Zeus is the Greek leader of all gods, and the god of lightning, thunder, sky, law, order, and justice in many worlds. In SpongeBob's world, he is the same, except he is different in many ways, being brothers to Hades and King Neptune I and II, and being an uncle to Mindy and Triton. Ever since he and his brothers stopped their evil tyrannical titan father Kronos after escaping his stomach after he cannibalized them after fearing a prophecy would come true where they would stop him. Zeus has since become the leader of all gods on Mount Olympus. However, his black sheep brother Hades was put in charge of the Underworld, which he felt inferior to as a result, swearing revenge secretly in many ways, including many of his children such as Perseus, Helen of Troy, and any other Greek figures like Odysseus and Theseus, and so on, have all failed. However, he has secret plans for his most famous demigod son Heracles, who, unlike his Disney Counterpart, sticks true to the original story by being born due to a superfecundation between him, his wife Hera, and the mortal couple Alcmene and Amphitryon, and thus having a twin mortal brother named Iphicles. Hercules would be recognized as different when he kills two snakes with his trademark strength, as Zeus left him to the adopted family because Hera disowned him and forbidden his interactions with his father for his infidelity, despite him justifying he wanted to have an unrelated relationship, mortal or god, because they are both siblings (Gods being known for incestuous relationships), but through the Twelve Labors he did following his knowledge and reunion with Pegasus, he eventually earned his immortal mother's blessing, got married to the original royal Megara, and became friends with his brother Perseus, among other Greek heroes. But as he advances, Hades intends to turn him against his God heritage through other people like his cousin Triton, among other manipulative ways, to ensure he gets revenge through bringing back Kronos, unaware that Kronos would not fraternize with his own children after they defeated him, and leave people like SpongeBob and his friends to stop them however they can.


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Zeus is aver muscular figure that has a long white beard and hair, and a golden crown with leaf crests, a long white robe, deep-flesh skin, blue eyes, has trademark lightning bolts, and has golden armlets.

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