Zoeyna Easha Gemwater

Zoeyna E. Gemwater, AKA Zoeyna the Humble, was an Alternate UUniversal Gemman-Human hybrid from Planet Xzama. She was an alien hybrid and was the previous Astral Princess of the AUU, or a princess and ultimate combat-capable defender in the AUU which has never been crowned since ancient times when Zoeyna died and ascended into the Light Dreaming. Born with a natural talent of purity, magic, and the ability to heal others in any unlimited degree, Zoeyna was a beautiful enchantress and warrior who had many husbands, and fought with a legendary blade and the strongest to be wielded by the Beamflies against the Opiqians. However, her ascension allowed her to search through the AUU with an immortal ghostly body until she finally found someone of worth: A pure jeer named Siri, the adopted sister of Princess Shiri since an invasion from the Opiqians left them both astray and onto an island where they had a pure enough life for Siri to be blessed by Zoeyna's pure heart, strength, carefree high-spirits, and downright hopeful individual, potentially becoming a part of her, while her friend and partner in fighting, a Zewinsaur and godbrother named Toco, whom she actually shared a heart half with from the previous Astral Princess of Old, and a kind of life-link to and thus shared the same power to certain degrees, would come to Scoro upon his passing, thus leading to the two sharing as much of a brotherly connection as Kairi and Spyro.


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