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Zootopia is the urban eponymous city and the central location of the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia. It is the home of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Mayor Lionheart, Bellwether, Gazelle, Chief Bogo, Finnick, Clawhauser, Mr. Big, Flash, Yax, Duke Weaselton, Manchas, Mr. and Mrs Otterton, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr., Fru Fru, Koslov, Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson, and Bonnie and Stu Hopps, along with many others of Zootopia.


Zootopia is described as a "modern, civilized world that is entirely animal", meaning it is a world where humans are nonexistent, and anthropomorphic animals thrive in their place. Originally a mammal watering hole thousands of years prior, Zootopia grew into a city built by animals, for animals. Unfortunately, Zootopia is, similar to the human world, plagued with prejudice. Prey animals, especially small herbivorous ones like sheep and rabbits, are often disrespected for being small and weak, and find themselves being underestimated and underappreciated as a lesser group. Predators, on the other hand, are often seen as cunning, vicious, powerful, loud and arrogant and are distrusted by the prey animals, who make up the majority of the population. In spite of this, the city holds the mantra of "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything", coined by the city's noble head, Mayor Lionheart, who has worked on a project known as the Mammal Inclusion Initiative that, in theory, provides all species of mammals high-ranking opportunities in every part of Zootopian society. To accommodate the residents of each district's environmental requirements, Zootopia's districts feature artificial climate zones. For districts with opposing climate zones, there are massive walls separating them designed to ventilate the air temperatures between the two environments, similar to air conditioners. Zootopia also features an extensive train system for all sizes of mammal, including a smaller section for rodents to board safely from larger animals.


  • Sahara Square
  • Canyonlands
  • Tundratown
  • Little Rodentia
  • Rainforest District
  • Bunny Burrows
  • Savanna Central/Downtown
  • Meadowlands
  • Canal District
  • Marshlands

(The places Canyonlands, Meadowlands, Canal District, and Marshlands are more implied but not shown.)

Role in the series

Zootopia was at most an isolated socity due to not being too great of an interest: just a typical sentient animal socity with standerd modern tec. But it will become noticed in both thanks to the movie released about it and because of it's own Pop-Star sensation who's more greater then even they would ever believe. It's history is even revealed as the reason humans are nonexistent there is because the speices that would've produce humans, Australopithecus africanus, only had Austria Pith, the smartest animal in Zootopian history and the last of the Primal Chain Animals which were the smartest animals on the planet during prehistoric times, but were chased away by early desendents of modern animals that held the group The Evolutionaries, having deemed him and simular others as 'threats to animal existence' according to the early Evolutionaries, who laid the foundation of Zootopia's modern society. It's also revealed where the world's problem with stereotypes and speciesism originated. After the death of Austria, the Predator and Prey Clans formed, yet predators still ate from prey. This era, called the Savage Ages, was when Zootopians were finding their niche in grasping sentience. Then came the Extinction Ages, when climate change occurred with the eruption of a supervolcano identical to the Siberian Traps that caused the Great Dying, AKA the Permian-Triassic Extinction, which almost killed life on Earth entirely. The eruption caused massive lava flows, releases carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide with trap in heat and block out sunlight causing unstable weather and greenhouse effects as well as lowering oxygen in the air, acid rain which poisons the flora, flash floods, destroy oxygen in the oceans due to heated water, and caused global famine. The new Omnivore Clan came in this period and guided the two sides to coexistence, as it was the only way to survive the event. The efforts were successful, and predators and prey existed together in harmony. But then came the Dark Ages of Natural Selection, in which predator discrimination began because predator priests saw coexistence between prey as against the will of Mother Nature because predators were meant to eat prey, and the criminal acts resulting from this decree caused herbivores to despise predators. The stereotypes of the world are revealed to have originated from Stereotopia, a communist city where animal occupation was based on stereotypes, where a religion based on folklore and tales of animals from other worlds originated and spread into modern times.

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