Zorra Vera Spitzer

Zorra V. Spitzer is an Alternate UUniversal Cunone-Hymenovespula Hybrid from Planet Channon. She was once a larva belonging to proud inter-spieces dater parents until she got kidnapped by The Xerus Sorrowers at a young age and treated her like a private freakshow until she escaped and she now resides in Grimelock Alley in Xero City, where she hangs out with Felinel criminals Mister Grimelock and his fiancé cat burglar Sashana, as they keep her around as a result of sympathy and sorrow. She is aggressive, very dangerous, easily prone to anger, is an extreme pottymouth, but an undying tecno wiz, and after years of being stranded on Xerus, has developed military-style self defense with her Hymenovespula biology, and her natural Cunone instinct aided in that even better with good use in her hybrid weapon that her Cunone father gained from his time as a Freetrader, and had a good cook and zee-keeper Hymenovespula mother. She has the combined personality of Tex and Carolina from Red vs. Blue, but the bizarre voice of the late Mercedes McCambridge.


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As a hybrid of both Cunones and Hymenovespula, Zorra has the abilities of both races. Though half of each biology, most of her physiology and anatomy are based on Hymenovespula. Her Cunone biology allows her added agility, balance, acrobatic ability, panoramic vision and night vision, whiskers for sensing vibrations, accurate eyesight and hearing, added flexibility, and is skilled in firearms. Her Hymenovespula biology gives her a barely-visible exoskeleton, large wasp wings for high-speed flight, a poisonous bite containing the same sting venom that causes temporary inflammation, and she can lift 100x her own body weight. Her aggression can also be a potent asset as adrenaline can boost her stamina and versatility in battle.

Her UIS Identity, Dednesday DuBoyds, is a Lelan-Hymenovespula hybrid who has the abilities of a Lelan, a race of cat-like beings of UIS isolated space, capable of agility and enhanced kinesthetic senses, and her Hymenovespula strength and empathic antenna are retained. She wears a nanofibre suit, and an ISD belt on her person, and her strategy and quick-thinking are greater.


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