Zorb the Wise

Zorb Gake Torkther the Wise

Zorb G. Torkther is an Alternate UUniversal Chimerge from the moon Bauhe. He is a valuable member of the Union Against Religious Abuse and one of it's intimidating fighters. He was raised by a single mother in his cub years and because he named his old stuffed animal 'Shakona', the name of a god named 'Shakona-Nimm', a religious preacher named Preachlord Noom considered that blasphemy because of his beliefs that it was an insult to the religion, and ordered Zorb to be stoned to death. Instead, his mother sacrificed herself to save him and she was stoned instead of him. Zorb then grew up in an orphanage, and after being reminded of his mother's unfair death, he renounced his religion, and talked to the UARA about it, causing Noom to be charged with unethical execution, and even a more-recent one where he tried to murder Councilman Naeem's wife for naming her pet worm after a god. As a result, Noom was kicked out of his position, banished, and sentenced to life imprisonment in Oranos. As a debt of gratitude, Zorb joined the UARA and became one of it's greatest fighters. He is a wise and noble fighter, and takes a solemn pledge to punish those who take and use religen in a dark way.


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