Zhensi is an Alternate UUniversal Malfil from Planet Animolity. She is the semi-sentient daughter of the deceased former second-in-command of the guard of her Malfil home kingdom within an Octophant Graveyard. Her single father was a powerful member of a group of Malfils that mastered the arts of magic, and Zhensi picked up on this talent at a young age, yet forgot she even knew it thanks to her life years later. When she became a rookie for the Guard, her father was angered that their king, Worthius, was apparently killed by King Leonus, the king of the Cauter rulers of Animolity, the two killing each other over a misunderstanding, unaware that it was all a lie forged by their evil commander brothers, Scratch and Morgue, as they were friends that intended to make peace between their nations until they declared an act of failed communication an act of war, having them kill each other's brothers. Zhensi's father refused to heed to his offer to be the new commander of the Guard after being disgusted by his crime, and got himself slayed by Morgue when he threatened to expose his crime. This left Zhensi and her adopted brothers Bongki and Hud to be named his new commanders later on. However, thanks to the efforts of the Clam Lounge Squadron, the three siblings learned the truth about their father, and Zhensi confronted Morgue herself for his murder, and used her long-forgotten spell to cast him off into the Boundary Cluster forever in eternal pain and torment. She and her brothers have since become members of the Clam Loungers. She is the AUU counterpart of Shenzi.


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