, but only when they were discovering alien life, as well as the AUU Third Cartoonian War as the Byzankans wanted them under their control like the rest. In both battles, at the cost of many lives, they lived to tell the tale. These beings have aggressive tendencies, and participate in wars all across the AUU. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:345d
  • Solsich- A temperate planet that has fauna and flora introduced from Brutara, large mountains and canyons, and several large megalopolis cities and old military grounds. Another colony for the Brutans, this is where they mine for valuable metals, spices, and gems underground. This is the richest source of these valuables, and this soon became the Brutans' economic capital, and it keeps several treasuries all over the AUU for their own currency, trading spares to the AUU Currency Troupe on Inorbon. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:386d
  • Oalcave- A rainforest planet which had a problem with overpopulation of the introduced and dangerous fauna and flora from Brutara, and thus inhabitants had to retreat underground into a lava-filled caverns where they thrived in the heat and built a massive community. They built underground facilities, cities, military bunkers and fortresses, and even domed ground observatories to witness the life above the ground and to check for arrivals, installing massive security systems including turbolaser turrets, DNA-Recognition only negated through security passes, satellites built on high ledges, and various others. The planet has 9 continents surrounding 6 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:402d
  • Vivtor- A humid rainforest planet which has two moons, meaning that tidal effects are increased. Luckily, the planet's terrain was altered so that the land would be above tidal zones to prevent mass floods. The planet's sky is rich in water vapor, which means increased storm activity, easily forming large waterfalls going to the ocean, all beautiful to look at. On the heightened land, the Brutans have built large cities and military forts, most of which are abandoned and put in historical parks. Sometimes, mountains surround the borders of the tidal oceans, and most of them are extinct volcanoes where crater lakes and megalopolis cities rest. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:453d

Wimpi System

  • Wimpus- The home planet of the Wimpidians, a while strongly tecnological race, they are physically phathic and lackluster. They are commenly picked on by the neightbering Brutans. Though equil in tecnological power and the advantage of highter intelligence, brute-force proves to be a persistent factor. Thus, UIS came to their aide and forced the Brutans out. Thus, the Wimpis joined UIS in gratatude. A great tecnological wall that surrounds the entire system was made in UIS' honor, which blocks out both Brutans and USRA from coming into their system or passing it, and would only ever allow UIS forces in.

Isolated Systems-2

Mir'Cificap System

  • Canterus- A planet of beautiful continants that came to be cityafived by the tech obcessed Canterusians, a human-looking race that're actselly not an actual race, but are really bio androids created by The Arkers, a Pacific Rim Alien-Eqsed Race that are Semi-Teadr 1 and have mastered Bioandroid tecknowagey. They created the Canterusians to pre-create a new civilisation for the Arkers to live in after creatures simular to the Tremors Monsters over-took their old homeworld in QSC which forced the Arkers to retreat in a pan-dimentional area of their creation. The Canterusians were meant to deactivate and allow the Arkers to settle in, but the Bio-Androids did not de-activated at all and still continue to live in the planet, then their programming started to get defected and the seperate continants of the Canterusians began to fight and try to destroy eachother. The Arkers fear their creations in Canterus would spread and cause terrorable things on the grand universe community, nevermind the other systems the Arkers' colonies. It was too their luck that UIS unknowingly helped them by cutting the systm off as atypical of their aims to prevent USRA expansion, so it allowed the Arkers to release their created giant bio-mechanical Kaiju level beasts to cleans Canterus of the rogue bioandroids, but the Canterusians began to create giant defence mechs in responds to this, thus the two forces were at war ever since. The Arker's creatures are capable of communicating eachother telepathicly due to inhereding some Arker DNA, making them more intelligent then typical giant beasts, which enabled them to finish off the then present prehistoric creatures that were already suffering mass extinction from a meteor strike when the Arkers deemed prudent to mercy kill the already dying creatures. Their brains are connected to eachother and the Arkers, so they could best adapt to situations.

Monstrijen System

  • Monstrositidia- (Monstrositid Home Planet, TBC...)

Bolducte System

  • Boldantya- (Boldan Home Planet, TBC...)

Hipoon System

Jiklsa System

Asdfghjkl System

Zxcvbnm System

Qwertyuiop System

QSC System

Crenshachore System (Crenches, Torirs, Onychrons)

Bruugi System

  • Bruuugion- A planet of unstable conditions inhabited by Teadr 7 brutes of many forms and elemental powers called Brugeans. (TBC...)

3. Trageam Sector

Founded by the philosifer of tragity, Sage Trageam of Cunone fame, he believe that while tragities of great, they should not make you forget who you are and not let them dominate your life. He founded this system to prove he is above his tragity of having his families inhered feline cancer to have a system be an extreme way to remember his name. It is the home secter of the famous one-gender race the Vellans, Jomos and the Ziseryins, and the fittingly tragic home of the Thabes race.

Vellmore System

  • Wapra- A desert oasis planet that has a moderate amount of water, less-active storms and weather, fauna and flora introduced from Vella, Teadr 2 resort cities, a purple sky due to it's small amount of nitrogen, and foggy nights. This world is one of the Vellans' top-terraformed worlds as it started out as a cloudy poisonous and stormy planet, and they colonized it to be a mining colony for it's rich amounts of spices and gemstones, as well as any resources that could be found there. Aside from that, resorts are common here, yet many things there are bordellos and anything involving the Vellans. The planet has 77 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:219d
  • Vella- A tropical island planet that has Teadr 2 cities and villages, underground holo-highways, fauna and flora of alien-like appearance, a purple sky due to it's small amounts of nitrogen, active storms and weather, rock/geothermal formations and valleys, a strong magnetosphere that adds auroras all over the planet, and has ancient Teadr 7 ruins and monuments. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 reptomammalian parthenogenic beings called the Vellans, who are all-female and can reproduce asexually, and are dubbed 'the most attractive beings in the AUU' as they have the ability to change color and appearance, and they can do anything else to appeal to any race in the AUU through creative and selective genetic breeding. Though they have faced several genetic crises since they first became parthenogenic because of a faulty gene that restricts genepools, and that's why they've taken specific genetic drugs to add more genetic material into their system to mutate their offspring and give them new genetic material. But some, like the infamous Attractress decided to get rid of their parthenogenesis and create males, as their one-gender biology have made them targets of sex trades, and many other crimes involving sexual matters, not helping that they had bordellos, strip clubs, and anything else, and were actually the founders of many forms of pornographic entertainment, many Vellans being porn stars and making good female partners, albeit this plays in their infamy as sex slaves, and giving rogue Vellans reason to try and create male Vellans, yet others have been secretly developing serums to allow them to gain the ability to spontaneously change sex from female to male in a single-sex environment, but this has been obscured by the infamous Grutt crime lord Fatso the Fatass, who only uses it in the black market for high profit, and such a thing has been destroyed by any other scientists who create other formulas of it, as such a thing was a threat to his profit, and he hides this secret from everyone he has control over including the Vellans. Regardless, attempts to create Male Vellans have ended in mainly abominable results, and Fatso didn't care about any of that, as all he cared about was money, making him a criminal that would receive serious punishment if he was ever caught. The planet has 18 continents and 10 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:309d
  • Glojiren- A temperate planet that has alternately-colored fauna and flora from other systems, Teadr 7 monuments and ruins, Teadr 2 cities, a purple sky filled with small amounts of nitrogen, rock/lava/geothermal valleys and formations, and an iridium core. It is a former colony of space poachers that collected the wildlife from other worlds and introduced them to this planet for money, including the Gladiozont, causing an economic crisis that was fixed thanks to Vellan ecotects. Since then, this has been a Vellan colony, and later a USRA planet when they did the Vellans a favor. The planet has 6 continents, 2 oceans, and a large planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:369d
  • Aisthea- A rainforest planet that has introduced wildlife from Vella, has a purple sky filled with small amounts of nitrogen, has rare periods of nitrogen-based weather that causes temporary freezing that life can easily recover from as nitrogen can favor them, strong weather and storms, Teadr 2 cities, large rock/ice valleys and formations, large glaciers and formations of blue ice, and an ice core. This is a world that is cold at certain degrees every 4 seasons, yet is a good enough colony for the Vellans as they can adapt even with their cold-blooded biology as they can shift blood-nature at will as much as they can change shape and color. The planet has 26 colonies and 15 oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:424d

Butrube System

  • Ismleon- A desert planet with toxic pools, tar pits, and large clean lakes, which 30% of them have toxins. Sentient and unsentient animals that live in the Teadr 2 cities with black buildings with red, orange, and green lights, holographic windows, virtual rooms, metro systems, a 65% abundance of plants, screen displays and propaganda, and flying vehicles, do not have an immunity to these poisons like creatures on other toxic planets do. Thus, they had to install filtering plumbing systems so that the water can be drinkable. Sometimes these toxins are used in the planet's chemical weapons, and are also used in medical appliances. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:325d
  • Jomos


    Jomos- A ocean planet with futuristic Teadr 2 cities containing large chrome and silver buildings with yellow and blue lighting systems, holographic windows and rooms, large floral gardens, screen display and propaganda, and large beautiful coral reefs. Sentient and unsentient aquatic animals live in a religious community over the planet's sea creatures' technology, which they decree must never be introduced since they describe it as a 'sacred gift'. In reality, it was because the ancestry of a delusional tyrant, who still continues this tradition, are really just paranoid cowards who were afraid the technology would be abused badly, so it was made taboo to ever really share it. Even if it meant that the AUU were to fall into darkness, they believed shareing the technology, that would've stopped the Villains Act sooner, would've worsened it. This, in turn, caused a war against an atheist group with a leader that has a personal vendetta against the ruler. This war is still being fought today. Because of it, the Villains Act decided to join in in a three-way fight because both sides were against them for certain reasons. The religious group was keeping the technology AWAY from them, and the atheist group blamed them as the reason why the religious group is even preventing the technology from being shared and are the reason why it must be shared to stop them sooner. When it was destroyed, the planet continued the war, and is currently being kept under control by the Heroes Act. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:388d
  • Tarcidon- An ecumenopolis planet similar to Coruscant with bright flourescent lights, fast speeding air traffic, and a highly advanced culture. This planet's vast Teadr 2 city has over 3 levels underground that each contain smaller cities, and like some global cities, the bottom level has over a hundred criminals crawling around plotting against Tarcidon. This is said to be the hiding spot of The Masked Bolt, an urban legend about a masked agile swordsman with an electronic suit and energy swords who saved Tarcidon from an anonymous terrorist way before the Villains Act, though it's been implied this same indevidual possibly had helped in founding of the Villains Act. Many rumors have speculated about The Masked Bolt's existence, but there was no evidence proving his existence due to rumors that he removes any visible traces of his presence behind. But questions still raise why The Masked Bolt hides in secrecy. Some say that the Bolt's existence is being covered up by the planet's police forces. The planet has 11 small lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:417d
  • Zisery- An Ocean Planet that is home of the Ziseryin race, fish who have every single oceanic advantage possable and even capable to survive on land thanks to artifical lungs. Because of their extreme devotion to "Mother Ocean" and going after worlds that fail to give oceans proper respect, even ones not adbvanced enough to fight back, they pushed the bounderies too hard and got subsiquinetly pushed back to Zisery by the USRA races and were given an exile sheild. But it has not detered them one bit as they often tried to make inventions to reverse the sheild and basicly go on to resume their sea-loving exploits.
  • Krrow


    Krrow- The home planet of the Sea Krows, masters of land and sea and balence-minded allies of the Ziseryins. The Sea Krows joined the UIS to one day be able to free the Ziseryins and get them to join the UIS to get better protection for their exploits, the UIS capable to hold off USRA interfearence and offer the Ziseryins more freedom to punish those who misreat their oceans. The Sea Krows tec enables them to have robotic crab legs to walk on land or the sea floor and have weaponry designed to boil the water of where a threat would be in to have the best results of neutrolising a threat.
  • Mroo- A dwarf planet that is basicly Kroow's moon that is basicly their private detention center for any unrulely UIS members if they are not bad enough for Delta Station in the Alpha Universe. It also serves to help introduse new race members into proper UIS ediquite and help cleanse them of "Problematic behaviors" that got them to join UIS to begin with when they got threaten with Exile Sheilds. It doesn't absolutely remove the behavial quirks as it more teaches them to keep them in restraint and check while respecting their cultural identity.

Resstus System

  • Acquite- A desert lava planet which is a famed science colony for the Serons. This is where the Serons developed several improvements in the technology that was shared with them by the Cunones during their alliance. These improvements even proved useful in the Seron Rebellion. Though some of the science facilities on this planet were destroyed by the Villains Act, the Serons still kept strong in preserving the rest. The planet has several large continents surrounding huge lava oceans and a few water patches. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:293d
  • Caesaur- A mountainous canyon desert lava planet which has a large amount of water and plants, as well as geothermal patches and valleys, and floating soil platforms levitated by magnetanium, which this planet is very rich in. This is a Seron colony which was also the capital of the Seron Rebellion. The Serons, like the Cunones, liked the humans since they interacted with them a few times, and though not as hurt by their departure, they felt they owed it to them to fight and avenge them by forming their own rebellion. The main base of the Rebellion spans an entire 100ft soil platform that is actually mobile, and has the greatest defenses the Serons have. This world was actually discovered by the Villains Act, but before they could attack, the Legion halted them before they could do so, and on the same week the Villains Act itself was destroyed. Once the Villains Act was over, this world became the capital of the Seron Praetorium. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small bodies of water and has several lava fields. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:354d
  • Gine II- A terrestrial jungle moon belonging to a brown-and-yellow gas giant called Gine. The moon is overrun by large fungi and plants and is incredibly humid, being covered mostly in water that can go knee-deep in depth. The Serons that colonized this world have thus built their cities on higher terrain. This was a world where the Serons did artificial evolution experiments on plant life, or made biological weapons. The moon has 4 small oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 224d
  • Gine VII- A lava moon also belonging to Gine. The Serons colonized this world as a mining colony for the precious metals and volcanic gems found on the inhospitable surface of the moon. AFTs were meant to support these mining colonies, and they have been doing perfectly for many years. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 323d
  • Hittine- A swampy marshland planet which has a yellow sky as the result of it's small concentration of sulfur. The Serons have made a perfect living on this planet, establishing several small cities. The planet is known for being covered 81% with water, making the planet pretty humid and even cloudy. The planet has 5 small continents and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:405d

Roim System

  • Bollyse- A mountainous desert lava planet littered with lava, water, colorful fauna and flora, a humid atmosphere, a yellow sodium-filled sky, robot graveyards, and a vast population of Thabes that have created their own mini cities out of whatever they can scrap. However, on this planet, the Thabes have formed a symbiotic relationship with Tiikons, as this world is a Globex planet where the Tiikons have learned how to support the Thabes by sharing scrap metal with each other. The Thabes lived in the slum areas of cities, whereas the bigger areas are for USRA races. Globex has established many government-owned lands where areas can be good testing grounds for their weapons and gadgets. The Thabes have even learned how to be good scavengers and manufacturers for the Globex facilities, and have good roles in the business. The planet has 7 continents surrounding small geothermal oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:326d
  • Pyremest- A Romanian semi-temperate gray planet that has gray deserts, dull-colored plants and native/introduced wildlife, various yet similar cultures depending upon the 17 countries' customs, various ancient forts, strongholds, and even ruins of what appeared to be primitive war-like cities and megalopolises. This world is legendary for it's history in war combat even at a Teadr 7 period. As they grew in technology level, they grew in warrior spirit. They have had inter-country warfare with each other which built up their experience and spirit in battle. Their culture and religion is also combat-based, and they sometimes believed that combat or even war is the way that the AUU Gods, or even Grafatus, shaped their worlds, and thus it gives them reason to fight. This sometimes evolved them to have annual gaming events that are combat-based, and they have even had a period of gladiator takeovers, multiple periods of global genocide, multiple fascist empire conquests, and even interference from other warmongering races across the AUU. Though they still fought greatly, and the ancient ruins of battlefields are what remind them that combat is their chief motivator of life. They are a republican parliament where an entire parliament of wise people who support everyone else pick a President Minister based upon thoughts and viewpoints, Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:362d
  • Risurik- A temperate planet which has large mountains, rock formations, caverns, forests, wetlands and marshes, and a lot of robot graveyards as this world was once a Globex colony that was ravaged by the Exo-Wars. All Globex colonies on this planet were destroyed by nuclear weaponry, leaving this world to be hardly colonized and evacuated. Though plans are being made to re-colonize this planet and rebuild everything that was lost, the radiation has left it nearly inhospitable. However, the Inferno Cyberpunks have made their own colonies here creating secret stocks of robotic war machines for another conflict against Globex, intending to fulfill their old master's dreams and take it over for a new corporate takeover. The rest of the world is still doing what they can to survive, and have been trying to avoid the oppression brought on by the Inferno Cyberpunks, some even being reduced to cybernetics, therefore making them vulnerable to their ranks. But rebellions do exist to combat this threat and protect the innocent from their rule. They still defend the world from them to this very day, even without the Villains Act. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:387d
  • Mo- A semi-temperate desert world that used to be inhabited by humans and was a prosperous and beautiful planet until a nuclear war caused humans here to either be wiped out or be evacuated. This left the world to recover slowly through brief firestorms and a nuclear winter. Now, what was once a world of lush wild paradises is now a world of war graveyards, city ruins, nuclear zones that are forbidden to certain individuals, and is now run by an individual governmental body called the Nucleocrates, all lead by what is described as the only human to survive the apocalypse all the way through with the use of what technology was left. Civilization recovered slightly in the form of advanced villages that recover lost technology from the war, and slowly recover the lost civilizations through it. Technology here is limited in various ways, and everyone does whatever they can to get by when searching for resources, and even having a good time in the new and beautiful world that the nuclear war had created. The planet has a large supercontinent which has large bodies of water surrounding and comprising it. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:399d
  • Pewther- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which has little inhabitants because of the fact that it is haunted. In ancient times, it was populated by necromancers that tapped into undead energy, and could summon zombies, ghosts, and spirits. They cursed the land of the planet to be owned entirely by the dead, even when they were purged by a massive war against each other. Once it was inhabited by other-worldly beings, it disrupted the curse, and therefore, for 100 straight years, the ghosts had haunted, tormented, and did cruel things to it's inhabitants. All they claimed was that the land didn not belong to them and that they would suffer their wrath if they did not leave. Paranormal chaos reigned supreme until most of the inhabitants were forced to retreat. Those that chose to stay were still being haunted, and they swore to wipe out the source of this supernatural chaos by becoming paranormalists that hunt down these ghosts, thus forming the Ghosthunter Force, a global force dedicated to drive off paranormal activity and bring civilization back to the planet. They too suffer the cruelty of the ghosts, and sometimes it drives people to insanity and even death. While the ghosts are still dedicated to follow the curse's terms, the Ghosthunters are still seeking a solution to stop them for good. Until then, the Ghosthunters are the only inhabitants, give or take a few stragglers and survivors, as they scoter the planet's abandoned quarter-ecumenopolis for resources and supplies necessary to stop this. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 5 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:446d

Zettle System

  • Myxon- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Mue- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Nettlea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Neven- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Cambra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Physhegera Phome- (Physhege Home Planet, 90% covered with water, resulting in a permanent cloudy layer as a result of it's energetic white star, With 90% of its surface covered by a vast ocean known as the Encompassing, Kahje is permanently enveloped in a blanket of clouds created by the heat from its energetic white star. Beneath that cloud cover, the planet's land area consists solely of small islands. Kahje's atmosphere is perfect for life; while containing some traces of ammonia, it consists primarily of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, similar to that on Earth. Unfortunately, the climate has also proved too humid for the non-native drell, who were evacuated there from their own dying homeworld by the hanar two centuries earlier, and they have found it more tolerable to live in climate-controlled domed cities. Kahje is also dotted with Prothean ruins, which has shaped the religion and society of the hanar. Mount Vassla, an underwater volcano, is at the heart of one of the largest Prothean ruins. The winners of the religious events of the hanar holiday of Nyahir (or "First Cresting Bloom") are inscribed in bioluminescence on the sides of the mountain for a year afterward, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 4; AT: ; DC:
  • Bloost- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Phoggopholena- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ighten- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Colo- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gasaderea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Gasa XI- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gasa XIII- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thee- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Meilia- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Blasterea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Blaza- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Glack Tu- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Huto- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Yeakimi System

  • Vinidros- A desert planet with floating magnetanium soil platforms and large oceans. The planet is populated by sentient and unsentient flying animals along with some non-flying animals. Sentient non-aerial animals are only able to fly through hovervehicles. The Teadr 4 cities are large, and have a complex architecture, and are made of precious metals, and they all run on fusion power. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:311d; Capital City: Pyo Pone City
  • Darzillon- A dry jungle planet populated by sentient and unsentient birds. The planet is covered with hundreds of jungles, and cities are almost impossible to establish due to it's terrain and plant life. However, tribal villages can be found here. The main species, a species of large white and brown Teadr 7 eagles called Darzoans, are found flying across the planet's jungles searching for food. They are omnivorous, eating fruits, bugs, and dead meat. They are sometimes hostile, but tend to form emotions and understanding against other-worldly beings. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:21hr:342d
  • Trayger- A temperate planet which is known not only for it's large Teadr 3 cities and for being the birthplace of several military robots, but it's also a Globex colony. It is also the place where the most battles of the Exo-Wars occurred, and the same place where the war began and where it ended. As a result of most of the Globex facilities being destroyed during this war, the planet had to be protected by a planetary shield generated on the planet's moon, Gugton. The cities are known to have silver buildings with durable glass windows that also serve as computer interfaces, screen display and propaganda, metro systems, a 78% abundance of plants, and air and ground vehicles. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:431d; Capital City: Paranon City
  • Taboon- A subtropical swampy jungle planet similar to Naboo (Star Wars), but with bizarre plants and fungi. This is a minor USRA planet, being populated mainly by formerly humans, Aufones, Uonans, and Rabodans. These 4 races have provided the sentient animals with Teadr 4 noble-class cities and villages, developing them into a feudal society, allowing the Aufones to be the planet's main diplomats and agricultural masters. The main species, a race of Teadr 5 amphibious finned salamander humanoids called Tabotons, have the same personalities as Gungans, and have formed a liking into the Aufones' agricultural and diplomatic advancements, and have signed a treaty for them to share it. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:536d; Capital City: Tacreed

Tetsanna System

  • Thabbac- A terrestrial planet which is a world ravaged by climate change. The animals that live there evolved into killers, the moon was lost, thermal shifts occur, the atmosphere has much less oxygen than in common worlds, and storms are much prevalent. This used to be the home planet of a Teadr 5 race called the Thabes, which are small human-like orange-skinned semi-sentient eusocial beings that only communicated through psionic transmissions and lived in a semi-technological society. However, when the world around them started to change, the sympathetic USRA rescued the race from extinction, and so the race has since been serving all across the AUU as workers in factories, refineries, mines, and even have a habit of scavenging and engineering. The planet has several small continents and several small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: NE:443d

Kaos System

  • Kaos V7- The original founding planet of the infamous Chaos Incorporated before it's relocation to Exitiom. Chaos Incorporated is a wide spread Illegit Casino-Like Corperation that thrives on profiting from tragity. It is known by crime lords and representivies of known criminal undergrounds and terror groups as a way to bet on controled dishastors, things they happen apawn by chance, or for the extremeists, something to that can inspire them to use against their respective targets for the right price. The Founders of this morally bankrupted business see tragity and chaos as an untabbed market since it tends to happen more often then idealy. Knowing that the goverments will never appresiate this practice, Chaos Incorperated works in secret. Chaos Inc. has been around longer then people would assume, longer then even before the Great Stagnation, even though it was considered a great boost, longer then most post-founding threats, even the VA would look like a weekend of trouble compaired to Chaos Inc's lifespan. Speaking of the VA, it's reign, along with other historic tragities, large or small scale, are commenly the most profited best sellers for the corperation. Undercover agents tend to cause controled chaos in order to profet from it and sometimes to make sure it remains a best seller. The concerning thing is, Chaos Inc maintains so much secretcy and can adapt from any exposure, even the wisest political leaders can end up being specitcal of what a captured agent said about it. It's commenly believed that Chaos Inc defelupted things that protect against reality and time altering so they themselves can never truely forget the existence of an erased tragity and record it in "Choas Resipes" so they would know how to re-create it. If true, that would make Choas Inc the most concerning problem of the AUU yet.

Tentalaru System

  • Tentalaris- The home world of the Tentalari, a brillient tec tinker race that can be able to use Teadr 1 tec without ruining it in reverse engineering and amongst the most intelligent of races. They are considered very close Allies to the Bruddlefish, yet also they are neutrol to UIS, which made the system contested between them and the USRA for pretty self-explanatory reasons. The Tentaclari could hold many secrets both sides have to gain if one of them wins the race over. 

Miroun System

  • Miroun Prime- A rocky desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Askypso- A red-and-orange desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gethaucury- A temperate planet (A Medieval Anime World Under The Protection Of Four Feuding Brothers, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Miroun Minor- A stormy wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Proyotune- A green-blue gas giant which is known for having a similar axial tilt to Uranus. (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Getera- A snowy tundra planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Consolationia System.

  • Consol- A system that has the most beautiful star consolations ever, and the home of the VERY lucky race of space-breathing camilions who can mimic the consolations, called the Camsolations. They are a Teadr 2 race and a very sofisicated culture based on the consolations. However, the USRA is not considerably popular with them because of the invention of city lights, that because of which, make stars hard to see because of light being present and felt that naterol beauty is robbed of them. They tried to force the USRA to ban these practices, but they refused and deemed the aims "Anti-Advancement", which is far from the intent. Thus, they came to join UIS. Though UIS isn't nessersarly an improvement in that they use the same invention, UIS tourisum has come to the planet and came to appresiate the Consolations. Thus, the Consols returned this gratatude by building an invisable see-through wall (So not to block out the consolations), so USRA ships are blocked out from isolated systems.

Isolated Systems-3

Rephton System

  • Rephton Prime- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Rephton Minor- (New Rephtean Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Rephton Major- (Original Rephtean Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Maetter System

  • Maetter Prime- (Maettan Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Maetter Minor- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Maetter Major- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Greeagoa System

BZAH System

Valon System

  • Insoid- (Insordes Home Planet, TBC...)

Jlean System

Ombius System

Exhaeonia System

Heaveonus System

Roelen System

  • Dodia- (Dodid Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

4. Zilgord Sector

A secter founded by a famous Roptord leader named Senator Spikicus in hoping that his home planet and the system it resides will be remembered fondly. However, his race would soon become among the worse victims of the desistating Gordon the Animal over a war the Roptords had a place in yet also symistantiously the luckist ones in comparison to the other victims by having 4 families remaining. This also holds Morbius, the Zeta's own scary planet, Sigrus, the planet of giant worms, Trecene, a rabodan base planet with alot of unfortunate backstory, the holiday planet Hoihoi, an infamous planet filled with carbon, and a dark story about a tecnecal surviver from a dead race waiting to be concluded with help from outmoded companies. The Zilgord secter is certainly an imbalenced hodgepod of being like the majority of Zeta's problems yet having redeeming qualities. It is also a sector rich in water, allowing it to have a large number of resorts and sea beings.

  • Ocean Nebula- A massive blue nebula full of hydrochemicals and massive collections of space cnidarians can be found.

Qutter System

  • Quthold- A semi-temperate oasis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Riis- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Treienus- A 75%-ecumenopolis planet (AUU Headlander, It is a world of automation, a utopia gone wrong in which all of humanity have transferred their minds into robotic imposter bodies and are ruled by a deranged computer, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Freiber- A temperate jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Isphemtine- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Soniphy- A mountainous rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Osserion- A canyon tundra planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Wiltink System

  • Roptoria


    Roptoria- A desert canyon planet which had succumbed to a massive bioterrorist attack by Gordon the Animal during the Villains Act. It is the home planet of the critically-endangered Roptords, which have only 4 families left in existence. The families have raised a dozen kids ever since, and they continue to travel throughout the planet searching for resources while sometimes travelling the AUU for either combat skills or protection. The city ruins provide the families with many places to hide and good enough shelter, and are at least lucky that some of the cities' power is still functional. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 22hr:366d; Capital City: Rithakk City (Now in ruins)
  • Voradin- A steppe planet populated by sentient and unsentient insects. This planet contains over a hundred caves that go deep underground into large desolate and wet caves, and mainly aquifers. These tunnels are where the Teadr 2 Atonts created Teadr 2 cities with brass buildings with red and orange lighting systems, holographic windows and rooms, garbage playgrounds, 4 levels, screen display and propaganda, and sometimes valuable sources of astronium that were traded to the AUU Currency Troupe. The lower levels of the caves were where criminal syndicates and anarchy thrived in using the astronium for the black market. The planet has 103 small lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:391d
  • Harbanisan


    Harbanisan- A tropical jungle planet where oceans cover 80% of it's surface, the Tezen Ocean being the biggest ocean there, as it is a world of global warming, and water is essentially everywhere on the planet since it recovered from a near-Ice Age. This is a USRA planet, the foundation being built during the USRA's early days, and all 4 founding races have colonized it ever since. The planet has vast resort towns and resort cities, floating cities, aquacities, seascrapers, water parks, and the economy is very cheap. The capital city, Reflectance, is the largest and most popular resort city on the planet. The humans that used to live here have adapted to spending more time underwater, and after years of this adaptation, have learned how to swim over 20 mph, stay under for 10 minutes, and make them more efficient fish hunters. They even learned to get along with the oceans' main sentient race of whale shark-colored ichthyosaur-like dolphins called the Harbins, which had formed a strong bond with the humans. Though since their evacuation, the humans have left the other USRA races and the sentient animals in charge of bringing their aquatic secrets throughout the AUU, and the Harbins, though often being saddened by their friends' departure, have decided to get along with their sentient animal companions and USRA allies. However, even dispite being a vacation planet, it is also a politically impourent planet, espeically when the Harbins started to get friendly with the Bruddlefishes and started to trade with them, thus making the USRA very cautious about making any risky mistakes with the Harbins may have grown weary of the USRA's overall relieability even with the Humans ever coming back, in due to factors that the Bruddles have said many inviting things about UIS while the USRA races now-a-days are shells of their former glories riddled with every new controversey. Fortunately, the Harbins for now are at best neutrol to both parties and some even seek to have Harbin become a planet where UIS and USRA races share the planet instead of any typical squabbling, though this has yet to be atthived. The adaptations to the water on this planet has given the planet the nickname 'The Planet of Magic Water'. The planet has 16 small continents and 8 large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:427d; Capital City: Reflectance
  • Morbius- A Romanian forest planet with Romanian communities and cultures. Like Vaarcovania, this place holds several ghost stories that can often come from fact or fiction. One of these stories is the famous story The Monster From Lake Izidor, a story about how a 16-year old human child named Gus fell into a toxic lake and mutated into a fish monster, and was never seen again. No one knows if this story is true, but no such lake has been found since the story was told. There are Teadr 5 villages here with a surprisingly-advanced architectural design, having castles that can stand 80 stories high, and the villages are extremely large and have large monuments, and a medieval community at best. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:488d

Splaratoo System

  • Splash Prime- An island planet that was colonized by outside beings and the headquarters for the Spleets' Zerf and Soke toy companies, as well as the famous Splash Competitor Tournament, an annual event for people who love to get wet where people fight with water, water guns, water bombs or balloons, or robots called Splashers or Splatters, like paintball. (TBC...) Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:322d
  • Splee- An island planet full with bustling metropolises similar to Inkopolis and the Splatoon franchise, and has very tough civilians. This is the home planet of the Teadr 2 Spleets, Inkling-like beings with very charming high spirit, a culture in fun and games to where they haven't had a violent war in thousands of years since their war against the Octopodids, only fighting wars through tournaments with the use of ink, dart, and water guns, which have become so popular, they became a hit in the Zilgord market for others to use. Thus the race became the heads of mass-production of these new toys, marketing them off as Zerf (Dart Guns) and Soke (Water Guns), and their ingenuity with this have allowed for an infinite number of designs and functions. These beings have become so friendly and prone to mood swings, they have become a very liked and loved race, and one of the most lovable since the humans and Crucyds. The planet has one continent, 7,100 islands and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:386d; Capital City: Splashopolis
  • Octopios- A quarter-ecumenopolis island planet that has massive metropolises, land reefs, and active weather. This is the home planet of the Teadr 2 Octopodids, the long-lasting rivals of the Spleets who have fought in tournaments against them for thousands of variants. Their equipment are far more elaborate than the Spleets, but the Spleets always manage to adapt around them. The planet has one continent, 8,888 islands, and one global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:425d; Capital City: Octopolis
  • Splattacus- A blue gas giant with active weather that is extremely rich in water, and thus Splash Prime built massive artificial continents, flying water parks, and provides massive amounts of hydroelectricity. (TBC...) Moons: 31; DC: 52hr:1125d

Boolro System

  • Torrid- A temperate lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Areed- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Veryock- A temperate planet (AUU Command and Conquer, Tiberium Wars, Global Defense Initiative, Brotherhood of Nod, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gooler- A temperate wetland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Splendor- A tropical resort planet. (Harbanisan Activity, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Phollopqone- (Philippine, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tiiom- An ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Rhybozome- A tropical rainforest planet (AUU Grey Goo, Living Primordial Ooze Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Friemyze- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Valimun- A mountainous canyon tundra planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Trum Nellrethum- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Romaa System

  • Neffex- A soiled lava planet with a thin atmosphere and having lava that has a high content of valuable substances inside that could be mined by other races. This planet is populated by the Teadr 2 Atonts because of this, and they built Teadr 2 AFT cities with the same architecture and appearance as those cities on Voradin, to mine these substances out of the lava it is contained in, and trade them with the AUU Currency Troupe. It is also noted for it's spice geysers that produce a red spice called 'erythice', which is valued all over the AUU for it's rareness, it's taste, and it's aroma. This planet was chosen by the Atonts so they can have a better chance of joining the USRA. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 16hr:267d
  • Sigrus- A soiled planet populated by sentient and unsentient worms and insects. The planet is known to be the homeworld of the Sigrozoans, who were rumored to be a species of unsentient hostile worms that were mutated by an accidental nuclear explosion. But they were actually a peaceful race who were tragically-obscured to the AUU due to their independence of technology for being nature-lovers and therefore never developed anything of the like, but were cursed by a vengeance-hungry wizard king of a race of Teadr 4 primitive humanoid grasshoppers called Titanoids, but his spell worked too well and made the race vow to never return to the ground, which they called 'Devil's Ground' and developed a Darwinist society, now living in AFT cities with bronze buildings, a 90% abundance of plants, and durable glass domes. He did this to make his people tougher and stronger in a well-meaning, but horrendously-misguided attempt to reclaim their real planet of Thitas from a race of bug-hating lemur warmongers. The planet has 85 small lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:311d; Capital City: Cronk Cap City
  • Treylon- A humid subtropical ecumenopolis planet where 80% is covered in large Teadr 2 cities with bizarre architecture, builds made of a tough silver metal alloy with durable glass windows, virtual rooms, screen display and propaganda, flying vehicles, an 80% abundance of plant life which means that grass mostly makes up the cities' ground, and underwater levels for sentient aquatics to live in. This is a USRA planet that is populated not just by the USRA races, but by sentient animals. Some houses and buildings are only meant for smaller animals, being created mostly by the Yuruns. The planet has 7 continents, 3 oceans, and an icy dust planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:372d
  • Titanmorna- A temperate planet which was known for it's high abundance of life, as well as it's organic soils, it's high amount of valuable volcanic gems, including a rare and ultraviolet purple gem called vulcanysta, which was worth $12,000.52 in cash and was constantly traded in black markets across the AUU. This was the home planet of the Titanoids that now reside on Sigrus after a warmongering bug-hating race of Teadr 2 lemur-like beings called Daobassas had invaded and taken over. This planet now belongs to them, and they have ensured that the Titanoids never get their home back. The planet has 5 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:407d
  • Mukraos- A temperate wetland planet with massive bodies of water. This planet has Teadr 3 cities with silver buildings with durable glass windows, a 60% abundance of plants, screen display and propaganda, and ground vehicles, that can only be found in air pockets under the murky swamp waters. Some tunnels are so long, nothing can make it there without air support. The planet has a variety of wildlife, ranging from flying frogs to aquatic rodents, and flightless long-legged birds to aquatic reptiles. The main species, a race of bioluminescent Teadr 3 amphibians called Mukraines, have formed a democratic monarchy, a variety of cultures and religions, and a long line of military powers. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:456d; Capital City: Murk Sgra City
  • Urgnos- A military ocean planet where sentient and unsentient aquatic creatures thrive. The Teadr 2 cities' terrains have many twists, turns, tunnels, and caves, and have brass buildings with holographic windows and rooms, screen display and propaganda, a 56% abundance of plants and corals, and very little vehicles. The military has the best fusion technology including the discovery of tritium, a hydrogen molecule which could easily bond with oxygen and turn normal air into water. The Urgnosians were working on a tritium missile as a means of ending the Villains Act by turning it's HQ planet into another ocean planet, but was cancelled due to a morality conflict concerning the Peerbonians. Since then, the tritium missile was locked up in maximum security, and tritium missiles were made illegal throughout the AUU. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:528d; Capital City: Goorsea
  • Anihar IV- A tropical moon belonging to the yellow-green gas giant Anihar. The moon has been terraformed by the USRA into becoming a place for large Teadr 2 cities and resort cities which range in architecture and appearance since they were built by different races. The moon's atmosphere was easy to terraform since it only took some plants to absorb it's carbon dioxide and create air, and make the moon team with life. This is commonly a place to take a vacation. The moon has 3 continents and 2 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 326d
  • Anihar VII- A temperate moon also belonging to Anihar. This moon was colonized by the Tiikons so they can build their own Globex facilities where they research all known applications. These Globex facilities are found mostly underground and experiments are tested in durable metal chambers as safety precautions to prevent thefts. There are no cities located here, but the surface is untouched and teaming with life. The moon has 8 large lakes. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 405d
  • Xingobah- An icy planet full of crystal forests and tall glaciers. This was a USRA planet for it's rich source of valuable diamond-hard crystals, called 'cryonite', and have established mines there. But then the Villains Act took it over, and established crystal factories, and made slave laborers mine the cryonite in exchange for food while robots with plasma whips guard them. The factories, after years of global warming, have melted part of the ice caps, and caused part of the planet to be engulfed in the now-warm waters. But when the Villains Act was stopped, the factories were destroyed, the slaves were freed, and the cryonite they gathered were sold to banks throughout the AUU. The planet has 5 small continents and 3 small oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:767d
  • Xeexar VI- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to the dark-red gas giant Xeexar. This is a USRA moon, being populated by the USRA races, and a few unsentient animals. The Teadr 2 global city covers only 75% of the moon, and is made out of chrome-colored alloy that was a conductive metal, providing each building with a boundless supply of energy. The lights are made out of ionized neon, making it much brighter than normal lights. There was also screen displays and propaganda, flying vehicles, and the city itself had a 60% abundance of plant life. The moon has 2 large oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 235d
  • Xeexar VII- A temperate moon also belonging to Xeexar. This moon has been colonized by the USRA to house Teadr 2 cities with the exact same architecture and appearance as those on Xeexar VI, only the buildings are made of a goldenrod alloy. There are also flying Globex facilities that specialize in computer sciences. This was the birthplace of M.A.V.I.S, the most recognized AI of the AUU that not only serves as a source of information, but as the Legion's way of bringing the AUU humans up to speed in the event they should return. The moon has 4 continents and 2 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 292d
  • Xeexar XII- An ecumenopolis moon also belonging to Xeexar. The moon is about the same size as Xeexar VI, and has a Teadr 2 global city with a similar design, but it is made out of a silver-titanium alloy which is partially indestructible. The city also takes up only 55% of the moon's surface. There is also 2 other underground levels that, unlike most ecumenopolis colonies, doesn't have any criminal activity because of the moon's highly-successful police robots. The moon has 1 large ocean. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 348d

Omagum System

  • Jusper- A temperate planet that has a humid sky and active weather, as it rains as often as possible, but not all the time. The sky is purple as the result of it's small concentration of nitrogen, the wildlife is plentiful and very active, the flora is massive and colorful, and the rock formations are famous for their beauty. This is a USRA planet where Globex facilities were established to research military robotics and cybernetics. This world is also colonized by Corruption Co. to take advantage of all the advanced robotics that are created here. They even had a brief fight with each other during the Villains Act for this technology, which Corruption Co. almost won. But this rivalry continues even without the Villains Act since Corruption Co. has new masters in the form of the Dark Radicals. The planet has 4 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:345d
  • Citir- A tropical rainforest planet that has beautiful rainforests, plentiful wildlife, and colorful plants. The waters are very pure and filled with colorful wildlife, the sky is purple due to it's small concentration of nitrogen, and weather is less active because 65% of the planet's water supply is frozen in glaciers. This is a Rabodan colony which has been through several battles during the Human-Rabodan War, and it is actually famous for having the greatest Peace Days in all of the Rabodan colonies. The cities are at a high technology level, and are actually a combination of human and Rabodan architecture. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:364d
  • Trecene


    Trecene- A snowy ice planet which has large rocky mountain formations and snow falls almost every day. There are plants present here in the form of alien-like conifers and grasses, and Ice Age-like wildlife is apparent here. This is a military colony for the Rabodan where they fought in many battles, including those of the Human-Rabodan War. The military on this planet have created massive amounts of bombs and explosive weapons, and have kept secret stashes of RAPTURE Tactical Nuclear Bombs that were left behind in one of their battles. They keep this stash protected from even the Villains Act and later the Dark Radicals. Their security forces are air-tight and powerful, and the cities are underground and very scenic. But it wasn't always a Rabodan colony as it was once the home planet of a race of red-and-blue-glittering agama-like lizards called the Trecenerians, or to shorten the name, Treceas, which were formerly a Teadr 7 tribal race until they started growing in Teadr levels rather quickly thanks to an unearthed sentient Teadr 0 computer, which they named Lord Trecene, god of the universes, deeming it some form of Precursor creator of the universes (They're not tecnecally wrong, just the credit is abit off). In fact, Trecene wasn't even always the snowy planet it was deemed to be known as, well, at least, not originally all of the planet, it was originally a mixed of tropic and snowy climent world that was made like that because the Trecenerians had their given science mixed with their traditional tribal magic, allowing them to make the evioment as they wished. It was said that the Trecenerians were going to dedicate themselves to bring peace and prosperaity to the AUU and protect it from all evils. But sadly, before they could even reach those dreams, the Rabodans under a evoulution perfectionest rule declared war on them in the times that predate the Human-Rabodan wars by at least 50 or less years, attacking the race and their lands over their "Expressed Evolution", ignoring that it was the wish of their god Lord Trecene, which the Rabodans scoffed and claimed that their "god" is just a highly advanced computer that shouldn't've been in the place, driving them in the most isolated of areas on the planet while the Rabodans would claim the world as their own. Though the Trecenerians were able to keep their god safe, they swore revenge against "The Invaders of Blue and Yellow", and they do this by turning Trecene into an all snow planet, forcing the tropic creatures under ground while the vastly dangerious ice creatures became vastly common with vast more terratory, though it ended up being short-lived revenge since the Rabodans adapted to the harshness of the change, even the storms their curse inadvertingly generates isn't enough. As such, the Trecenerians are left in the dust of obscurity and their dreams to protect the universe from evil crushed by the "selfish actions" of the Rabodans, plotting a major plan to force them to leave Trecene, even if it means using the universes greatest heroes against them. The Treceas have yet to athhive this. The planet has a large supercontinent surrounding a small global ocean. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:422d ; Capital City: Capital Time

Arwun System

  • Hoihoi- A tropical island planet and a renowned vacation planet beloved by all in the Zeta Universe. it is a decent conflict-free world with beautiful noble-gas-filled colorful skies, colorful fauna and flora, tons of islands and scenic geothermal formations, beautiful land reefs and underwater reefs, unique modern-day Teadr 2 cities and resorts, active weather and storms, and an ocean that covers over 89.65% of the planet's surface. It has a lovely setting, peaceful natives, amazing cultures, beyond-delicious foods, a great environment, harmless fauna and flora, and beautiful and exotic fish life. It's where that thanks to tribal magic that have existed since the fall of the USRA, even the Junja Sharks are friendly beyond belief, being as passive as giant gold fish. It is also famous for it's annual shows, dances and contests. The Hoihoi people believe traditionally in welcoming anyone to their home, even welcoming the likes of Bulliarns, Daobassas, Spidklons, Vikoreans, Pharcums, and even members of the Villains Act, reformed or otherwise, were allowed to vacation here. As a result, the VA never bothered the planet, declaring it another world banned from their otherwise expansive list of worlds of interest, if just because the place didn't need to be conqured because of it's kind, moraly neutrol nature. The planet has 719 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:265d
  • Sescerth- An arid forest planet where the large trees have adapted to be just like cacti, being rooted deep in the ground to the moist areas. This world belongs to the Uonans, and it was given to them by the Naroudans. This world has been one where the Uonans have built civilization on the large trees and the massive mesas and canyons. This world was also an old Naroudan colony which they abandoned due to the temperature and lack of water, yet the Uonans were able to farm water from the trees. The planet has little bodies of water. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:283d
  • Papheyous- A temperate jungle planet which has massive and beautiful terrain and environment. This was once a tourist attraction and resort spot for the humans until their evacuation left sentient animals to inhabit the planet. This planet even formed it's own rebellion against the Villains Act, and was actually very close to being destroyed until the Villains Act itself eventually fell. Since then, this world has been a well-known sentient animal world with several resort cities, and has learned how to use a blend between Teadr 1 and Teadr 2 technology. The planet has 17 medium-sized continents and 10 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:344d
  • Cradex- A wetland forest planet which had large trees, and high altitudes. The planet's treetop civilizations were actually built by humans since the ground was too murky and marshy to tread on. They eventually gave the planet to the Uonans when they felt unsatisfied with the economy and society. The Uonans have since been using the human technology on this planet to it's full advantage, even bringing a much better economy to the planet. The planet has 1 medium-sized continent, several small islands and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:386d

Werbton System

  • Narvin- A desert planet which is noted for being a gambling paradise for it's Las Vegas-styled Teadr 2 cities with golden buildings with holographic windows and virtual rooms, large and rich casinos, large virtual funfairs, 60% abundance of plant life, screen display and propaganda, and ground vehicles guided by light roads. This planet has been given multiple nicknames for it's widely-known communities such as Whimsy World, Gambling Capital, Planet of Pleasure, and Wonder World. The planet has 8 continents, 4 oceans, and obsidian, rock, and crystalline planetary rings. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:297d; Capital City: Zarbi Zu
  • Foylanthra- A volcanic planet where AFT Teadr 2 virtual cities are found. This planet used to be a desert oasis planet with loads of resort cities and vacation spots, but after a solar flare in 1804, the entire planet became scorched in radiation and heat, disintegrating most of the planet's ozone layer. Luckily, the ozone layer was saved when the Yatorans were discovered, and they used their advanced technology to repair the ozone layer, but couldn't re-terraform the planet. So the cities were rebuilt into AFT cities before the planet would be covered entirely by lava, and it has been a hard time for citizens to get used to their planet's new look. But luckily they don't have to see it since their cities have been made into virtual wonderlands where they can see anything they want. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type III; DC: NE:347d; Capital City: Fuussari
  • Zarbon- An humid jungle ecumenopolis planet with Teadr 2 cities that have the same architecture and appearance as those on Narvin, only the cities cover up to 71% of the planet. The rest is jungle terrain that contains one of the largest varieties of animals in the AUU. The planet's lower level is known for it's vast amount of valuable gems which are the planet's main source of currency, with each crystal equaling $1.84 in AUU currency. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:399d
  • Paise- An ocean planet which has been known to have only one large island called Lone Island. This is where land creatures built a large city called Centrum City. The oceans are where Teadr 2 cities rest near coral reefs and are inhabited by Teadr 2 fish-like beings called Paiscans, which were noted for their invasive spreading across the AUU, and their Napoleon complex. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:437d; Capital City: Pai Kaluu

Poolblue System

  • Bubublon- An ocean planet that has an atmosphere of half-water vapor and half-oxygen but an oxygen-rich global ocean. This planet is very iconic for it's changing tides and it's ranged land setting which is the result of these tides, often showing tide pools rich in amphibious sea life and the weather causing cycling erosions.Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 32hr:687d

Noore System

  • Broque- A steppe planet that has fauna consisting entirely of invertebrates, and fauna consisting of algae, fungi, cacti, and land reefs, less-active weather, a yellow sky filled with small amounts of sodium, large rock formations and vast heights, and moist valleys. This is a USRA colony which is a police colony, mainly there to protect worlds like Tamgim, where the inhabitants are too passive and tame to defend themselves from danger, and has to protect it even when threats feel pity for them, as there are possible threats that will not do so. Aside from that, there are civilizations that have the combined architectures of the USRA races, and the highways are underground for environmental concerns, and many civilizations can also be found underground, and the world itself was struck by an asteroid, which meant that many underground survival bunkers were built following it's descent, and now the survivors of that apocalypse and their descendants now exist in Teadr 6 societies separated and/or connected to the otherworldly civilizations. The planet has 17 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:290d
  • Tamgim- A temperate island planet which has a whimsical setting including colorful gardens and flora, and has a colorful sky due to it's small concentration of noble gases. It is famous for being inhabited by friendly sentient animals that have grown for millennia without war. Despite the colorful tropical forests and crystal clear waters, as the result of the only life on this world being plants and the fact that sentient animals have lived here without danger, they have immediately become feral beings that will be friendly to anyone regardless of whether or not they are friendly. Even the Villains Act or any other threat in the AUU couldn't bring themselves to harm this planet because they gave up attacks out of pity. Though being completely fearless is a serious problem, it also makes these sentient animals kind, gentle, harmless, and even inviting to live with. They enjoy attention, they live in a pleasant community, but they hardly know danger when they see it since they have adopted out of seeing it. No villain has ever attacked this world because it has done nothing wrong, and even the fact that they are cute and cuddly and easy to attack is not a good excuse as even total psychopaths can't even attack without feeling sorry for such impaired civilians. Even so, this world is protected by USRA law to make sure this world remains peaceful. The planet has 7 continents that are all linked together, and has a large rocky, crystalline, and icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:329d
  • Sjhellk- An ocean planet that has spaces of land that are all but ravaged by intense tides, large rock formations that often stick out of the water, active rainy weather, underwater elegant and beautiful reefs, large underground volcanoes that are half-extinct. The world had Teadr 1 Watan activity in it's past, as they built an entire artificial reef, making this world a wildlife sanctuary for their own home planet's fauna and flora, and over time since their extinction, the artificial reef supported a bigger natural reef that is much beautiful for scuba divers, snorkelers, and water-travelers to witness. Despite several spaceship wrecks on the planet that resulted in the apparent deaths of several of it's passengers, they did take the time and the survival to build underwater aquacities that are small and can only contain a few people, yet are quite elegant and architectural. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:390d

Juwule-Youm System

  • Loinus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oter- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Strugulia- (War-Like World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Juelfoumux- (Juelfuskan Home Planet, Teadr 4 Peacock-Feather-Haired Beings, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Voblade- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eite- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Rohne- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iet- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Scaxolea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Klokka System

  • Klokka Prime- An energetic lava planet that is the first in a system with a pulsar, which means that all worlds within the system are bombarded with radiation. This world, however, like much of the other worlds, thrives on this radiation as their atmospheres, which are comprised of radiation-absorbing compounds, can absorb the intense radiation, and use it to heat their planet in a balanced manner, while also lowering the flashing intensity of the pulsar, has energetic storms and weather, a yellow sky filled with small amounts of sodium and increased levels of carbon, and the world has little to no life, but it is known widely by magical worlds to be the home planet of the klokkrills, or energetic living balls of energy that surround the surface of the planet, and in their homeworld, are extremely active and have a collective intelligence. They will protect their home planet from the predators of their spatial environment like antibodies, as evolving within their natural environment makes them able to attack in unison. But they can be very passionate as long as one doesn't pose a threat. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: NE:314d
  • Carbonosis- The fallen and destroyed home of the self-destroying tragity bound race of carbon breathing creatures known as the Carboids. The race was being self-corrupted by the very thing they need to thrive in, destroying themselves in the process and being incapable to realise it themselves. The Carbiods, even before their actual extinction, were declared by the rest of the universes to be "Tragicly Extinct", because the Carbiods have set their fate in stone, and any attempt to revive this tragicly self-corrupted race will only have a repeat of the Carbiods destroying themselves again, because their carbon created corruption is litterally in their DNA. The death of the race became a heavy inspiration to inspire many of the worlds to denounce carbon and fozzel fuels, even to the detriment of industries that profit from it, which are often from less advance worlds or are outmoded multi-universeal companies.
  • Galeo- A yellow gas giant and a Hot-Jupiter (Hot-Oerum) that has no solid surface, an atmosphere of mostly carbon and hydrogen, strong and violent carbon-based storms, it is cloudless with a spectrum dominated by alkali metal absorption, and it is slowly evaporating under the sun's heat, yet the evaporation is slower than that for previously studied Hot-Oerums. The planet previously had large moons until it's increased tidal effects destroyed all of them, including one that was populated by the Carboids, and mined the gas giant itself for it's resources before hand. Moons: None; DC: NE:400d
  • Brah- An orange gas giant that has a powerful hypercane that shrouds the gas giant with a deadly storm of toxins and plasma. There is no rocky surface, the gases are extremely volatile, the carbon levels are through the roof, and the planet's diamond and rocky planetary rings were used by the Carboids as a racing track to place greedy gambling bets on while watching on their nearby inhabited moon that was destroyed with the rest of them, and is now used for the same purpose by other people within the system. Moons: 5; DC: 44hr:447d
  • Lirher- A yellow gas giant that has a chemical equilibrium like that of Oerum, and thus it is covered in a layer of water clouds that are spun by a powerful hypercane. The planet's internal heat keeps it too warm to form the ammonia-based clouds that are typical of Oerum, as it generates excessive amounts of carbon that fuel the volatile hypercane of the planet. This was a gas giant which has an unstable gravitational pull on the asteroid belts it is occupied between, causing them to destroy 8 of the planets previously within the system, and thus the modern inhabitants have built Dyscon-Spheres around it to keep it from occurring. Moons: 15; DC: 51hr:530d
  • Jannken- A temperate desert planet which is a carbon planet, or a planet with more carbon than oxygen, and thus the possibility of gas, methane, fuels, has massive oozing tar pits, is rich in diamonds, has a yellow sky filled with large amounts of carbon, powerful storms and acidic weather, has a core literally made of diamond, was formerly a colony of an extinct carbon-breathing race called the Carboids, and is currently inhabited by a fossil-fuel-manufacturing corporation called the Carbollon Corporation, which despite controversy in one factor or another, is still a good provider of fossil fuels, as carbon planets like this have been known to revolutionize the fossil fuel period. But they are constantly pestered by the Eroxxon Corporation, which started out as a fossil fuel corporation that decided to go to finding renewable power and outdate fossil fuels, as the Carbollon Corporation is not that pleased with how it's threatening to take away it's business, and contemplates declaring war on the business. However, there is a secret threat on the planet as it was the final world to harbor the Carboids that destroyed themselves through pollution, mass consumerism, greed, and wealth. The last of them was resurrected by a carbon-based chemical reaction that turned him into a 'spirit' of some sort, making him a being of pure carbon and poison called Noxxus, whose sole purpose is to create carbon planets where he can thrive, and through manipulating the Carbollon Corporation, he seeks to get off-planet and do the same to other worlds, after turning this world into a carbon planet in the first place. The planet has 8 large continents surrounding 6 carbon-based oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type III; DC: 60hr:730d
  • Harroge- A Mini-Saturn that has a cloud layer made entirely out of carbonated water vapor, has a volatile atmosphere, deadly storms from a massive superstorm, and is half the size of Saeturn. It has a moon with plentiful levels of water, and was detected by humans with the Kost Space Telescope, yet they couldn't terraform it before their evacuation. Moons: 56; DC: 68hr:775d

The Spinal Cord Rim System

  • Planet of the Mantazons- A tecno-primitive homeworld of the female-dominant Mantazons, who once fought to kept their planet safe from being colonised by Yaterons under the leadership of a particularly nasty colonist leader, Admiral S'hit Stain, who had both racist and sexist views torwords the Mantazons. However, A newly founded UIS came to the planet's rescue and help the Mantazons fight off the Yateron forces and end Admiral S'hit's life, forcing the colonists to flee the planet! Thus, the Mantazons became a UIS-leaning race ever since and are being groomed to become UIS members. However, this system has entered a contest between them and the USRA, represented by the returning Yaterons, this time represented by Admiral Fu'cker Stain, who beyond being no improvement from his ansister, is also pompus and entitled, deeming that the planet, which his ansister intended to name "Staintia", a rightful Yateron Colony that UIS wrongfully usurped and thus the terratory feud starts all over again.

Prievus System

  • Priemble


    Priemble- A giant alien-like terrestrial planet that has massive thermal shifts, a treacherous surface, a color-changing sky of countless gases, an alien prehistoric landscape of land reefs and tropical/desert jungles, has strange environments of orgaliths, rock formations, and easily-erosive and changeable earth, a semi-breathable atmosphere of a gas that has more carbon dioxide in the air and therefore increases heat, the weather is far more active due to the hot temperature, there are geothermal toxic wastelands, flying islands and continents levitated by either organisms or magnetanium, there are semi-technological societies and villages, strange wastelands, the technological ruins, the rare sightings of snow, and the world is dominated by semi-warm-blooded reptiles and invertebrates. This world is one of constant changes as it always undergoes extreme climate changes every century, called the Century Change, thus creating ranged toxic, hazardous, and often times superhabitable ecosystems. This is the home planet of a race of tall Teadr 5 semi-technological lizard beings called Priemans, or Priems for short, that despite living in a society similar to the Ratchet and Clank Fongoids, are vastly knowledgeable in any technology they find. They have an undocumented rivalry with their evolutionary descendants, the critically-endangered Roptords, and they have been at conflict especially to the Interuniversal War, but since the rivalry formed thousands of years ago, they are unknowledgeable of what started it. Eventually, the Priemens would come to join UIS and would build things like an isolating wall that blocks out now isolated systems in return for aide in Priemen interests. The planet has 9 continents, 5,806 islands, 5 large oceans, and a large icy, rocky, crystalline, and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 48hr:692d

Isolated Systems-4

Barrieus-Reefes System

  • Gamea Reeft- A semi-ocean planet overfilled with coral and invertebrate creature, and is infested with reefs both land and sea, having colorful beautiful alien landscapes, vibrant oceans, and advanced yet isolated cities. This is the Gametean Home Planet. The Gametean are usually a peaceful but reclusive sort, and are so afraid of violence that they never had any wars in their history. Not even small skirmishes, nor even barfights. The Gametean were the penultamate peace-keepers and pasifists to the point that they quickly run away in fear at the sight of a weapon or anything that gets mistaken as a weapon, and if were not for their Teadr 1 pasification tec, the Gametean would've been a stupidly easy race to congure. However, they came to start suffering for a race exclusive deceise that is starting to make Gameteans violent and crazy, which was noticed when some cities were discovered having secret weapon building facilities. The Gametean feared this sickness, dubbed "The Madness", would turn the Gametean into an unstoppable hostile race that could've been the destruction of their own socity and others. So the Gametean begged for UIS intervention, which Grandmind deemed "The Madness" a dangerious enough threat that UIS sent a brillient Skep scienctist named Dr. C'reep to qurrintine the planet with aide of UIS-favoring Bioshans and subugate proven violent Gameteans into robotification processes into speicalised robotic bodies that regulate the violent tendingices whilist aiming to defelupt a cure, and taken potaintionally at risk Gameteans to Tholotune, a bioshan colony. The remaining population proved healthy enough for UIS to leave be, with the Gameteans coming to appresiate UIS aide and are complincating joining them, but were kept from making it offictal due to the existence of UIS weapons, but came to appresiate the idea of independence all the same. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC:

Oconviden System

  • Ocedia- (AUU Subnautica) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Sollos System

  • Levas- (UIS' Best Resort World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Kreeker Sasa System

Jeekea Moksaka System

Ha-Cha-Cha System

Foghaaak System

Jkaaak System

AAAANMom System

Feasdsa System

Angono System

  • Angono Prime- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glaston- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Angono Minor- (Teadr 2 Angon Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Wixi Wae- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Angono Major- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

5. Maxxus Sector

The Maxxus secter was founded by the famous Keppellan millaterry leader Prime Commander Maxxus in designing to show that they are part of Zeta's redeeming quilities as a mighty race. Though it is marred only by the existence of Gossam, a planet dominated by total perfectionests, amongst other issues.

Sceeiion-Qyon System

  • Tirio- A temperate world that was rescued from an asteroid strike by a company that is now the best terraformation business in the AUU, Terre Industries, which is headquartered on this planet. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Burntworld- A post-apocalyptic desert wasteland planet of geothermal, toxic, rocky, and lava formations and valleys, strong storms, ruined cities, colonies of scavengers and bandits who are either enemies or allies, a red sky filled with small amounts of neon, alien biota, and an entire history of both a Teadr 1 and Teadr 2 race both wiped out during different time periods. This world is in a similar setting to Mad Max, as the world has collapsed due to an asteroid strike and famine, toxins drive people crazy, vehicles are always combat built, and vehicular sports are the best methods of entertainment. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Revea X- A moon which is Terre Industries' capital for training exovironmental troops for terraformation, as it's the most inhospitable moon belonging to the super-gas giant Revea. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Alcon System

  • New Edge- A post-apocalyptic temperate planet that has semi-temperate biota and unstable storms, technopunk lands with bizarre mechanical graveyards, bizarre machines, and technology that comes in the most unthinkable of forms. It suffered a nuclear war and left a species of genetically-engineered vrats from war labs on Old Edge to evolve and become the Teadr 4 Labrids, beings that learned to read, became intelligent, and built their own civilization from the ruins of their planet. They became the most famous example of a race born from artificial means, and though they had trouble since artificially sentient animals are seen as inferior to actual sentient animals because of their limited understanding and knowledge, excessive animalistic behavior, and the common problem of sentient intelligence and animalistic nature being a dangerous conflicting mentality, they eventually proved themselves to be classified as sentient beings by the Uonans. The planet has 14 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:518d
  • Edge- A tropical planet that has great civilizations and is a scientific colony for many technological corporations have done the most ambitious of experiments. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Tothwore System

  • Ieocury- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ieth Ma- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Tempera- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Bruqenia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Emancipation- (Ecumenopolis, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gruce- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Qesewa- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tothon- A semiarid jungle planet with an atmosphere of diatomic carbon, making storms easily volatile, alien biota including land reefs and bizarre rock formations, intense storms that constantly ignite the flammable atmosphere, active water cycles, a blue sky filled with small amounts of actinium, firelands are a common landscape down to thermophilic fauna, smoke and smog are plentiful and acid rain is harmless, ocean water is chemically different to resist the intense heat, and the world can be incredibly hot under a hotter blue sun. This is the home planet of the Teadr 2 Toths, who were formerly a usurpation race until their wars against the Gruid and Waurmics got them in a better direction as glory-seeking warriors. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eytera- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tenor- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gryria- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Gryer II- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gryer V- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gryer XII- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gryer XV- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vivaca- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Truenus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Whesater- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Whay- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Cruustea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Keper System

  • Fasar- A lava planet which has massive jungles, plentiful wildlife, geothermal valleys and rock formations, and massive heights. This is a military colony for the Kepellans which used to be their capital of science and technology before they became a stagnant race. When the facilities were decommissioned, they were turned into arenas, whether they be for sports or for military training. There are massive megalopolis cities located across the lower elevations of the planet, whereas the higher ones are for military fortresses and outposts. The planet has 6 small oceans surrounded entirely by land, and several lava oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:279d
  • Saltone- A temperate planet which has massive jungles, plants and animals, and the sky is deep blue due to it's small concentration of actinium. This is a planet colonized by the Kepellans, where they built several massive megalopolises and cities, as well as national monuments that were often destroyed during their days as warmongering beings. There are only a few national monuments still standing on this planet today. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:303d
  • Kepella- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which is a world which has no moon, and therefore no seasonal weather changes, so the weather ranges from cold, hot, snowy, rainy, and so on. Thus, all life on the planet had to adapt when the moon was destroyed by an asteroid. The planet's main inhabitants are a race of Teadr 2 human-like rough-skinned beings called the Kepellans. These beings are semi-reptilian monotremes with the ability to lay eggs, have rough skin for protection against harsh temperatures and against predators and trauma, and they have a regenerative healing factor that lasts until elderly age. These beings were known for their early campaign of aggressive conquest under their treacherous leader, Khrone the Obliterator, following his discovery of a power source forged from a dying star which was capable of impossible feats. So when the race eventually rebelled and imprisoned Khrone in a proton field capsule underground, the race became technologically-stagnant, never evolving in their technology and the star-harnessed power source was locked away forever. The race has since exiled themselves to their own system and never colonized anymore planets, only becoming prevalent across other worlds as normal members of society for other careers outside their system. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:368d
  • Plice- A subtropical rainforest planet which is noted for it's vast heights which often reach heights greater than Mt. Everest, and thus while rainforests exist in lower elevation, high-altitude environments exist higher up. This is a Kepellan colony which is their economic capital where they mine for the millions of rare resources that are available on the planet, including rarium, other volcanic gems, precious metals, and others, and trade them to the AUU Currency Troupe. There are also several megalopolis cities here that have once been funding the Kepellans' war efforts, but moved more into providing for themselves when they stopped being a war race. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:406d
  • Eosis V- A temperate moon belonging to the gas giant Eosis. The moon is covered with thousands of plants and animals that were introduced to it when it was terraformed to fit them. The Kepellans colonized this moon to be their agricultural capital which they used to plant crops and provide food for their days of war, though they moved to a trading business upon the Kepellans' change to good. The moon has 9 oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 331d

Saoron System

  • Qegyx- A lava planet and the first in a system of a yellow supergiant. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uxoy- A temperate lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Dinoto- A temperate planet that has 5x stronger gravity than Earth/Marbon because of it's larger size and thicker atmosphere, has strong storms and weather, a core of titanium, expansively colorful and alien-like fauna and flora, large deserts and ice landscapes, mountains, treacherous terrain, a colorful sky filled with small amounts of noble and metallic gases, large wastelands, a higher concentration of oxygen in the air, ancient Teadr 7 ruins and monuments, rock/toxic/geothermal/lava valleys and formations, and the lack of a moon means an increase in weather instability, no day, little to no tides, and a relatively harsh environment of thermal shifts. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 semi-reptilian monotreme ungulate-like beings called the Dinotaurans who are massive powerful beings, as the males can grow up to 9 feet tall, while their females often peak at 2 feet less than that, could lay eggs, and were a robust and rigorous race that nearly caused the Bulliarns to destroy their home planet in battle, a feat not seen since the Tulcans, who they have since formed an alliance with. They had a feud against the Korthians, evolved from passive-aggressive farming hostile beings in a world mainly occupied by dinosaurs, and evolved adaptive means of surviving against them. Starting out in a long period of medieval renaissance, they became a warlike race within their Teadr 5 days in response to the dinosaurs that evolved alongside them to get used to them as all dinosaurs there are larger than mammals, having 7 World Wars, and have been the only mammal on the planet to stand against them. Having high-levels of intelligence, their leading aristocratic royal figures reside in hollowed mountains and towering super-structures upon the face of their planet, establishing city states of small villages, cities, and megalopolises, while unclaimed territory is often off limits. The planet has 5 continents, 818 islands, and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: NE:414d
  • Yause- A temperate moon belonging to Dinoto. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Spexoll- A humid jungle planet that is like a duplicate Marbon, having the same backstory, except the common extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs on Marbon never occurred, and thus dinosaurs have evolved to continue dominating the world, yet there is a distinct rumor that a human-like race is stating to evolve here. The world has fauna and flora reminescent to that of prehistoric Marbon, only more evolved, it has double Earth's days and years due to distance from it's system's yellow supergiant, has an identical biology and landscape to Marbon, the landscape is far different due to alternate history, extinction is rare, there were signs of Dinotauran and Naroudan activity, Stonehenge-like monuments scattered across the world, AFTs and space stations orbiting the planet, subterranean environments, strong weather and storms, and many treacherous lands. Discovered long ago during the beginning days of the USRA, a 9-individual human expedition team lead by Ravid Bellamy discovered the mysterious similarities between the two planets, and their native near-sentient counterpart, the human-like Spexids, which are like humans, only with more chimp/monkey-like features, dark-brown skin, darker-brown, mahogany, scarlet, or black hair, alien-like eyes, have some experience in primitive tools and advanced forms of culture like fire, burial, building, hunting, and have an ability to learn quickly, which includes using guns, vehicles, learning languages, and using virtually anything they are introduced to, making them heavily restricted by the Naroudans before the humans' arrival. Though these beings do not share defensive instinct with their dinosaur inhabitants like the Dinotaurans, they are defensive, have a complex yet primitive society, and they have yet to evolve into greater intelligence and become like humans. The planet has 7 continents, 704 islands, and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 60hr:730d
  • Moqe- A barren moon belonging to Spexoll. It is a shared colony for the Dinotaurans, Naroudans, Tulcans, and formerly humans before their evacuation. This is where the races studied the Spexids as far away from them as to not illegally meddle in their evolution. They observe them through cloaked mobile drones, and document them to learn of their ways, and understand them, and therefore protect them without making fatal mistakes. The moon was fitted with Marbon, Naroulu, Dinoto, Tulces, and Spexoll wildlife, and thus gives all the sharing races a comfortable home. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gastara- A stormy toxic rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qabre- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Dodboria- A tundra planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Mero- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Penthir System

  • Pergam- A humid mountainous desert planet which is noted for it's grayish sky due to it's small concentration of metallic gases. This is a Cunone planet where the Cunones have built several Globex facilities for researching military technologies, including some for military war machines. The Villains Act often attacked this world to steal these machines from them, but the Cunone Rebellion has always been able to stop them, if not all the time. The planet has 9 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:264d
  • Tirgo- A semi-temperate lava planet where there are a rich abundance of plants and animals, as well as lava fields, and floating soil platforms levitated by magnetanium. This is a city colony for the Cunones and was briefly a world for the Cunone Rebellion until the Villains Act successfully destroyed all it's bases, leaving nothing but the cities intact. The sky is also deep-blue as the result of it's small concentration of actinium. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:321d
  • Mouphynous- A massive rainforest planet which has a purple sky as the result of it's small concentration of argon, as well as a rich amount of plants and animals. This is a Cunone colony where several megalopolis cities were built, and it was also a world that supported several Cunone Rebellion bases until most of them were destroyed by the Villains Act. This attack was so intense, the world itself surrendered, and this world was briefly under their control until the Villains Act was destroyed. Ever since, the Cunones have restored this planet to it's former glory. The planet has 11 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:450d

Crinese System

  • Gaean- A moist steppe planet where oceans cover up 90% of the surface, making only one medium-sized continent called Jurosia. The continent houses one large Teadr 3 cities called Divinity City whereas many other Teadr 3 cities are underwater. Divinity City is inhabited only be semi-aquatic sentient animals. Some others inhabit the underwater cities, as well as sentient fishes and other aquatic animals. These cities share the same architectures of silver and chrome buildings with durable glass windows, screen display and propaganda, 58% abundance of plants, and yellow, green, and blue lighting. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:321d
  • Crinathasha- An ecumenopolis planet similar to China. The Teadr 2 cities are like modern-day Chinese civilization. The architecture, agriculture, and economy is Chinese, and the precipitation falls only once a week. Plants are abundant on this planet, and there are only 3 AFT cities here. This planet had faced a few wars in it's past including those of the Interuniversal War, and it is one of the many planets that formed a rebellion against the Villains Act, establishing underground bases of operations. When the VA was destroyed, the bases were used by the military. The planet has 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:447d; Capital City: Ranghia
  • Engallus- An ocean planet which is home to many species of aquatic animals. It is the richest of rare metals and is the homeworld of the Teadr 3 mermaid-like eel people the Elogards, who are very good consultants for the Legion of Dominant Races. The Elogards had been one of the many the humans had interacted with during the Interuniversal War, and even today, they serve as their source of containing sensitive knowledge from the rest of the AUU. Their cities consist of silver buildings with yellow lights and window holes, large gardens that can be found almost anywhere, holographic display and propaganda, underground computer banks for storing information, and they can often be surrounded by massive coral reefs. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 25hr:479d
  • Reynon- A coniferous medieval planet which is known for it's vast knowledge of magic and science. They have even been able to combine science with magic, and thus, create a military strategy called 'technotheoism', which is a method of trickery that uses science to create the illusion of magic. People say that this planet has adapted this theory from Verus, and in reality, it did 30%. A Verusian spaceship arrived here in 1338 AD, and introduced their theories to them, making them develop technotheoism in 1648. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:521d

Housea System

  • Housea Prime- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Donova- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Fatania- (Lawless World) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Delictiria- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Turmo- A temperate planet . It is a world riddled with crime GTA (Corrupt Cities: (Vice City, Miami), (Liberty City, New York), (San Andreas), TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Felixia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Hitten- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Profania- (Lawless World) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Movembra- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Diogo- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Soca- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sprunk- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Luglion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Zorono System

  • Zor- A desert lava planet that, despite it's environment, has a fair balance of plant life. It also has tar pits, acid pools, geothermal valleys, a red sky due to it's small amount of neon, large flying islands levitated by loadstone, large rock formations, large valleys of orgaliths (geological formations of organic origin), intense storms, and deadly wildlife. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 reptilian beings called the Zorns, which were have animalistic and half sentient as they were a militaristic race that once battled the Rabodans, as well as other USRA races in the past. Once being a planet ravaged by a solar flare, it's wildlife survived enough to give birth to the Zorns. The Zorns lived in a techno-medieval society and they believed that they are a truly special race that all should look up to, and thus the USRA made a law that makes sure that any who approach a Zorn treat it with the upmost respect because even the slightest hostility could get them angry. The planet has 18 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land, hundreds of small lava lakes, 619 flying islands, and a small rocky planetary ring. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:301d
  • Aphallus- A semi-temperate desert planet that was the first colony of the Zorns. The planet has a red sky composed of neon like the Zorns' home planet, has large rock formations, large mountain and canyon ranges, foggy nights, a higher level of oxygen in the air than average, which can cause thunderstorms to ignite these volatile concentrations of air, it has geothermal valleys, land reefs and wetlands, introduced wildlife from Zor, and signs of Teadr 1 activity. This world was colonized for it's rich amounts of valuable minerals and gemstones, spices, and metals which they utilize in building, currency, and trades. This later made it a colony for the AUU Currency Troupe for them to trade to Inorbon. The planet has 4 oceans surrounded entirely by land, and several hundred lakes. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:334d
  • Khides- A humid temperate planet that has large rock formations, large mountains, large canyons with Teadr 1 complexes, Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, daily rainfall, foggy mornings, wetlands, large colorful forests filled with plants, zooplantae, and land reefs, as well as native and introduced wildlife. This is an average civilized colony for the Zorns which they colonized to solve an overpopulation crisis, thus building multiple cities usually around adopted Teadr 1 complexes. The planet has 18 continents and 11 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:376d
  • Tomaclite- A rainforest planet that is actually much different in appearance than a common rainforest. It has alternately-colored plants, massive zooplantae, land reefs, ground that is 98% covered with water, orgaliths all over the place, alien-like wildlife, the sky is colorful due to it's small amounts of noble gases, active weather, large rock formations, geothermal valleys, a humid foggy atmosphere, and large flying islands, rocks, mountains, and rock formations levitated by loadstone. This is a wildlife sanctuary for hundreds of lifeforms from Zor, especially the ones that went endangered. This world has several parks and resorts spread out across the valleys. The planet has 23 continents, 16 oceans, 596 lakes, 1022 flying islands, 601 islands, and a large rocky, icy, and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:401d

Vertigon/Victorseus System

  • Xielara- A barren planet under the rule of the systems Vert-Bot rule due to VertSpek influence. Keep in mind that it was already a barren planet BEFORE the revolution happened, so don't expect this to be the fault of the bots' rule of the system. The planet was once used by the Organics as an exile planet for them to dump all layers of trouble makers here. The robots now use the planet to dump bot haters and the most extreme here as well, resulting in the planet becoming a cesspool of bot hate. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: Type IV; DC:
  • Riss- An arid desert planet that even before the bot revolution was always like this. It is a planet hotspot of Rissonium, a valuable reshorce for the Vert-Bot rulers, so mining drones are everywhere in the planet. The planet is HEAVILY protected from it's neighter Xielara due to it's unforunate location. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vergiom- A semi-arid desert planet that has always been like this even before the vert-bot revolution. This place is the Vert-Bots imourent millaterry base of operations and the first respondse place to any new activity. It is also the holder of surprisingly eco-friendly bot factories where more Vert-Bot soldiers are made. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Easyor- A semi-temperate desert planet that has always been like this even before the Vert-Bot rebellion. Easyor is the planet that holds the Vert-Bot's great Robotification Machines used to convert organics into machines, whether dead or alive, so in the leader's eyes, nothing is wasted. The device is worshipped like a godsend to the machines while organics, even if not bot haters, are very uneasy about the devices, even if they're not the ones about to be robotisied. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Irophia- A semi-temperate desert planet that was already like such even before the rebelion of the Vert-Bots. This was the first planet to come into Vert-Bot control with the Vert-Bot rebellion in the Helen-Vertse system under command of Vertspek. Now the system is under a new leader, Victorseus, who basicly renamed the system after himself, the original name being Vertigon. While not an intentionally cruel leader, Victor rules like an artifical amoral god and does not hesitate to be bluntfully honest to even children and punish enemies of the system in absolute in order to protect his robotic system utopia from vengeful organics that don't understand that Vertspek did this to protect them from unknowingly helping the VA through a certain system leader that was going to do so. Thing is, Victor ended up being so isolated from Vertspek, that when he ended up getting false infomation from an angry exile that wanted to fuck with him about Vertspek's fate, Victor would end up getting himself into more trouble then he was prepared for. Victor is also looking for a speical core that could potaintionally help the Vert-Bots one way or the other, espeically when he thinks that Vertspek needs to be revived. This is almost an AUU ReCore. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jossomore- A temperate jungle planet under the ownership and wildlife protection of Victor's control. This planet was a wildlife planet with no sentience. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cogemet- A rainforest planet also under Victor's protection and also with no prior sentence. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ruspeania- A rainforest wetland planet also protected by Victor and no prior sentient influence. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nuell VI- A lava moon belonging to the red gas giant called Nuelliomn. A desigated mining planet. DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Nuell XIII- A semi-temperate lava moon also belonging to Nuelliomn. Also desigated mining planet. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Freeius System

  • Britias- A British planet that had a long history of war against the people of Freece until a peace treaty was formed. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Freece- A French planet that had a long history of war against the people of Britias until a peace treaty was formed. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Eroxxon System

  • Erox Do- A lava planet that has an atmosphere of carbon air, violent plasma-based storms, high levels of spices, tar pits, rocky/lava/geothermal/toxic wastelands, a massive cloud layer of sulfur and arsenic, (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eveba- A barren moon belonging to Erox Do. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Oggo- A semiarid temperate desert planet that has several amounts of native fauna and flora, exhausted energy resources, an artificial core built in response to near-destruction, less-active weather and storms, large clouds and foggy environments, tar pits, large Teadr 2 cities with renewable energy resources, several ethnic groups from all over the AUU, rocky/lava/geothermal/toxic valleys and formations, a red, orange, and yellow sky filled with small amounts of neon, helium, and sodium, a thin but breathable atmosphere, geyser fields, underground caverns and aquifers that used to be filled with gemstones and gems, and large land reefs and jungles filled with zooplantae and land corals. This world is widely known as an exhausted world of fossil fuels and is widely known as the capital of the Eroxxon Corporation, which bought over 98% of the other fossil fuel corporations in the AUU, and became a conglomerate that now specializes in alternative fuel, and have laboratories to search for new products. They now seek to put the outdated fossil fuel business to extinction, however they have yet to use legalese to do it, as they could be signed by all USRA races, including humans, and since they retreated, it has been hard for them to make it possible, yet there is a secret clause to allow any human, even one of non-government status, to sign it and make it law. Thus, they fight hard to stop the fossil fuel companies from destroying themselves on certain worlds, and the Eroxxon Corpration is searching for a human that was able to stay behind and live among the VA-ridden dystopia. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Respite- A tropical resort planet that has an entire ton of water, as 81.09% of the world is covered in it, as it has beautiful introduced/native wildlife with fauna ranging from mammals, fish, invertebrates, birds, and amphibians, and flora consisting of reefs land and sea, zooplantae, fungi, and normal plants, it has a color-changing sky filled with small amounts of noble gases, has Teadr 1.5-2.0 cities and megalopolises with elaborate and complex water monuments and foundations, spaceship graveyards, beautiful and elaborately-twisting and scenic alien-like underwater reefs, underwater aquacities, Teadr 1 underwater monuments of Watan origin, ancient Teadr 7 ruins and tombs, massive islands, flying islands levitated by loadstone, strong weather and storms, artificial underwater reefs, rock/lava/water/geothermal valleys and formations, elaborate luxury, massive product placement, resort sites, advanced and national monuments, incredible entertainment resorts, a great economy, and ranging architecture and culture. The world has a Miami-like culture, mixed with mainly Chinatown, Spanish, Mexican, Southern, Australian, and Italian-like customs. It is one of the most famous resort areas in the AUU, having widely-known monuments including the Rainbow Gate Bridge, The Tokyo-Tower-like Tureum Tower, the Great Falls which are the biggest in the AUU, The City Boat which was the wreck of a giant cruise boat that turned into an inner city, the Holodome, the famous Teadr 1 Bikimn Fountain built in a natural pool with elaborate waterfalls and fountains, the famous Sky Falls which is a flying island and AFT city, and the scenic cascading Gestalt Valley Park. It's widely known for it's large and widely-lit cities filled with holograms, casinoes, bars, Tessellate Malls, C&C Restaurants, highly-advanced Teadr 2 cities with large views, as well as having large aquacities of similar architecture, having high-tech funfairs, virtual parks, spas, and swimming pools including many infinity pools, tunnel pools, reef pools, pools with bars in them, zero-entry swimming pools, pool-sized hot tubs, water-fall-fed pools in many forms, and have the AUU's biggest pool called the Ocrolby Pool, long lazy rivers, have the same flood surge resorts as Poolworld, and has among the best water parks in the AUU, as water is so apparent, it can often be found on every surface to the point where it's legal for anyone to go barefoot. It also has many influences from Harbanisan including making it another colony of the Harbins, and thus is among the most popular spots for snorkeling, scuba diving, freeswimming, and others, and thus sells great products like artificial gills and aquagens. Besides aquatic technology, it also made it's own fair share of inventions including watercycles (motorcycle-like water bikes), specializes in hovercraft models, have the best cruise ship-construction technology, and so on. Though it has it's own times of controversy as it has been populated by the all-female parthenogenic Vellans which built nude beaches, private beaches, and other things common to them that are usually profane, though they contributed to balancing it out by making censorbots, which nevertheless have the common defect of doing their programming to even private areas or areas where they are unneeded. . The planet has 65 small continents, 6,800 islands, 7,600 flying islands, and 5 oceans. Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC: ; Capital City: Miambi
  • Ceebor- A carbon planet . (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Imilong- A jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Teero- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Moulia- A frozen ocean planet . (It was the homeworld of the ???, a four-armed species. Because of the oceanic nature of the planet, ???s survived by creating a commune upon the many glaciers adrift on the world's oceans. Despite the several separate communities, the planet was sparsely populated. Many space stations orbited the world, and the populations on these stations actually exceeded that of those communities planetside. The stations filled the role of starports for the planet, and accommodations were much more hospitable than those on other worlds, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Oikon System

  • Eulogen- An ecumenopolis planet which has a green-to-red sky as the result of it's small concentration of radon. It was a human ecumenopolis which was among the first they ever created with help of the USRA races. Thus the technology of this world varied from human, Naroudan, Cunone, or Yurun. This world became a prominent and famous world for the humans and an excellent visiting spot, though it was as vastly-populated and bustling as New York City. When the humans evacuated, this planet became populated by the other USRA races and sentient animals. The planet has 8 small oceans surrounded entirely by land, and is surrounded by a rocky and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:348d
  • Hess- A temperate planet which has a high abundance of fungal forests and jungles, and is often drenched in water, and also has a never-ending storm on the planet's global ocean. Though this does leave some impact on the supercontinent on the other side of the planet, it does provide it with enough water and rain for the supercontinent to blossom with life. This was a world that was abandoned by the humans before their evacuation due to the side-effects of the storm leading to destructive capabilities, yet the cities became inhabited by sentient animals that have actually improved upon the civilizations. The planet has a large supercontinent and a stormy global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:372d
  • Illithen- An ecumenopolis planet that is a culturally significant world in the sentient animal community because it was the first to ever be built by sentient animal hands without the assistance of the USRA. They based the technology on humans' technology, and the animals that lived here have learned how to properly use them. This world eventually became the capital of the Society of Sentient Animals, which is a small branch of the Legion where the sentient animals control their own governments, and have even formed their own minor branches including the Animal Square Province. The planet has 4 large continents and 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:402d
  • Oamur II- A terrestrial jungle moon which belongs to a red gas giant called Oamur. This moon was colonized by the SSA and it's where they founded the sentient Animal High Command, a small police force which fights for animals, establishing their bases in old Human Protection Agency bases across the AUU, and had it's own rebellion which was quite excellent at fighting against the Villains Act. When it was destroyed, the High Command became a small branch in the AUU Grand Council which would fight for all animal kind and their civil rights. The moon has 3 large continents, a small inner ocean and a large global ocean. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 177d

Grohis System

  • Inpus- A semi-temperate lava planet that has introduced wildlife from the Zorn sanctuary colony of Tomaclite, which the Grohkans scammed out of their evolutionary cousins with mere trickery. The Grohkans used their ill-gotten plants to enrich the planet into one with a breathable atmosphere. Water started to form, the wildlife flourished, the introduced fauna from Zorn did so as well, and water vapor ended up creating high amounts of clouds, fog, and weather. There is also a green sky due to it's small amount of radon, canyons, crystal valleys, and underground aquifers that contain native extremophile bacteria that liked the lava and then used water to adapt into a hive-mind lifeform that turned the water in the aquifers into a gelatinous mass that consumed anything that entered. The planet has 16 continents, 12 oceans, 69 islands, and a small crystalline planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:219d
  • Grohk- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet that has small amounts of global cities that have architecture and appearance similar to Zorn cities. The planet has small amounts of water and most of it comes from the ground as moisture farms were established to extract it. The planet also has zooplantae that feed off of the moisture in the ground, large quicksand, acid, lava, and tar pits, passive-aggressive wildlife, large rock formations, high elevations, a yellow sky due to a small amount of sodium, dust-stormed nights, and large boney graveyards. This is the capital of the Grohkans, a race of Zorn origin, when they split from them and claimed this as their adopted homeworld. They built massive AFTs all across the most inhospitable territories across the planet, and over 67 flying cities could be found here, as the Grohkans thought it could make their capital look more regal and superior to their evolutionary cousins. To add more to that, they terra-crafted the planet to have lava formations and fields. The planet is also rich in highly-intense spices that were both consumed by the Grohkans, used as weapons of all kinds, and even used as a fuel. The planet has 1,611 lava oceans. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:288d
  • Otnikir- A humid temperate planet which has dank murky swamps and bogs filled with alien fauna and flora, alien-like forests, tar and acid pits, intense storms, foggy environments, illuminated nights, large mountain ranges, and common wildlife that consists of invertebrates, amphibians, fish, insects, and reptiles. This is a Grohkan colony which has been the sight of several battles that once ruined it's ground-based civilizations to be mostly nothing but ruin, leaving the current ones on AFTs. Those ground-based civilizations that remain are merely anarchic communities cut off from the rest of the planet. The planet has 11 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:355d
  • Mar X- An uninhabitable junkyard moon belonging to the red gas giant Martune. As a lava moon, the Grohkans made this world one for disposal of garbage. The moon itself has an atmosphere that is highly toxic and unsuitable for common wildlife. Making it nothing more then a place with just tons of garbage disposed of from across the system. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; OT: 121d
  • Mar IX- An ocean moon also belonging to Martune. The moon has only a single few small continents, and much of the civilization is found on them as the rest of the non-continental civilizations rest above the oceans on AFTs above the moon. The ocean below has an entire global coral reef that is actually alive and formed a singular hive-mind as it shares a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria that aids them and grants them an expansive lifespan, and can actually regenerate deceased sectors and turn them into stronger monuments. Undersea wildlife help pollinate the undersea plants and even transport bacterial strains and spores across the ocean. The bacteria itself is an anomaly and it's blooms are seen as vomit-colored splotches in the ocean as it is their reproductive season. The Grohkans continue to study this complex lifeform to this very day. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 198d
  • Mar XXI- A lava moon also belonging to Martune. This is a Grohkan colony which has large AFTs and ground-based cities, has introduced wildlife from Zor and Tomaclite, plasma-based storms, genetically-engineered and introduced wildlife, large rock and lava formations, flying rock fields levitated by loadstone, and large boney graveyards. This is a world that was meant to fit the same environment as Zor and Grohk, but not at the same level as the environment was not suitable for a 100% match. The surface is known for housing spice geysers that are used for wealth and many other applications. The rock fields in the sky are even mined for it's rich amounts of gemstones. The moon has 16 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 214d

Cilungo System

  • Hegemon- A mountainous hot and humid planet where lots of geysers, rainforests, and grasslands can be found. While these geyser fields can often be useful in baths, they are often toxic, and the humidity in the air is able to moisturize skin as easily as steam can. The planet is also inhabited by massive amounts of megafauna. This is a medieval world which lives in a Teadr 6 society. Technology often comes in the form of hovering carriages pulled by native domesticated wildlife, and some even ride the wildlife, advanced bronze-gold architecture that can reach a 50% scale of the Yatorans, advanced krypton lighting, and there even exists genetically-augmented knights called Augknights which represent a militant police force. Other monuments include monuments and bridges often comprised of a lightweight golden alloy, large parks that span for miles, and the whole planet has over 59 countries each ruled by a monarchy. The planet has 8 continents, 5 oceans, and rocky, ice, and crystalline planetary rings. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:353d; Capital City: Hemöne
  • Sheyeter- A mountainous plateau planet filled with massive grasslands, a massive biosphere, a purple sky, and Teadr 2 cities with bronze metals and virtual rooms, holographic display and propaganda, a 65% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This planet is known to be the sight of several Interuniversal War battles, and it was briefly taken over by the Villains Act. This is also the birthplace of illegal neuroshock treatment, which the Villains Act had been known to use to corrupt people onto their side. The planet has 6 continents, 3 oceans, and a large crystalline and dusty ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:398d
  • Acanthrox- A wetland planet filled with massive rainforests that stretch over a thousand miles. Millions of sentient and unsentient species thrive on the planet. Sentient creatures have developed Teadr 2 cities with black buildings with red and blue lights, holographic windows and rooms, screen display and holographic propaganda, a 72% abundance of plants, and ground vehicles, that lay on AFTs due to both climate change and the planet's 2 moons causing rainy and tidal chaos that causes it to rain 5 times every 2 weeks, eventually causing floods. This is why the sentient creatures needed to learn to swim in the sparse waters that eventually disappear after the rainy 5 days. The planet has 6 continents, 4 oceans, and 2 moons. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:441d; Capital City: Foese City
  • Vuronosis- A planet with a temperate, yet dangerous climate. Since a cataclysmic climate change had altered the planet to dangerous levels, living in this atmosphere is nearly impossible for sentient life. While unsentient animals have learned how to survive it, it has a low amount of oxygen, and has violent weather thermal shifts. These changes have been leading to it's main species, long-necked foxes called Vurons, to becoming critically endangered. Now, they rely on their cloning technology to keep their species alive. They make their Teadr 2 cities with silver and brass buildings with virtual rooms, screen display and propaganda, 60% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles inside massive domes to protect them from the dangerous climate, and tunnels are underground, as well as many cities. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 27hr:502d; Capital City: Vure Niv City

Le'Lavaus System

  • Le'Lavaus Prime- The first planet of a set of planets that're nothing but lava and ash, yet life exists. La'Lavaus Prime is the primary homeworld of the lava-ammuned Lavaians and Brimstonerins, two Mustafarian like races that treat lava like a vitable reshorce and used speicalised tec exclusive to their worlds to turn it into a speical processed form of lava-Rarium, as well as they have a diet consistent of sulfer and ash, showing that these beings have biologically adapted to feast on the planet's limited bounty of all things related to a volcano planet. As to be expected, they are contested by UIS and the USRA for this tec, with the USRA hamfisting their way to the lead by tempting the Lavaians and the Brimsronerins with more lava planets, but even dispite this, the Lavaians and the Brimstonerins are strict neutrolists, thus have yet to pick or even favor a particular group.

(Le'Lavaus System Planets coming soon)  Gossa System.

  • Gossaam- A planet ruled by a perfectionest elite that wants everything to be perfect in their world where imperfection wasn't allowed, at all. These elites, known as The Perfectocrats, are infamously known to "dispose of" the imperfects with methods deemed very inhumane. As such, Gossaam has been made an USRA enemy for their cruelty to those that don't match their expectations. However, Gossaam's power is challnaged by a 4-member hero group dedicated to take the Perfectocrats down, known as The Imperfects, who slowly but sure are stripping away the Perfectocrats' power on the world.

Asteroidious System.

  • Megaroid- A planet-eqsed Asteriod that is part of a system famous for being NOTHING but asteroid belts. That's because the planets here became victims of a loonitec with a stolen Astro Laser and had too much time on his hands! Though the loonitic was stopped, the damage was done and many planets lost.... But surprisingly, life still exists in this system. A race of space breathing grasshopper-legged space gnus known as the Antlerloids, managed to build a teadr 2 civilisation from a life-giving asteriod that was once part of a very speical type of planet. However, dispite being victimised by Astro Lasers in a sense, the Antlerliods actselly WORSHIP Astro Lasers and have made tributes of them, even making a defence force made of Astro-Laser-Eqsed Ships. This made the system unpopular with the USRA AND systems that aren't fond of Astro Lasers. So in order to protect against force removeal of their ideals, the Antleroids joined UIS. Asteroidious may be without a wall or a forcefiled, but with a fleet of Astro-Laser powered ships, well, the implacations speak for themselves.

Isolated Systems-5

Rankirio System (Rankans)

  • Rankatra- (Rankan Home Planet, TBC...)

Ciricintrin System (Cirics)

  • Ciricius- A rainforest planet that is the home planet of a race of slender Teadr 2 chameleon-like beings with the ability to change color with chromatophores just like an octopus, and are the polar opposite of the Rankans, wanting to destroy both the USRA and UIS because of blaming their feud for the hardships of the AUU, thus having intense battles with the Rankans.

Vuile-Rellwerd System

  • - A red humid Mars-like desert planet that is the fourth and only habitable planet in the binary yellow star system, is incredibly moist with a denser humid atmosphere than Earth with more oxygen, but also hydrogen and water vapor, the gravity is weaker due to the small size of the planet, the intense storms and weather caused by different temperature changes between the sunlight and the planet surface, a single indigo sea filled with a massive colony of primordial-like protists that made a living gelatinous ocean, fauna that are normally 2x bigger than the average fauna and perceive by electromagnetic senses, communicate by either bioluminescence, noises, or both, and navigate either by aerial propulsion and buoyancy or by multiple legs whose number depend on the animal, and are mainly herbivores and liquivores that eat like flies and spiders flora which is rich in water and nutrients and have algae and fungi that dominate the surface, rare sights of water baring the amoebic sea and the polar ice caps, geothermal, volcanic, and rocky formations and wastelands, skies slightly different to Earth's, and was hinted to have oceans that evaporated long ago. This was one of the many worlds first discovered by the Cunones (Before UIS isolated the system off and cancelled out any further interest, taking over the expedition) and a probe mission revealed it had a race of Teadr 7 cephalopodic aerial beings called the Eopons that conceived the probes as threats and thus found a mistrust against otherworldly beings like the Bakudans, and yet space stations still try to establish peace, and through a lost otherworldly daughter surprisingly raised by the Eopons prove that they can see good in otherworldly beings. This world is nearly identical to Darwin IV of Alien Planet and Expedition. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:392d

Dimmerus System

Qoki System

Getecen System

Vossossum System

Onteenic System

Moxowoll System

  • Soltomn- A terrestrial planet in the system of a yellow supergiant. This setting allowed the biota to become bioluminescent and glow yellow every night. (TBC...)

Mraun System

Zeldera System

Theytanya System (Theytan)

  • Theyt- (Theytan Home Planet, TBC...)

Nommanacis System (Nomman)

  • Nommanosis- (Nomman Home Planet, TBC...)

Groptim System

  • Grop- (Groppon Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:392d

6. Ougus Sector

Founded by the famous rich exploror of Cunone fame, Sir Ougus Fun-Guy, he gave the biggest quility of Zeta, a system filled with precious metals, the Cunone home planet alchouse, and the Serons.

Zorrobcome System

  • Blazeter- A lava planet . Plasmoid Activity (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Wunx- A semi-temperate lava planet . Magical Anomalies. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aralge- A semi-temperate junkyard desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Scucoter- A humid desert wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Nustion- A stormy desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zoter- An abandoned ruin wasteland junkyard planet, and a world of massive metropolitan ruins, all being ravaged by countless warlike beings, and is currently under siege of a hundred violent inhabitants, and it is a world commonly used by BattleNet for combat matches. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Alozzont- A jungle planet . This world, being a colony for an old Teadr 1 race of biomechanical beings called the Troyx, is overrun by their common wildlife, known as the Technyds, and it's where many other Technyds all over the AUU come from, including those of Zonmiron. The world's modern inhabitants are divided into tribes that have mixed relations with each other, and seek the secrets of the Troyx to fight off the Technyds. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ceger- A toxic stormy wasteland planet . Due to its intense industrial manufacturing it was known as one of the most important foundry worlds in the Republic's space, where some of the most advanced weaponry and battle droids were constantly produced throughout most of the planet's history. Large parts of the it's surface was covered in industrial wastelands, which still contained most of the earliest assembly lines and refineries on the planet. Although manufacturing weaponry was the primary profit for it's old economy, the planet's atmosphere suffered greatly from the high pollution, which was omitted from the countless industrial plants. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Battuble- A soiled desert planet, and the home planet of a famous Holonet channel attraction called the BattleNet, which was shut down for years and currently being restored by ??? (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Combo- A semi-temperate jungle moon belonging to Battuble. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Gloy- A semi-ecumenopolis planet (Lawless World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Musmoll- A terrestrial canyon jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Saslypso- A humid wetland rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qeyturn- A canyon mountainous jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iosmorth- A dark-green gas giant . (Uranus Tilt, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Iosmo XV- A rainforest moon belonging to Iosmorth. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iosmo XXVIII- A jungle moon also belonging to Iosmorth. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Bulletranthum- A red gas giant . (Bulletstorm Video Game, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Buleream- A red desert moon belonging to Bulletranthum. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Vaovis- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Arili- A stormy jungle planet . (Two Moons, TBC...) Moons: 2; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oeberturn- An ocean planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Choxatania- A forest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Spabazumo- An indigo gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Blezutus- An ice planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Phophasy- A snowy ice planet . (Ultraintelliget IRIS-like Supercomputer, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Keveo System

  • Keveo Prime- A semi-temperate planet which has lava formations filled with valuable metals. The many lava refineries, mines for volcanic gems and metals, factories, and other Globex facilities are often operated by Thabes as they do a lot of handy teamwork as a eusocial race. Globex has a good profit from this planet through harnessing metals and gems for use all across the AUU. The Thabes themselves have even made slums for themselves to live in when they're not at work. Bigger cities for bigger inhabitants are much more advanced, and they even invite Thabes to live with them on several occassions, despite their alternate communication. Though the Thabes have built their own corporation here as well, which seems to compete well with Globex on this planet, though it doesn't stop them because of Globex' big interplanetary business. The Thabes, like most of their worlds, even form their own scavenging community all across the planet, and some even resort to stealing from others. Ships are even refined and modified by their big business, despite the fact that some might be stolen. Luckily, non-Thabes have put in security measures to bring in full moral intelligence to their business, as they feel that the Thabes don't take full care of their business due to their limited intelligence. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:314d
  • Girate- A tropical island planet which is known for being in a mixed Teadr technopunk society where technology is like currency and can be sold for tons of cash. This world originally belonged to a thieving society which stole tons of technology across the AUU for centuries until they were destroyed, leaving the technology they stole dormant for a thousand years until animals started gaining sentience and unearthed this technology. Instead of just growing from it, they ended up profiting from it more as they built several companies to utilize and sell it. It soon came into being a world where the technology is pirated, stolen, exchanged, and profited from, and it soon turned into a Teadr 4 society with steampunk pirates, enemy factions fighting for control over the profiting business, a tough population, criminal syndicates, gamblers, swindlers, and even gladiators are popular. This world profits from the technology, and uses it to it's full potential, often creating atompunks, biopunks, cyberpunks, nanopunks, and other types of punks who will do anything for money. The planet has 13 small continents, 598 small islands, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:354d
  • Icassah- A temperate lava planet which has colorful plants, hostile alien wildlife and introduced wildlife, large lava and rock formations, tall mountains, deep wet caves, and large floating islands. This world was the victim of a cataclysmic earthquake event which left a lot of the planet broken up and surrounded by flying islands and lava formations. This world, in it's earlier days, was a world of gladiator hunting, and it later evolved into combat rings for these wild animals, and it then evolved into a new sport. This world has since become a world of gladiator competitions where contenders fight against enemies consisting of either each other and commonly robots. In fact, robot gladiator tournaments are so popular, they pin other robots against each other for cash prizes. Combat has become so popular here, they hold the annual Volatox Tournament, which is a week-long annual event where the biggest of prizes can be offered through gladiator combat against robots and sacrificial competitors. The gladiator arenas are over a thousand miles long, and can cover an entire valley, meaning easy space and cover for proper combat. All forms of fauna and flora were introduced here as perfect forms of cover for competitors. Obstacles of all forms and all Teadr levels are available in this competition. There can be over a hundred arenas on the planet itself, and sometimes competitions go outside the arenas and into abandoned metropolitan areas, dangerous environments, and so on. This annual event is among the greatest and most profitable of any sporting event in the AUU, and people from all over the AUU come here to witness this event. The planet has a large supercontinent surrounding a small global ocean. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:388d
  • Soton- A wetland forest planet that is filled with dense wet forests, colorful plants and land corals, passive-aggressive wildlife, and the surface is covered 65% with water. The world is home to several campgrounds, semi-technological villages, and abandoned Globex facilities that used to perform genetic experiments. However, they later became abandoned when these experiments were using illegal methods by order of the planet's head supervisor. He was arrested, and all Globex facilities were abandoned, leaving all it's equipment, secrets, technology, and so on to be scavenged and utilized by the planet's native population. They formed a semi-advanced society with a noble police force, advanced houses, display, medicine, electricity, the powers of flight, and so on. But this lifestyle was threatened when the Exo-Wars occurred. As it turns out, the technology they gained was stolen contraband, and thus Globex was ordered to return all stolen tech, including the technology this world gained. This threatened their way of life, and tried to hide bits of it so their cherished society would remain. However, they were betrayed by a technophobic faction, and all technology was taken for good. In response to this betrayal, the still-alive police force declared a genocide of this faction, which soon escalated into a war as technology was being restored thanks to crashed spaceships and uncovered Yatoran monuments and artifacts, yet the faction still remained alive and threatens to take it all away again. The two have been fighting for a while until the Legion halted the aggression by reintroducing fresh and original Globex technology, just as a sign of no hard feelings after what had occurred in the past. The war ended, and the planet formed it's own science corporation from the abandoned Globex facilities called SotoTecx Inc to revolutionize. However, the faction was still not going to back down, and the police force is still trying to track them down to this very day. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 5 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:404d
  • Thagooine- A soiled temperate planet with colorful plants, wetlands, flying islands, land reefs, pools of water, white-blue skies as the result of it's small concentration of krypton, and an environment similar to that of Altus, as it was colonized by space pioneers of the same planet. This world was colonized for it's rich amounts of rarium which was used to fund their technocratic kingdom where the smartest, strongest, and most advanced individuals ruled over an entire scientific technopunk group, giving birth to a variety of swashbuckling exploring pirates, sailors, and the creation of several societies. This technocratic society still exists today as the technopunk society became known as the Punklanders, a mixed and neutral society which survive, plunder, pillage, score, gain, and prosper. This spawned many other independent factions including criminal syndicates, bandits, raiders, and assassins who want to profit from taking what doesn't belong to them. Cities of all shapes and sizes exist here, as well as several mining colonies, marketplaces, several palaces and forts, unique habitable rock formations, and many other attractions. The planet has 15 small continents and 12 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:465d

Nukston System

  • Channon- A desert planet with large plateaus and plants. Some of the plants here have been known to spontaneously create an oasis in less than 2 days due to the humidity in the air, as well as the high amount of fertility in the soil. This is the 2nd planet colonized by the Cunones, and is the only planet with a democracy, but the Emperor of Cunoone is the also the president of the planet. Teadr 3 cities span for miles, and have buildings made out of a tough carbonic alloy, having holographic windows and rooms, screen displays and propaganda, red, orange, and yellow lighting systems, a 57% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:304d; Capital City: Daroon City
  • Cunoone


    Cunoone- A temperate ecumenopolis planet with massive Teadr 3 cities that span most of every continent. The cities consist of bronze buildings with holographic windows, red and yellow lights, screen displays and propaganda, a 75% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This is the home planet of the USRA feline-like Teadr 3 beings called Cunones, which have a vast empire and a fascination of weaponry and adventure. The Cunones are among the 4 founding races of the USRA, along with humans, Naroudans, and Yuruns. These beings are known to the USRA for their playful curiosity, and their knack for travelling and exploring new worlds, and since the Villains Act fell, they have been the only race that had been given full permission to enter the Original UUniverses to explore. They were also the race that was the most hurt of the humans departure, and not only formed their own rebellion, but members of their race served in other rebellions. The planet has 6 continents, dozens of islands, and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:376d; Capital City: Száwou
  • Nurctao- An African planet with desert valleys, grasslands, savannas, and jungles. The planet is populated by sentient and unsentient animals which share a fine culture. The planet has various languages that can be tough to learn. The easiest of these languages is Tunbiarhian. This is the 4th planet colonized by the Teadr 3 Cunones, forming a democratic imperial government. Not only is it rich in valuable metals, gems, and spices, but it is also known for being the home of several criminal organizations that reside in inhospitable areas of the planet. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:461d; Capital City: Qárháza
  • Rapoblas- A moist subtropical planet where water covers 67% of it's surface. The Teadr 3 cities are usually on AFTs, but are mostly built on the ground, and all share the same architecture and appearance of any Cunone community. This is an agricultural planet where the Cunones trade crops and food across their colonies, and even provide money for their rebellions and crusades. It is the only planet in the Cunone's system that is owned by the USRA, being populated by all the dominant races. This was the 5th planet colonized by the Cunones. The planet has 12 continents and 9 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:497d; Capital City: Sooa
  • Soweoruta- A wetland swampy planet where water covers the ground up to 2-5 ft. Sentient and unsentient aquatic animals thrive on this planet. This is not only the 3rd planet colonized by the Cunones, but it is also a military planet which has had more military battles than any other planet in their system aside from their home planet, including those of the Great Veexomite War. Teadr 3 cities with the same common Cunone architecture and appearance are mostly underground as part of their military customs, and have developed a parliamentary empire on this planet. This is where a few munitions factories are built, as well as military strongholds and fortresses. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:568d; Capital City: Urhaozoe
  • Undaxus- A desert moon belonging to the blue gas giant Undix. This moon is the first moon colonized by the Cunones, and the first place successfully terraformed by them. It has Teadr 3 cities made of silver alloys and illimunated by glow-panels that use a neon-based element. This moon is significant for it's underground mines which contain valuable stones and gems for trading across the AUU. The moon has 8 continents and 5 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 471d

Hadble System

  • Osorris- (Normal Sun, HD 209458 b, Execution World, dangerously close to sun, leaking gas forming surrounding cloud creating a swrling path of gas used for illegal racing sports, extremophilic bacteria, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:

Iwarzi System

  • Neradus- A wetland jungle planet with floating magnetanium soil platforms and inhabited by mostly flying mammals and reptiles. The culture is medieval, and this is one of the many planets to use magic. The villages are only at a Teadr 6 level, but have an amazing architecture, and the agriculture is organic. Magic here is a strict power after wars have been started with the use of it, and have a law that forbids people younger than 20 or without a permit to use it, and has a penalty of 500 farlings, or a year of prison. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:316d
  • Daobin- A jungle planet which is noted for it's massive warfare activity. The Teadr 2 cities here are very large, containing black buildings with virtual rooms, underground virtual catacombs, screen displays and propaganda, 71% abundance of plants, flying vehicles, and military fortresses with virtual training rooms. This is the home planet of a race of lemur-like beings called Daobassas, which are bug-hating warmongering aggressors which have had wars with a few insect races, and had been the ones to declare war each time. Their advanced military technology had been able to wipe out entire communities, and they are the ones responsible for the Titanoid crisis on Sigrus. The planet has 8 continents, 3 oceans, and large rocky, crystalline, and metal rings. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:458d
  • Stisen- A tundrous planet which is one of the many colonies of the Zewinsaurs. This planet was colonized by them because they found that it contained rich sources of cryonite, which they traded to the AUU Currency Troupe in exchange for resources to build their Teadr 5 cities. The cities' catacombs were built during the days where they fought in wars, including those in the AUU Second Cartoonian War as shelter from the battles that took place on the surface. The planet has 3 small oceans surrounded by semi-frozen land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:577d
  • Orteli- A mountainous cold steppe planet with large modern-day Teadr 3 cities, and are populated by many sentient and unsentient animals. This planet also uses magic, but unlike Neradus, it's legal magic age is 19, and has a penalty of $200,000 or 3 years in prison. But it also requires a permit for use. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:767d

Ierrbus System

  • Ierro- A lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sumirgo- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Leyvis- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tuslion- A soiled temperate planet (AUU Chaser, Terraforming, Multi-Corporation Competition, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uytis- An ecumenopolis planet (AUU Dex, City run by AI and corporations, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gracgis- A rainforest wetland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Iophadark System

  • Uxur- A desert planet which has a moist enough environment to sustain plant life and make the planet's atmosphere breathable. The planet has a yellow sky as the result of it's small concentration of fluorine. This world was colonized by the Serons as a world which established mines inside the volcanic caverns of the planet, which is rich in volcanic gemstones and resources which are trades to the AUU Currency Troupe on Inorbon. The planet has several small lakes surrounded entirely by sandy dunes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type 1; DC: NE:234d
  • Fepper- A semi-temperate lava planet which has a red sky due to it's high concentration of boron and bromine. This is a planet which the Serons have established several megalopolis cities, as well as mining colonies and science facilities which produce weapons, armor, and equipment, as well as several munitions factories. The citizens of this planet are permitted to handle a small firearm since the Villains Act began to attack it a lot for it's experiments. And the pact seemed to work as the civilians could defend their home and themselves. The planet has 5 large continents carrying several lava fields and leaking volcanoes and lava land formations, and surround small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:296d
  • Serotice- A humid semi-ecumenopolis jungle planet which is a very significant planet, yet a forbidden planet for the Cunones. This is the home planet of the Cunones' former allies, the Teadr 2 iguana-like Serons, which had the same fighting skills, technology, and architecture as the Cunones since their alliance. They had been allies since before the war against the Veexomites, but as the result of the Seron Emperor's traitorous viziers, the two races feuded for 10 years until the Cunones won and the two races went their separate ways, vowing to stay away from each other. The Serons share the same adventurous edge as the Cunones, and sometimes contact with Cunone explorers often lead to either bloodshed or avoidance. This planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:354d ; Capital City: Imperial City
  • Haish- A terrestrial jungle planet which is very abundant in life, even inside the cities the Serons built. The Serons made this world a training world for the Seron Rebellion, and later the Seron Praetorium. The varying environments allow for easy cover and maneuverability. There are also virtual grounds where the Serons can be in a simulated battlefield. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:381d
  • Tos- An ecumenopolis planet which has a bright white sky as the result of it's high concentration of krypton. The planet has a sustainable supply of plant life and animals, and the cities are at a massive size, almost comparable to the Yatorans. The Serons that colonized this world had trouble keeping the economy on this planet up, and this gave a grand opportunity for the Villains Act to take over. Despite fighting, the planet was eventually taken over for 5 years. Despite the economy getting better, the whole planet became poor as a result of the taxes needed to pull it off, and new unacceptable laws were passed. Any who protested were imprisoned in underground dungeons. Even the Seron Rebellion was powerless to stop them since the VA villains who lead had gained diplomatic immunity through this. It wasn't until the Villains Act was destroyed that this planet was restored back to it's original state. Despite the fact that the economy got twice as worse, the AUU Grand Council would help repair the economy and repair all the damage the Villains Act had caused. The planet has 15 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:423d
  • Bapphacus- A temperate dinosaur planet which is hot as the result of the volcanic activity on the north and south poles causing global warming to heat the planet. There were no seasonal weather changes, giving the dinosaurs that lived here a thriving world. The Serons were even able to thrive here when they built large megalopolis cities on the planet's high altitudes where giant dinosaurs couldn't reach. There are also testing facilities for weapons in isolated and uncharted desert areas, as well as mining colonies at the hot north and south poles for the vast amounts of astronium and other volcanic gemstones. The planet has 11 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Type 1; AT: Tier I; DC: 30hr:487d
  • Surble- A semi-tundrous planet which has several lava fields surrounding it as the result of it's weak tectonic stability. Though this could make it difficult for life to thrive in, seeing that the only life found on this planet is spontaneously-adapting plants, fungi, bacteria, and crustaceans, it is also the perfect place for a reptile like the Serons to thrive in. They built large AFTs where cities can perch on, and the surface is strictly limited to travelers due to the tectonic activity, yet it's worth the danger to some Serons. The temperature can vary, hot temperatures coming from the tectonic activity, and the cold coming from the planet's distance from the sun. Though this can mean storms appear more often, the Serons still find this a good spot to call home. The planet has several lava oceans and several small continents littering it, as well as several small lakes, though the terrain can range. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 34hr:526d

Aiteg System

  • Dismunder- A semi-desert planet which has large canyons, mesas, and mountains, as well as a high abundance of plant life, and ancient uncharted Ehswan monuments. This world was colonized by the Cunones to be a minor colony for the Cunone Rebellion. This world only suffered one Villains Act attack since the defenses of this world were top-notch, especially since several Globex facilities allowed them to create successful war machines. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:271d
  • Cetimus- A semi-lava temperate planet which has a red colorful sky as the result of it's small concentration of neon. This is a metropolitan colony for the Cunones which was one of the first colonies to suffer attacks from the Villains Act. Yet even the cities' inhabitants had the courage to fight back. Whenever the Villains Act attacked, the citizens always found ways to drive back the villains, making this one of the most infamous embarrassments to the Villains Act. Though some have died fighting, the citizens had a great sense of self-sacrifice just like most Cunones do. This was once considered a good spot for the Cunone Rebellion to build bases on, but because the citizens already had it covered, this was halted. The planet has 4 large continents and 3 oceans, as well as several lava and geothermal fields. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:318d
  • Oiber- A tundrous icy moon belonging to a blue-and-indigo gas giant called Oiberion. This is a Cunone colony where several scientific experiments took place, particularly for weapons. Nuclear bombs were tested, military vehicles were given test drives, and there were several munitions factories scattered across the planet. The Villains Act was able to briefly take control of the munitions factories until the Cunone Rebellion took it back. The moon has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 342d

Noctur System

  • Tagon- A temperate planet and the first in a system within a giant nebula called the Noccoum Nebula, and orbits 6 black dwarves. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Noctus- A temperate forest planet . It is the home planet of a flightless Teadr 3 owl-like race called the (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gubege- A wetland swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Loryama System

  • Esiroth- A temperate planet with a colorful sky filled with a few noble gases which makes the sky orange or blue in the morning, and dark-blue and purple in the night, it has colorful and fluorescent plant life, passive-aggressive wildlife, pleasant rock formations and steep heights, and vast ruins that are of Zyaūar Master origin, and were lost to the ancient people like the rest, and are said to house several secret Zyaūar Masters. Outside of that, there are Teadr 6 Medieval-like societies with colossal metallic castles, large villages, finely-built tunnels, aquifers, waterfalls, dams, large buildings, and the architecture is based off of that of the Zyaūar Master ruins. The culture, cuisine, music, and military is even nearly similar. The society is a democracy-monarchy hybrid where the people decide who shall be their king, and the king himself wields a refined and finely-forged naginata based off of Zyaūar Master designs. The society is still in a revolutionary period as they study the Zyaūar ruins and utilize uncovered technology to their society. The planet has 4 large continents and a global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:296d
  • Tikini- A tropical island resort planet that is rather famous for being populated mostly by women. Despite this, there is a decent amount of men in the population, but females have gone into being the dominant gender. This world was founded to be isolated away from men since their original world granted them no rights, and when they failed to gain them after being so close, they left and founded Tikini, where they would be isolated from the men who pushed them too far, and only allowed men who supported them to live on the planet. Eventually, the planet became a resort where people usually came just to fall in love, or even have a romantic time. Some islands remain uninhabited or barely inhabited, and the scenery itself is what makes a trip here worthwhile. The planet's resort cities all have a population consisting mostly of girls, and in one period if it's time, only women had rights until they saw that they were doing what drove them to Tikini in the first place, finally accepting men to their home. The architecture is scenic, the economy is cheap, the oceans and air are clean, and the services are often unique. The wildlife is colorful, the underwater coral reefs are very beautiful and alien-like, the fauna is mostly introduced, land reefs are just as beautiful, and the resorts are at a Teadr 3 level. The planet has 689 islands and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:356d
  • Seurtry- An ecumenopolis planet with a global city comprised of chrome-colored buildings with holographic windows and doors, flying AFT platforms, teleportation capabilities, 69% plant life, hovering vehicles and air traffic, tall skyscrapers, holographic/screen display and propaganda, and a massive amount of robotics and AI. This world started out as a barren uninhabitable wasteland planet until it was terraformed by the USRA to help solve an over-population crisis on another planet. The large size of this planet benefited the people greatly. The world has a stable amount of plant life and jungles that, despite being surrounded by the global city, sustains a decent amount of preserves for wildlife. The plan for the over-population crisis worked well as the Teadr 2 technology, matching that of the original planet, benefited the people perfectly. This world is always known for it's perfect government and economy, and it's rich sources of spice and rarium that exist underground and in geothermal valleys. The planet has 7 oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:385d
  • Mnibume- A wetland jungle planet which has native sentient animal tribes that are among many native tribes that worship the Yatorans as gods as they have found many of their artifacts across their holy sites. They live in a quarter-technological society that is threatened partially by other-worldly raiders who steal from these holy sites, and this causes the tribes themselves to view these beings as demons, and that it would be considered a blessing to slay one of them, making them distrust nearly every other-worldly being unless they prove that they don't want to disturb their holy sites. The USRA later decreed that this world was best left all by itself, even for the Yatorans, and disturbing these sacred sites has a $600 penalty, which is doubled when one or two innocent lives are lost to the tribes. The tribes' language is difficult to learn even for a beginner, and only the tribes themselves can teach it, but they are far too distrusting and primitive to be reasoned with, which is why this world is more or less left avoidable. The planet has 7 large continents surrounding 4 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:409d
  • Golgen- A soiled terrestrial planet known for it's massive gold-rich soil, and for it's vast mining colonies which use this valuable metal for currency across the AUU. However, it is also a volcanic planet with a toxic atmosphere filled with xenon, arsenic, cobalt, and bismuth. The sky is purple due to the nitrogen, and the rock and lava formations are massive. There are also flying islands and mountains levitated by loadstone. This world is the location of several gold depositories that have advanced and efficient security. There is an estimated 100 million tons of gold that are in stock at all the depositories, and the Villains Act briefly took control and enslaved the people to mine the gold for them, yet disappeared like the rest when it was taken down. This world has since doubled their security precautions to prevent anymore sheer mishaps. The planet has 10 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 31hr:443d

Hollarus System

  • Brok- A once proud colony of the insects of the Animal Province, but thanks to a self-glorifived king who died in his exidus to become a god-king, the entire planet went to shit. The planet is in medevil termoil, and violence, hostility, deadly beasts, and betrayal are commen place here. With the main king gone, the planet is ruled by the ninja-mantis clans called "Claw and Order", an honor based group but are known to be merciless to any would-be threat. However, the planet is currently suffering from a plague, but not of convention. It is a mental illness plague that drives bugs and it's wildlife violently insane, as well as sightings of unsavery dark forces being at work. A propicy states that an unassuming hero would go around and absorb the souls of the "Fallen Ones" of Brok's past and become powerful enough to defeat what became of the unjust king's soul, a self-sustaining reverse prosperity god-eqsed abomination that is the shorce of the madness plague. This hero as yet to be found. This is based on Hollow Knight. (For Clarity)

Yron System

  • Relmentheis- A desert planet that was colonized in 1456 by the Aborbs. The Aborbs here were also focused on the persuit of medicine and health technology. This is also the Aborbs' main planet of military forces and training, as well as having Teadr 2 cities with brass buildings with durable glass windows, flying vehicles, a 46% abundance of plants, screen display and propaganda, and metro systems. They have even taken up jobs with the USRA's military forces as medics. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:294d; Capital City: Aznard
  • Aborbo- A temperate planet with one of the largest varieties of wildlife in the AUU. The planet is known to have the finest medical technology in the AUU, and thus, it was adopted by the USRA. The planet's main inhabitants, a species of winged beaver-like Teadr 2 beings called Aborbs, are considered a great reliance to the USRA, and have been given the chance to work in their own Globex facilities to continue their medical research. Their discoveries, including oncolytic viruses which kill cells infected with cancer, have had a great effect in the advancements of the AUU's medics, and 60% of all doctors, nurses, dentists, and chiropractors in the AUU are Aborbs. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:371d; Capital City: Yooth City
  • Grometos- A tundrous planet with a bizarre climate. The Aborbs have also colonized this planet, but have also formed an alliance with the planet's main species, a race of sabre-toothed Teadr 2 monkeys called Grometons, which have created a substance capable of healing a body and repairing it called Xoa, which the Aborbs have used to create a foam that heals wounds and regenerates limbs. The Grometons have even made up some of the USRA's medical powers thanks to their Xoa. The planet has 7 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:459d; Capital City: Xzorgaine

Ki'teria System

  • Ki'terion- The homeplanet of a race of witch-doctor-eqsed Tecnotribe of bird people known as the Ki'terians, that are considered ten times the better healers then the Aborbs and the Grometons, yet the first two were the ones that earn USRA favor by law of being encountered first, making the Ki'terians extremely bitter. Thus, their talents came to be better appresiated by UIS as their medical talents made UIS extremely more effictent and made members less at risk of serious harm. Thus, the system came to be contested between the more established UIS and the USRA races in discovering this too late. Even dispite the extreme promises of relying less and less on the Aborbs and the Grometons, which momentarly strained relations with the two, the Ki'terians are still firmly leaning more torwords UIS, feeling that their talents were insulted that the USRA races favored their inferior neightbers first then the master healers.

Golloro System

  • Golloy- A desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zol- A semi-temperate desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Parlume- A prairie lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vestrand- An ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Torago- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qo- A semi-ecumenopolis planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Krimson System

  • Gkrim- Home of the a race of limbed Leech People that thrive in a planet that "bleeds blood", or at least an editable reshorce simular to it. The planet always makes more, making it an infinite reshorce. The Leech People, called the Krimsonians, were a very utopian Teadr 2 tec race that had dreams to join the USRA. But it was dropped because of the albeit disturbing nature of the native planet. Hurt and betrayed, the Krimsonians aimed to make sure the USRA never hurts anyone ever again with "False Promises", and to do this, they got involved with UIS. UIS Satalights are made to block out USRA forces from expanding beyond the system to now isolated systems.

Isolated Systems-6

Minerta System

  • Jewelea- (Treasure Trove World, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Mosomtaran System (Contens)

  • Contecarcos- A tropical island planet and the homeworld of the Contens, who are Teadr 3 lizards evolved from shark-like mosasaurs that went back to land. (TBC...)

Gleek System

  • Geekea- (Geekle Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Gfdsa System

Yhb System

Hazhag System

Grodarkness System

Slogg System

  • Slogg Prime- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ooghton- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jhello- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Slogg Lesser- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glomux- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Sloggo- (AUU Slugterra, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gastrodom- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Dox- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Quijion- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tryon- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Slogg Greater- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Rhytogen- Moons: ; DC:
  • Rhyto I- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Rhyto V- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Rhyto X- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Rhyto XX- DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Hrolight System

Pianous System

Behonest System

Ulyre System

Empibeon System

  • Empria- (Empesion Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
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