Erran Pacxa Zurkon, AKA Zurkútar

Erran P. Zurkon, AKA Zurkútar, is an Alternate UUniversal Sozaboon from Planet Roozsia. As a child, he was fascinated by supersoldiers, and wanted to be one himself. He gained his chance when he was proven to be useful for his fighting skills and quick-thinking. He was chosen to be part of the Globex Zurkules Program in which 168 people were chosen. In the end, he and 5 others were chosen to become a team of supersoldiers called Team Sonariath. Erran may not have been the strongest, but he was one of the most successful. They were soon commissioned to battle the Villains Act when their human masters were forced to retreat. The 6 supersoldiers fought valiantly, defeating multiple villains strong or weak, and Zurkútar was like his leader, Übernaught, being unstoppable not just for his strength or speed, but for his tactical prowess. But his strength and skills would soon lead him into a situation one year after the fall of the Villains Act with an independent villain named Overmaster Blekaconaoma, who kidnapped Zurkútar's familiy to force him to join him and become his pawn, and intends to create a new villain team to replace the fallen Villains Act before those 'incompetent' Dark Radicals he heard about are allowed to re-establish Villains Act control. And to ensure that his caring for his teammates doesn't get in the way, or to prevent him from secretly turning on him, Bleka gave him a mind-control implant, forcing Zurkútar to betray his own team against his own will, leading to a big battle between him and Übernaught. Übernaught was soon put into a coma, and Zurkútar got away. But soon in some way, the injustice will be corrected and the truth behind Zurk's problems will be revealed. Once so, Zurk will soon no longer find himself against his own team and serving someone that will sevrely be on his "painful payback" list.


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