The Zyaūar Masters are a relatively-extinct kingdom of AUU warriors and combat-capable citizens capable of defending themselves and planning ahead with their courage, ambition, creativity, adaptation, resilience, resourcefulness, and they have been known to talk either Old Usuablothian (AUU English or Verseguese in it's oldest term) or speak Modern Usuablothian with a fancy vocabulary, and like many eon-old beings, have the same society, but not the same technology, as the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses. They originated on Planet Empyrean and consisted of it's anime-like race, the Teadr 1.5 Empirids, who have a culture that is an original combination of Christianity, Gnosticism, and Nordic and they were the first low-Teadr race to come in contact with the AUU Gods, who inspired them to fight as their biggest messiahs, discovering how to combine magic (Dubbed 'mana' in their terms) and technology together and wield them at the same time to become the famous warriors they are known to be today. They developed their well-known martial art, Zyarjitsu, which only Zyaūar Masters could learn and master using an inner life force energy called Zī, modernly called Z, which is manifested by pure souls, hearts, and minds and unbound by any flaws or impure flaws that hamper the three. This allows any Zyaūar to do literally anything. But they all relatively died out when Empyrean went into a cataclysmic event that ravaged the planet temporarily and leaving not many Empirids left and extremely rare, and leaving the legacy to be honored to the best of it's abilities by either modern descendants or unrelated warriors.


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Society and Culture

Society and Abilities

The Zyaūar Masters were the government of the Empirids, being run in a democratic martial empire in which the Emperor, called the Empyror in their terms, was the wisest and most powerful of all the Zyaūar Masters, and the beings are similar to a Kemonomimi. Though when they're born, Empirids start out as smart as an average animal and look more like an animal, and grow more sentient and human-like as they age with the exception of animal parts like patches of fur, tails, ears, and so on, as the type of animal physiology is not based around traditional heritage as it's actually based off of a gene called the Z-Gene that uses a more prevalent amount of ribosomes, RNA, amino acids, and other nucleic acids to determine the kind of animal physiology that matches the individual's physical capability as, upon the sperm and egg, which are extremely rich in superadaptive and craft-capable enzymes and organelles called zoophyll and zoozymes and a genetic substance called ZNA, being brought together and fertilized, the embryo and fetus, as well as the womb itself, go through a genetic metamorphosis and the womb itself adapts as the physiology is crafted. Thus only the human traits resemble the parents and never the animal physiology. The animal physiology is the part that goes through more meiosis than the humanoid physiology, and the animal parts need more RNA, protein, and nutrients to function to it's greatest, which can be obtained either naturally or by diet. They also have common animal abilities such as night-vision. Their anatomy and biology can also depend upon these changes and bring weaknesses as much as they can bring strengths.

The names of the people are often commonly noted for having letters with diacritics, ligatures, tildes, diaeresis, circumflexes, etc. because of it calling back to the Old Verseguese/Usuablothian language (AUU English) that used any and all of them. Usually words that have them are close to the God culture and origin than others. They make the race more royal and traditionalist. The Empirids had a culture similar to the AUU Gods and thus they refer to technological levels as 'Tsers' or 'Ters', they could speak Old Verseguese and always or partially spoke in fancy words and vocabulary. They had curious and stage-bound behavior and can be very intense with them, being charming to outsiders that way. They can act clueless, naïve and silly, yet entertaining, and have high spirits.

The Empirids were more than capable of defending themselves in times of danger and invasion with their abilities of not just their animal physiology, but they have weapons and they can use a martial art called Zyarjitsu, in which a user can harness their own life force to create an aura called Zī, or Z, and thus they can do anything. However this technique only takes purity of mind, spirit, and heart, requiring a moral compass, a true hero's mind, and a care for all life in order to harness it to true potential, and it's theorized that only the Zyaūar Masters could master it.

Culture and Workforce

The Zyaūar Masters founded their own government through their steadfast militaristic watch, and due to their Ontan mentors, they developed their own Teadr 1.5 society. Their buildings are all AI buildings and are giant robots that can change their location, but though they can stay active for months, they still require maintenance and power, being charged through ground sockets that are hooked to subterranean ultraconductive power generators. They can teleport, conduct shields, and they use any and all forms of currency across the AUU. They combine technology with magic, using magic like technology, and this allows them a boundless amount of possibilities.

Their fashion is relatively Asian-esque, being a mixture of Chinese and Japanese cultures. It's also blended with sci-fi features, patterns, and they are customizable through a clothing digital network in kiosks. They have unstable molecular fabric that adapts to any body type for the Empirids. They can digitally customize their bodies painlessly to replace piercing and amputation and mail in prosthetics for a clear price. They can even use plastic surgery, and the network can mimic and catalog outside appearances and fabric.

They have important lines of work to keep them strong and running. Like the AUU Gods, they have a caste system, except it is bracketed and can be changed. The military branch, lead by the Militancy President, is extremely powerful and yet have so little visible emotion, using mainly hybrid weapons of boundless types. Their top castes are Masters, Soldiers, Warriors, Medics, Detectives, Engineers, and Spies and each has a number of classes with authority and clearance based on rank. Masters are castes are leading individuals who are the best of the defense of the Zyaūar People, and has 4 classes: General, Lieutenant, Commander, And Novice. Soldiers are high-grade fighters who serve in top-priority battles and has 8 classes: Colonels (Leader class), Corporals (Second-in-command), Centurions (Heavy juggernaut assistance), Legionnaires (Tech-class fighters), Specialists (Resources and support), Sergeants (Low-class leaders), Troopers (High-class officers), and Conscripts (Low-class officers). Warriors are the low-grade fighters who serve in medial-priority battles and has 6 classes: Chiefs (Leader class), Supporters (Resources and support), Millennials (Tech-class fighters), Sentries (Surveillance), Rangers (High-class fighters), and Cadets (Low-class fighters). Medics provide medical support on the battlefield and come in 6 classes: Practitioners (Leader class), Salvators (Resources and support), Caretakers (Resonator-Ray-wielding combat class), Adulterators (Augmentation class), Healers (High-class members), and Paladins (Low-class members). Detectives are the investigate class that provide analysis and information and come in 6 classes: Magistrates (Leader class), Judges (Second-in-command), Assessors (Resources and support), Inspectors (Combat class), Agents (High-class members), and Deputies (Low-class members). Engineers are the scientific caste that provide science and technology and come in 7 classes: Professors (Leader class), Doctorates (Second-in-command), Directors (Project leaders), Lancers (Combat class), Examiner (Resources and support), Inventors (High-class members), and Builders (High-class members). Finally, Spies are the espionage class that provide undercover work for the relief efforts and come in 7 classes: Constable (Leader class), Evaluators (Resources and support), Provocateur (High-tech-class members), Stalkers (Low-tech-class members), Stallers (Cover-watching agents), Higher (High-class members), and Lower (Low-class members).

Magic is also a major superpower in the Zyaūar Culture, as the users use magic like technology, inspiring the art of thaumonological sensing, derived from 'thaumonology' (The AUU God term for techno-magic), where magic is concentrated like a mobile device or a tangible hologram, and this practice is still used by people like Lord Mandarious. The Mage Branch, run by the Mage President, are the keepers of magic in Zyaūar Society and come in several castes: Mages, Thaumaturges, Enchanters, Alchemists, Espers, Soothsayers, Battlemages, Archmages, and Wizards. Each have a role in using and guarding magic. Mages are the highest magic users in Zyaūar Society and there can be one for each particular magic field. Thaumaturges are sorcerers that specialize in everything regarding magic, sharing and blessing their worlds and lands with magic and are servants for Mages. Enchanters are essentially independent thaumaturges that share and bless for the benefit of others. Alchemists are the class that specialize in thaumanology and infuse magic into objects including technology by quantifying the objects' molecules into mana and crafting techno-magic in any way. Espers combine magic with biology in order to make magic easier to use in a Star Wars Force-style and essentially being Jedi with hybrid weapons. Soothsayers are fortunetellers capable of seeing and sensing magic and using these powers for the benefit of their homes. Battlemages are combat-capable mages that use magic in the field of battle and protect their homes. Archmages are the pinnacle of expert magic users who use magic for any benefit. Finally, Wizards are average public magic users that do what they wish in regards to the good of their homes, mainly as average community service.

Sciences are mainly provided by the Godsend Corporation, a megacorporation that used to be just as big as Globex Industries today, if not bigger. Run by the Corporate President, the corporate branch was meant to be the Zyaūar Masters' chance to advance into a better future before they ended, and had several castes: Corporates, Supervisors, Chroniclers, Explorers, Analysts, Scientists, Doctors, Tinkers, and Nerds. Corporates are the highest agents and leaders of the Godsend Corporation that lead publicly for the Corporate President. Supervisors are the second highest agents that are meant to enforce the will of the Corporates and do it in an armed manner and are basically the security. Chroniclers are scientists that collect data and information and catalog them for research within the Godsend Corporation. Explorers are traveling scientists who go out and discover knowledge for the Godsend Corporation and have highly-advanced equipment to do it, armed or not. Analysts are the scientists who fabricate and analyze lost technology and anything valuable found, and determine the risks and safety of them. Scientists are basic members who do anything regarding science and technology. Doctors are medium-level scientists that are considerable recruits for the Godsend Corporation. Tinkers are independent scientists who build anything and develop any technology for the benefit of their homes. Finally, Nerds are unemployed scientists who are either amateur or highly-educated and basically do anything.

There's also the public branch, run by a Jurisprudent President and the judicial system, which runs the public and provides community service for the Zyaūar People and give them a good living. They run every city in the name of the Empyror and come in several castes: Mayors, Judges, Scholars, Artisans, Smiths, Investors, Institutors, and Constitutors. Mayors are the leaders of a single colony and can easily run it. Judges are the local law enforcement aided by the Zyaūar Masters and were police, jury, and executioner that wield common Zyaūar Master gear. Scholars are the educational type that provide knowledge for the young and gifted within schools. Artisans are the marketing and trading business that run supermarkets and sales. Smiths are manufacturers that produce anything digitally or molecularly usually for Artisans or Judges. Investors are the heads of currency and banking, providing wealth and insurance for the populace. Institutors are the first-class citizens that do jobs such as medical care, firefighting, and so on. Finally, Constitutors are average and independent citizens that do jobs independently for little to no fees.

There is one final branch known as the expansion branch, run by the Colonist President. This branch is responsible for expanding and founding colonies on other worlds and thus every Zyaūar Master Colony was founded by them. They come in several castes: Inquisitors, Settlers, Emissaries, Voyagers, Scouts, Prospectors, Traders, Favorers, Assayers, Pioneers, Pilgrims, and Vagabonds. Inquisitors are the second highest heads of the branch that command publicly for the Colonist President and personally check upon others' work. Settlers are those who construct boundless cities and living colonies and constructs, doing it digitally with a Godsend Corporation account to gain supplies for a profit. Emissaries are those who are sent to do a simple independent mission for the good of expansion, combat or otherwise. Voyagers are those who not only own shipyards, but they manufacture ships and drive those to where they need to go, usually off-world. Scouts are adventurers and fighters who search for and claim lands for colonization and clear out or control any harmful features. Prospectors are the miners who help provides renewable resources and wealth. Traders are those who loot, sell, and make independent profit for the benefit of their homes. Favorers are independent funders and insurers that provide wealth to particularly the poor and offer more than money. Assayers are those who analyze a location of any magnitude to deliver knowledge for expansion. Pioneers are high-level members who do the best work, Pilgrims are the middle-level members, and Vagabonds are independent expanders who do what they do for many fulfilling goals.


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Known Individuals & Enemies



  • Cighry Yuh Darkout- A Zyaūar Master Hunter who had a prejudice against them after they sent his hometown into a deathly poverty from fines and embargoes as punishment for his father's war crimes. He has since become a powerful merciless killer of Zyaūar Masters until he was put in suspended animation into a dimension of nothingness, swearing to reawaken and continue his quest of vengeance.

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