Zira G. Ougus, AKA Zira Crucyd, is an Alternate UUniversal Crucyd from Planet Thexus. She is the first clone to be created by Helix Transgenics and CEO Pirchoch Helix, and he and his allies hoped that this would aid in their de-extinction. However, they come to realize that the Crucyds had a reason to go extinct. They had a powerful genetic parasite known as the Crucydiod, which feeds on genetic perfection and DNA to improve itself by bonding with the DNA of a host, permanently if it stays long enough. Said parasite was responsible for the corruption of the race that convinced their former allies, the Vocerkans, to wipe them out after their infected leader turned racist and left them into poverty. Zira was proven to be a mistake when the Vocerkan Emperor explains the reason for ordering Helix Transgenics' Crucyd lab destroyed, but despite them saying that they can still possibly be cured, they learn the hard way that the parasite is permanently bonded with their DNA after so many years of extinction, and that curing it will only cause their DNA to deteriorate. So, they must set things right by having the once-grand-race-turned-obscured-by-circumstance extinct once again, and assure the people that the Crucyds are best not to be remembered by how they died, but how they lived, starting with destroying Zira.


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