Zuìgao Zhu Qiang is an Aldabra giant tortoise who lives in the Kung Fu Panda world. He is noted for being the only one in history to actually achieve the fabled status of Celestial Phoenix. However, after doing much that his status earned him, he realized that there was no challenge left for him. Villains were becoming too easy to beat. Thus, feeling bored beyond belief, he considered being a villain, but considering his powers would mean there'd be no one to stop him, he decided against that, and decided to a bounty hunter who travelled the world. Thus, he faked his death and went off, using his status to his own benefit. However, when one threat in the form of a foe of Pang Bing's past comes back from the Spirit Realm, bringing all that he took upon banishment with him including his son as evil henchmen, and proves to be a stronger Celestial Phoenix that easily makes him one of his henchmen, some heroes will be needed to help him out.


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