ZongueBob Genny QuadPants
Vital statistics
Title AUU SpongeBob (OUU residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Kitchen Zongue (Zonguia officinalis)
Faction Independent Hero
Description Often Dim-Witted, Mature, Young, Adolescent, Nice, Charming, Comical, Silly Laugh, Loves Catching Jellers, Sucks At Driving, Bold, Curious, Childish
Skills and Abilities Natural Sponge-Like Abilities, Regeneration, Absorbs Blows, Good Bubble-Blower, Good Cook, No Skeleton
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Trunk Bottom, Oceonous (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Ocus System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

ZongueBob G. QuadPants is an Alternate UUniversal Zongue from Planet Oceonous. He is the AUU version of SpongeBob, and on the isolated world of Oceonous, he has no knowledge of the world outside of his home. He works as a talented cook at a C&C restaurant, working for his boss, a 4-clawed crab named Mr. Tetrus with his easily-annoyed cephalopod neighbor Cephward, and his Astrofish best friend Atrick. Though unlike SpongeBob, he has never had a land-based friend until later when a Hydrocabiais named Sonny, an inventor and archaeologist whom he falls in love with, as she is the first person to visit the world in eons, as she does so to research the Teadr 1 Physheges, and the Teadr 1 Oceons. But with the help of her and the Lodgers and Heroes Act, they discover the truth of the races' disappearance. Like SpongeBob, he is both childish and mature at the same time, being dumb at moments, but very genuine and nice, and shares a lot of other qualities to his OUU counterpart, like living in a fruit-baring plant called a Podaba, which is an aquatic plant that contains gelatinous sea fruits of the same name, loves catching jellens (AUU jellyfish), is comically stupid when trying to learn how to drive, loves blowing bubbles, knows martial arts, is an excellent cook, and is very loyal to his friends.


ZongueBob was born with his first words 'may I take your order' like his OUU counterpart. He even had his first Tetra Googer when he was still in his mother's womb by eating it through his umbilical cord. He still remembered the taste to this day and he aspired to be a fry cook. Growing up, he found his pet sbwoll Jery when attending a summer camp at a young age. He also took classes in Qong Fu to keep himself in top condition, while also finding two favorite hobbies to pass the time: jellenfishing and blowing bubbles. These new hobbies are how he met Atrick. After the two proved their worth against a bully named Rotten Weed, they became best friends. ZongueBob even built himself a flatcake stand in his newly-acquired Podaba home which actually came from outside pirates dropping a podaba on a garden that belonged to Cephward. This flatcake stand was how he built his skills as a fry cook over the years until he was ready to get a job at the Tetrus C&C Restaurant.

Years later, he obtained this job after helping the C&C Restaurant feed a big mass of unionfish, though it took days to fulfill all the orders and the unionfishes' disappointment would've earned the restaurant a bad reputation. He has thus been working for the C&C Restaurant, and even used his Qong Fu skill and instinct to fight off the plans of Mr. Tetrus' business rival Crokton to steal the Tetra Googer formula so that everyone would come to his own C&C Restaurant across the street, often using war machines and master plans to do it. He had been working for the C&C Restaurant for 23 years before he met someone new to the planet.

Sonny arrived for the first time in a while at the C&C Restaurant and caught ZongueBob's eye for the first time. He fell in love with her and was amazed by her Qong Fu skill when she helped quell yet another plan of Crokton to steal the formula, as she was angry at him for disturbing her lunch. Tetrus, Cephward, and Atrick convince him to talk to Sonny and he ends up convincing her to spend some time on a break from her research on the Oceons that previously inherited the planet they were on, especially since her work was in bad conditioning after their discoveries were constantly set to attack and explode by people who view the technology as sacred.

ZongueBob and Atrick end up helping Sonny discover ancient Oceon ruins and it makes her happy, until Crokton steals it for his own plans to steal the Tetra Googer formula. Though Sonny defeats him, the rest is handled by the Oceons themselves, who hunt them down for defiling their technology, until they sort out their own problems with help from the Shell Lodge Squad and Heroes Act. Though Sonny's hurtful past involving her robot companion Sau is revealed, talking about it gets her to admit she loves ZongueBob because of what he did for her. After saving the Oceons, ZongueBob and Sonny become a couple and end up going off their own homeworld after Crokton does yet another plan for revenge.


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