Baroness Corona Ellames requested for HA and Louger aide once more for an impourent matter relating to another race the Rabodans screwed around with when under the rule of another twatty baron. They are called, Zhajerus. A race of then-Teadr 2 Dragonfly-Eqsed Wasps that benifited from a saintly Omnican, named Evoluazan, that granted them power. Unfortunately, the Rabodans came, took away the Omnican to place her somewhere in the Delta or even another universe to never be seen again, and took all of the shared tec and left them back to Teadr 7 with no reguard to their well being. However, by the founding of UIS, the Skeps as direct representives came and found the troubled people and restored their tec levels at least to a level of Teadr 3 near Teadr 2 and even found their Omnican god from a Rabodan space bunker in Shioonov. The Zhajera announced loyalty to the Skeps and UIS and joined as allies, going as far as to allow them to build isolation walls that have since blocked out now isolated systems. The Baroness said she has been trying to make peace talks with the Zhajerus for a good time now, but they prove rather unwilling in thanks to the Zhajerus holding a nasty grudge. She had admired the heroes efferts in improving issues with UIS races as of late and asked for their help in the matter, espeically how they had a hand in peacifying the issue with the Trecenians. However, issues arrived with a recently founded Extinctioner wanna-be group, founded by an ousted Rabodan vibroknuckles-wielding general doughebag, Arch-General Brasson K. Nuckles, founder of said group, named Evo-Purists, have come to cause trouble and further bad tidings with the attempts as Brasson proves that he has some raging hate for the Zhajerus and has made death-threats onto Evoluazan and the queen of the Zhajerus people unless Evoluazan surrenders and the shared tech and powers are given up. Brasson's idiotic actions will risk UIS irrie, and the heroes must stop that to prevent things from relapsing back to UIS and the USRA basicly being avoident of eachother!

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